December 3, 1996
Death is wonderful
It just takes time.
You might ask, "How do I go about dying?" I would have to tell you that it is very hard to
do.  I have been trying for a long time and I am probably only about halfway there or about half
dead.  Of course, my goal is to completely die.
Let me begin from the beginning of a story.
In this story, first, we must understand that there are two deaths. If there are two deaths,
there must be two life's then, right?  Right!  If this is true, I would like to ask you, "which life are
you living?"  Well, you ask, "what choices do I have."  I would then say to you, "you have the life
in the flesh and the life in the spirit." You might say, "I don't understand the life in the spirit."  I
might ask, "do you really understand the life in the flesh?" You look at me confused. You say,
"I understand the life in the flesh, am I not living?"  I say, "are you really?"  "Do you really
understand the life in the flesh?"  "If you do, I assume your life is wonderful and you are in
complete control of everything."  You tell me, "well there are a few, well maybe more than a few,
things that need fixing."  I say, "is it really that many things you would like to change?"  You say,
"yes, things are not really like I would like them to be right now." "If I were to look you right in the
eyes and tell you that things could be a lot better, would you listen?" You say, "well tell me what
you mean and I'll think about it."  I say to you, "you can't do it that way."  "You must accept what I
am going to tell you and act on it or you can stay where you are at."  You tell me, "I don't buy into
anything without knowing and understanding what I am getting into."  I then walk away.
Six months have passed and things are just terrible for you. Maybe things have
deteriorated to the point you find it hard to go on. In fact, life just isn't worth living. You are totally
convinced that most are either crazy or have lost their mind. But, maybe it's not them, maybe it's
me. Surely, everyone but me can't be crazy. Yes, you think, I've decided it's me, I'm the one who
is messed up and I have no idea what to do. "I would rather be dead than to live in this garbage."
If any of this sounds familiar to you or if the situation has fit into your life at anytime in
the past, then we have something in common, because this was me.
In this story, several things here can be identified to be changed. Let us first understand
the problem. 
The problem is the flesh. No, the problem is the spirit. The problem is the Bible.
The problem is God. The problem is Jesus. The problem is us.
In large corporations, there are always these problem solving techniques you must learn.
I do not always use them because in most cases common sense surpasses their usefulness. But,
in this case I think one would be helpful.
We are going to put these problems into a single problem statement to work on and try
to find out why I am crazy and what's wrong with me.
So, here I go.
I am messed up because;
Huh!   I can't do this because I don't know enough about the spirit, the Bible, God and
Jesus to even make a single statement concerning this problem. Let me step back and look at it.
I need to learn more about the problem I'm trying to solve.
Oops!Could this be the statement I need to solve the problem? 
The fact that I need to learn more about the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus, is this the answer?
Boy!  These problem solving techniques really work. Now, I know where to start. All I have to do is learn more about the spirit, Bible, God and Jesus. Sounds easy enough for me!
"But, what about the flesh?"  You ask.
"Are you asking Me?"  I said.  You say, "yes I'm asking you." I say, "If you are really asking me,
then I would tell you that the flesh is the problem."
To understand the flesh and how it relates to the spirit, several things must be
understood. First, God never intended to overpower us. We were made with free wills. Believe it
or not, man was created by God with a lot of potential power. In relation to a spirit, we are very
overpowering. A spirit has no muscles, we are powerful, strong men. A spirit has it's power, but in a different way from a fleshly person. Now, all this fits into God's original plan except for one thing, Satan had other plans. Satan also was created a very powerful Angel. In fact, he rivaled God. He couldn't overcome God and the heavenly host, so he did the next best thing, in his opinion, and overcame man. And, the rest is history. What we have now is a perfectly created man with great power and a corrupt nature. This is an accident going somewhere to happen. Also, spirits and Angels have a hard time overpowering man because in the beginning man was created higher than angels. That's pretty high ranking, so we know man wasn't created just a lowly creature...
"O.K., what are you getting at here, a history lesson!"
"Yes, on the spirit of man."  "If man is so strong, why is he so weak?"  He is weak
because when he was created, God breathed into him the spirit of life and he is not using it.
"So, there is a spirit in him, too?"  "Yes, but, the flesh that Satan defiled will not work with the spirit and is so overpowering that the spirit part of him is totally and continuously dominated."  "If I have God's spirit in me, why isn't it doing something?"  "Have you let it do anything?"  Up till now, your life in the flesh has been the dominate force, never allowing the spirit of God to come out. The spirit of God, which we call the Holy Spirit will teach you about the problems we mentioned earlier. You will not have to work to seek out answers to problems. You will find answers laying around like rocks in your path.
"How can I stop the flesh from overpowering the spirit."  "This is not easy!"
"But, I know where to start!"
Remember at the beginning I said I would tell you how to start solving your problems, but
you had to accept what I told you without reservation. You said you don't do anything without
trying it first. Normally, I would tell you, that is sensible. This time I won't. This time things are
different. This time I am going to tell you that you are required to take a step, called faith, based
on my telling you, by and through my own experience, that the only way out of this crazy world
and into the sanctity of sanity is through Jesus Christ. No man enters the sanctuary except
through Jesus because he shields the Holy God in the sanctuary from our sins. It took me years
to understand why we can't face God. God can't stand imperfection. See, then I thought I was
really something. Why wouldn't God face me, I'm a wonderful person in my view. Then I learned
that when man violated God's law in the Garden of Eden, he brought himself down to the level of
Satan, and God's kingdom and his creation can't be polluted by Satan, sin or sinners. It's hard to
accept in our fleshly mind that we are so defiled and corrupt, but I understand it now. Unless man
is brought down to the point where he is dead to himself (flesh) can he be made perfect enough
to see God in Heaven. In fact, one unclean thing in heaven would foul up the whole universe.
But, that's a different story. 
The problem solving method we used earlier is of no value unless there is one point
identified. That point is that we have to admit we do have a problem, and we know from the
exercise what the problem was;  we knew nothing about God and were living without God. Or, possibly we know of God, but not the person of God, the one who created us. The one who knows our problems better than anyone possibly could. If your car breaks down, who could be better prepared to diagnose the problem. The local repairman on the corner or the engineer at the factory who designed it and made it's parts work in harmony.
We must die to the flesh to live in the spirit. We can't serve two masters. When we live
in the spirit, remember that was the part God breathed into us that we talked about earlier. The
flesh is the part Satan took over in the Garden of Eden and God had to cover man's body
because it was defiled before God. Man even knew his nakedness from that point on.
Satan actually stole God's creation because he couldn't rule heaven. "Sounds like a spoiled brat to me."
What do we do with the flesh if we die to it?  If we spiritually die to the flesh, it is purified
through Jesus and repentance. We start to control the flesh through our spirit being. It's like
driving the car instead of being the car. We let the car do the work and we guide it around and
put gas in it and service it now and then. When it wears out at the end of our lives, we junk it and
get a new body design like Jesus had and send that new body to heaven. In this new spiritual life
we never die. Even the physical death only releases our spirit to live the way we should. I can
truly say, don't cry for me when I'm gone. You might say, why don't I just go on and get it over
with. That's not God's plan. We have a purpose in this life and when we live it right, it can be
wonderful. God may want me here to affect one person's life or do one thing for him. That may
not happen till I'm 85, so I must fit into God's plan until he decides the time for me to go. Besides
that, walking with the Spirit isn't a bad life. Since I started doing it, I'm getting a lot done and it's
What are the practical benefits of a spiritual life? The practical part is the fact that
adversity can no longer be used by Satan to condemn and control us. The spirit agrees with us in
decisions that are right and admonishes us before we do what we shouldn't, thereby keeping us
from problematic situations. Looking at life from the drivers seat is so much better than riding on
the front bumper being bombarded by bugs and road debris. The windshield is the Holy Spirit
which protects and gives us a view that is undisturbed. The windshield is even self cleaning
because we read the Bible, the cleaner, and get a new perspective on life which keeps our
windshield spotless.
You say, "Well, all this has been interesting, but it sure sounds complicated and I'm not
sure I have what it takes to get started."  I would say that if you feel that way, "you do have what it takes to get started."  You don't have a plan on how to do it. God doesn't want anybody with plans. He has the plan. If you don't believe me, go outside tonight and look up. Now, that's a plan.
Earlier, there was a statement,  "I'd rather be dead than to live in this garbage."  Well, we
can dump that garbage by the roadside and never be arrested for littering. God wants an empty
garbage can to start his renewal process. We can't leave the can behind because it takes time to
overcome the past, but we can dump the contents. And, there is no better place to do it than
where Satan dwells, on the sides of highways, byways and in the gutters. Therefore, when we enter the church of the truth of Jesus Christ, we are dirty old cans and containers, but empty of garbage, to be refilled with the word and knowledge of the truth.
When Jesus talked about the meek inheriting the kingdom of God, that didn't mean the
streetwise bully that has been around the block. He didn't mean the prideful nature of the real he-
men of the world. Pride, the biggest sin of man will destroy the owner. The biggest and boldest
man on the face of the earth will cry when he soon faces Jesus. The power with which Jesus defeats all the armies of the world will be from his lips. That power is available to us in the word of God, the Bible. All the power is in there. When God created the universe, he spoke it into existence. A lot of people would say that is fictional or symbolic, but I know better. We just do not know how to use it ourselves. I am totally convinced that there is power out there that we could only dream of possessing and I intend to. All the scientist that want to know all about the universe are going to universities learning about evolution to get the knowledge only the creator, whom they should be listening to, has and they will never come to the truth. But, we will. The ones who were patient and studies the right lessons will know all.
Finally, I hope we know a little more about our spiritual lives and how the old bulky flesh
dominates our spirit. It's like a steam roller. We have talked about how to understand about God
through the Bible. Bring every thought into submission, so that every thought is a good thought, says the Bible. You can't do it overnight, but you will get it done. Loose thoughts are no less dangerous than loose deeds. If you wouldn't steal in the flesh, don't steal in your mind. As you control your hands in the flesh, control your thoughts. Most would say, that's silly, but I know better. Diligently seek the Holy Spirit and listen intently. I never will forget the first time I heard him speak to me. I was totally unprepared and looked around for someone. It may be just a simple, "I'm here", but it is sufficient. It will be a tiny voice will powerful messages. The problem normally is we don't shut up long enough to listen. Subdue the overpowering thoughts and let him speak. I promise, he will speak to you. In fact, as you draw closer to God, he may not shut up, listen to these words he is saying.
The last and most important thing, however, is your personal relationship with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. A lot of people know of Jesus and our Father Jehovah, but less know them personally. Few know the daily walk and talk that fills our spirit and comforts our thoughts and quiets our nature. You must learn to talk to them (See Note Below) as you used to talk to yourself. Redirect your thoughts. Where you could think about evil before, you will find there is no room for that when you walk with God and Jesus, your Savior. Intolerance now becomes compassion and headiness now is patience.
Problem solving now is different than you have ever known. You begin to discuss your problems with the Holy Spirit and you pray for guidance and go on. You need not anguish over solutions. Once you turn these problems over to the Holy Spirit, can you still try to control the outcome as you did in the flesh?  Certainly not!  These problems or issues are now divine property and the Holy Spirit has control, don't jerk him around. If I go back and take control of these things, I violate God's territory. Things may already be in the works that I could mess up. I leave these problems and I do not worry about them anymore, whatever they are. You can do that too. What happens after that, I accept as God's will. The primary thing to understand here, and it has taken me a while, is that in working out your problems, the Holy Spirit has to work out other's problems as well. He can't just fix you up leaving everyone or everything else undone. Most of the problems we have are difficult and complicated, involving other people and entities. It takes time and many other changes in other peoples lives to get your request granted. Be patient. The Angel delivering the answer to Daniel's prayer took 21 days because he was held up by a demon. And, that was very important. Daniel could have been killed as the other prophets were.
You must understand, this is different from what you and I were taught in school. I was
taught by men to take hold of my life and the associated problems and work out solutions by
myself. If that fails, hire a psychiatrist. In fact, if we fail, often we are labeled as losers. The
colleges and universities are full of this kind of thinking. What does the Bible say? This kind of
teaching in our schools is totally alien to the word of God. This explains why we are in the shape we are in. Think about it! When solutions require more than we can do, what should we do?
I have a new way and it works. There is a salvation backed guarantee with the
acceptance of God in your life. You will not fail. I am totally convinced that if you fail, it is
something that you are doing not in conformity with the will of God. I am totally convinced of this.
 I say "them", not to be taken lightly for each part of the Godhead has a purpose. I do talk and pray to each as I see the need, although I don't feel it is totally necessary as long as you understand that Jesus, the true son of God, died on the cross for all the sins of man and by doing so took your personal sins so you might be saved without works of yourself, but through belief in him, Jesus Christ. And that the Holy Spirit is the personal comforter from God through which we have personal contact with our God, Jehovah, the creator of all things, who is, always has been and forever will be. 
The proof of the Trinity is proved in many places in the Bible.
There were certain functions the Holy Spirit does,  the most significant being when Jesus left earth to go to heaven, he said the Father would send the Holy Spirit as a comforter to us. 
Only the Father knows when the end will come
Jesus is the head of the church
I am head over Connie
etc. etc.
Gotta go now!