Satan knows his future, his angels must prepare the world for their impending arrival. The main focus of their preparation is to create an open and welcome environment for their immanent return in the future as the "gods". Paul writes concerning the Antichrist's coming, 2 Thess. 2:9 :
And his coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all wicked deception to those who are perishing. For they have not loved the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God sends them a misleading influence that they may believe the lie, that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have preferred wickedness.
Satan has taken all the major references, all typology, and prophecy regarding the first and second comings of Jesus Christ and twisted the information to fit the end-time "working of error". There is a body of non-biblical prophecy that has been disseminated throughout the world via folklore, myth, media and popular culture.
Myths can be viewed as foreshadowing the facts of Scripture, or as corruption's of them. This view, which is not contemporarily popular, is surprisingly enlightening when attention is focused on meaning of names, characters and places of Classical myth in relation to Biblical stories.
The most relevant and necessary tool for discernment of theological interpretation of myth is a foundation of understanding concerning the origins and meaning of the celestial zodiac.
Most Christians recoil at the thought of delving into the profane practice of Astrology even if merely studying it from a comparative distance. The Bible is clear about God's condemnation of the practice of Astrology . However, one needs to keep in mind the modus operandi of the Enemy. Satan focuses his lies and distortions in the most effective places. These places are without exception, where God's truth is revealed. Since the most effective and believable lie is one sandwiched between two truths, so it is with the zodiac.
The pictures found today in the zodiac were not developed by the Greeks, but were in place perhaps as early as 4000 B.C. predating even the civilizations of Sumeria . These pictures were not merely arranged in haphazard order to aid in the tracking of the star movements, but with the purpose of depicting an epic narrative.
This understanding of the zodiac reveals an intelligence and prophetic understanding that was corrupted through time by the "the opposer". The zodiac was never intended to be monitored to reveal destiny, with the stars in control of men's lives, rather it was established as a pictorial story of God's plan of salvation on earth. God is in control of the stars and men. The key to understanding the celestial zodiac, surprisingly, is found in the enigmatic figure of the ancient sphinx.
Sphinx were usually placed at entrances to palaces or temples of antiquity. This positioning implied power, authority and protection. The bodily form the sphinx is always a combination of at least two of four animals, a lion, bull or eagle with the head of a human. The combination of all four creatures in one constitutes what is called in Hebrew, a kerubim or cherub. The word kerubim means "one who prays", or "one who intercedes."
The Bible also defines cherubim as a type or order of angel. Sphinx are an aggregate of at least two of four creatures, always the same four, which represent what the Bible calls a cherubim, a type of angel.
Why were angels depicted in antiquity as sphinx?
What is the meaning behind the four earthly creatures that compose them?
Contrary to modern astrology , the true meaning of the celestial zodiac and the symbols of the ecliptic, the course the sun appears to travel the heavens, have been lost to the majority of mankind. However it's purpose can be understood if one connects the sequence of pictures in story form.
But where to begin? What point in the circle of heaven is its beginning? its ending?
Sphinx in Greek means to "connect or bind together". A sphinx combines the head of a woman and the body of a lion. This fixes the bench mark for the beginning and ending of the celestial narrative, beginning with Virgo and ending with Leo.
What about the four creatures of a cherub?
Look to the four brightest stars in the zodiac;

* Fomalhaut, in Aquarius,(man)
* Regulus, in Leo,(lion)
* Antares, in Opheocus, (serpent holder, or eagle) and
* Aldebaran in Taurus, (the bull).

All four of these stars are arranged three signs apart, in the four corners of the heavens. When the zodiac was arranged these stars appeared on the horizon corresponding to the spring and fall equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices. These four stars rose before the sun in the east in sequence with the four seasons. Since the precession of the equinoxes completes its cycle in 14,000 years, the earth's position relative to these stars has changed and they no longer mark the seasons.
The constellations rarely if ever imply the shapes found in the zodiac, yet the sequence and the types have remained consistent from greatest antiquity to this day. The answer to the mystery behind the zodiac and its apparent narrative can be found in the ancient symbols themselves, their relation to each other and their correspondence to prophecy in the Bible.

* Virgo, is depicted as a virgin in every ancient reference, holding in one hand a branch, and in the other a sheaf of grain, or seed, always associated with a child, "Shesh nu" in Egyptian, the desired son, the symbol of the incarnation of God on earth.

* Libra, the scales or in the earliest zodiacs, an altar. Its meaning is the measuring of a price. One of its stars in Arabic means, "the price which is deficient", while opposite is a star whose name means, "the price which covers," or atonement. Libra symbolizes the price of the conflict, the deficient works of man compared to the perfect and finished sacrifice of Jesus accomplished on the cross.

* Scorpio, with his claws reaching out to influence the scales, is crushed beneath the foot of Opheucus, the serpent holder, who in earliest times was depicted as an eagle. Opheucus's foot is stung by the upraised tail of the scorpion, his other foot is above the scorpion's heart. He restrains the serpent coiled around him from taking a crown. Opheucus depicts the earliest prophecy in the Bible, "I will put enmity between the serpent and the offspring of the woman, it will strike at his heel, and he will crush (the serpent's) head."

* Sagittarius, in the oldest pictures of the zodiac is a cherubim. This symbol is situated 1/3rd of the way around the zodiacal circle. It had the body of both lion and bull with wings of an eagle and the head of a woman. Sagittarius is the symbol of the incarnation, both God and man, animals representing the four corners of the heavens and symbolizing the aspects of God's redemptive work on this earth, he is poised with his arrow drawn and pointed at the heart of the scorpion. Underneath him is the southern cross.

* Capricorn, the goat with the tail of the fish. To the Hebrews, the goat was the sin offering, Capricorn is posed with his foot under him and his head bowed, as if in death. The second half of this symbol is the tail of a fish, the most prolific creature in nature, the fish lives in the waters, symbol of life and God's spirit. Out of the son of God's death, comes ever lasting life.
* Aquarius, the water bearer, the one pouring out life giving waters that symbolize God's spirit, into the mouth of the fish.

* Pisces, the fishes connected to the neck of the sea monster, one points to the center of heaven the other follows the ecliptic, the path of the earth around the sun. "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

* Aries, the lamb prepared from the foundations of the world, the unblemished sacrifice for mankind. with his foot poised to strike off the tether attaching the fishes to the neck of the sea monster. "He (Jesus Christ), came to set the captives free".

* Taurus, the Bull. His horns, symbolizing God's judgment, are pointed to the earth, one stabs the heal of a shepherd "Aquilla", who holds his flock, Christ the good shepherd, received in our place God's absolute judgment. In the bulls neck is the Pleiades, the congregating of the judges, who come back to earth after their resurrection to judge the earth with Christ at his second coming.

* Gemini, the twins. Castor is the suffering redeemer, and Pollex is the king. Symbols of the first and second coming of Christ.

* Cancer, the crab. Originally it was the fortress, the impregnable enclosure of protection. In Egypt it was a scarab, the beetle that hatched from the ground and flew to heaven, the stronghold of the saved.

* Leo, the great lion. "The conquering lion of Judah", Jesus Christ, who will come again. The king that the apostle John traced back to that tribe of Israel. In his heart is the star called Regulus.

This is the whole story of God's atonement work on earth, its beginning and ending are symbolized by the sphinx.
The Greek myth Oedipus Rex contains symbols of relevance to corrupted truth. When Oedipus encountered the Greek sphinx, he was asked a riddle. "What speaks with one voice, yet in the morning walks on four legs, walks at noon on two legs and in the evening walks on three legs?" Oedipus was the only man to answer correctly. The answer was "man". Upon hearing her riddle solved the sphinx screamed in rage, threw herself to the rocks below her lofty perch and died. Such a simple answer to this enigmatic question leaves one to ponder its significance. What more can be gleaned from the content of the story?
The sphinx as it has been stated was actually a symbolic depiction of an angel. This angel was not, however, anything like the dutiful messengers of God described in scripture but a horrible monster bent on the destruction of any man it came in contact with.
At this point it will be helpful to understand some basic principles of the meaning of numbers in scripture. With insight into the symbolic meaning that numbers posses as they occur in the Bible one will understand the full meaning of the "riddle of the sphinx" The study of the meaning of numbers in scripture is called Biblical Numerics or Biblical Numerology. This study is intrinsic to theology and history of the Bible because of the language it was written in, Hebrew and Greek. These two languages share the aspect of using letters for words and also a system for counting. The spiritual meaning for numbers that continuously show up in scripture, intentionally put there by God, can be discerned. The following list is a brief description of the symbolic meaning of primary numbers.

* One: The symbol of unity, primacy and beginning, in all languages.

* Two: The first number that can be divided from itself, it symbolizes division or difference.

* Three: Is the number of divine perfection. It is the number of the Trinity. It has the necessary dimensions for substance,. . length, breadth, and height.

* Four: Represents the number for God, 3 + 1, the number of beginning, thus 4 is the symbol of creation.
* Five: Is 4+1, Creation plus, a new beginning. 5 = grace or favor.

* Six: Is the number of imperfection, the number of man. Creation plus division 4+2, or Grace with man's addition to it 5+1.

* Seven: Is the number of completion. It is the number of spiritual perfection. Creation lasted 6 days, God rested on the 7th.

* Eight: is the number of resurrection 7+1 completion plus newness.

* Nine: Symbolizes judgment. Akin to the number 6, six being the sum of its two factors (3x3=9 and 3+3=6), it is significant of the end of man.

* Ten: symbolizes completeness of order, after ten the numbers repeat.
* Eleven: If ten is the completeness of order, then eleven is the subversion and undoing addition to that perfect order.

* Twelve: is the symbol of governmental perfection or rule (3x4) Gods rule over his creation. There are 12 signs in the zodiac, 12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 months in a year, . 12 members of a jury, 12 hours on a clock face, etc.

Returning to Oedipus Rex and the story of the sphinx, we find the symbolic types much more clear. Oedipus, whose name literally means wounded in the foot, was on his way to Thebes, the city of light. The king of Thebes had proclaimed that he would give the kingdom and the hand of his daughter in marriage, to anyone who destroyed the sphinx .
The sphinx, a symbolic angel, asked the question, "What speaks with one voice, yet walks on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon and three feet in the evening?"
The question, decoded, should read like this, "What creature, spoken into creation by God,

(1) walked before God in perfection at the beginning,
(4) fell from grace and was divided from God,
(2) and will be redeemed and made perfect by God,
(3) The answer was man, but the real question couched ingeniously in the riddle was this, who will redeem man, what is his name?

The earliest prophecy in the Bible concerning the redemption of fallen man is in Gen. "I will put enmity between you and the serpent. You will strike at his heel, and he will crush your head, ergo, "wounded in the foot". If the numbers of the riddle are added together 1, 4, 2, and 3, the sum is 10, the number of perfection of order. If the numbers pertaining to walking on the earth before God are added together, the sum is 9, the number of judgment..
Clearly the story of the sphinx was inspired from a source of even greater antiquity. We need only open our Bibles to find out what that inspiration was.
Isn't it just a little bit strange that UFOs and "aliens" would single out Israel, of all places on the Earth? Look at Israel on the map. It is a tiny nation... yet the paranormal manifests as much within Israel's borders as within the whole of Russia. This is not surprising if one knows who is the authority behind UFOs. Nor is it surprising that Christians are being categorized by popular culture as narrow-minded fanatics unworthy to take place in the Planetary Transformation...the evolutionary leap know as the Paradigm Shift.


Reuters World Service April 1, 1996, Monday, BC cycle Saudi paper reports UFO sighting in Arabian desert DATELINE: DUBAI, April 1

An unidentified flying object was sighted last week in Saudi Arabia's oil-producing eastern region, a Saudi newspaper reported on Monday. "Flying saucer illuminates Jubail," said the headline of a story in the al-Eqtisadiah paper.
It said the Thursday night sighting was reported by a group of people who were camping north of the Gulf coast city of Jubail, site of the kingdom's second largest oil refinery.
"I thought I was dreaming," Shaheen bou A'ainain said the witnesses said the area was illuminated for minutes by a brilliant oval blue light which disappeared "in an unnatural fashion."

Next, a report from Israel:
On Sunday, Jan. 8, 1995, Herzl Ksantini was relaxing at home with a buddy in a small farming community in central Israel. "It was an ordinary evening on our moshav [village]," he says, "until suddenly, at 9 p.m., the house began to shake. It was like an earth tremor." Ksantini opened the front door to investigate and came "face-to-face with a three-meter monster." His friend tried to peek out through a window in the kids' bedroom, but was thrown to the ground. Half a minute later, the "monster" was gone. The 42-year-old Ksantini, married and a successful businessman, speaks calmly and convincingly of a "mud-colored monster, with long legs and no arms," and recalls lights shining from its head. He makes no claim that it was extraterrestrial. "All I know is that it was too big to be a man," he told the Jerusalem Report on the anniversary of his encounter, "and it wasn't a horse, camel, or any other known animal." Ksantini and his friend sat frozen with fear for 20 minutes. They then called the moshav security head, who in turn phoned the Border Police. By early the next morning about 30 officers were scouring the area. They found no aliens - but did find "deep footprints" which were tracked for some 8 kilometers. While skeptics claimed these were camel tracks, Israel's small but enthusiastic UFO community swooped down on the sleepy moshav of Yatzitz and proclaimed it the site of the latest visitation.

Over the last decade, hundreds of Israelis claim to have had close encounters with alien beings. Their experiences range from mere sightings of UFOs or their "crop circle" landing sites, to actual communication - with several claimed abductions.

American-born Beit Shemesh resident Barry Chamish, a self-professed ufologist [are there any other kind? --Bruce W.], says "Israel is recognized as an international UFO hot spot - with an unsurpassed quantity and quality of evidence."

In January 1995, a crew from Paramount TV's "Sightings" program came to Israel to film an episode - and ended up with enough material for three, two of which have aired to a global audience estimated at 60 million. Ufologists are at a loss to explain the lack of sightings in Israel's near neighbors - it is as if the aliens, unlike most earthlings, are aware of Israel's borders. One explanation offered is the Divine. Israeli ufology divides into the majority rationalist and minority mystic camps. The mystics have no doubt as to the reason for the prevalence of sightings in the Holy Land: The angels of the Bible are returning. Mystics have constructed elaborate theories based on biblical and cabalistic texts to support their contention that the "miracles" of the Bible - such as the pillars of cloud and fire that guided the Israelites through the wilderness are actually descriptions of alien encounters.
Most recently, ufologist Hadassah Arbel has proffered a theory linking Kadimah, a moshav in central Israel where a number of encounters have been reported, with Kedmah, a biblical word for eastward, associated with the coming of the messiah. Rationalists counter by pointing out that, with minimal effort, almost any biblical passage can be interpreted as an encounter narrative.
Nachman Ben-Yehuda, associate professor of sociology at the Hebrew University, first looked at the UFO phenomenon when studying in the United States. He explains the recent spate of sightings as manifestations of "diminishing security tensions." Accordingly, he sees Israel becoming "more and more like West Europe and America, witnessing more science fiction, more cults. People are becoming more aware of themselves and their experiences."
Not all the action has been in the last decade: Claims of Israeli UFO sightings date back to the 1950s. Avi Greif, head of the Israel Center for UFO Research (a ragtag association of amateurs) [note color words--Bruce W.] , says that "considering the size of the country, the number of encounters, particularly of the second and third kind, is remarkable."
World attention has been sharply focused on Israel by a recent flurry of extraterrestrial activity - what Israeli enthusiasts refer to as a "holy trinity" of "well-documented" encounters.

The most recent was Ksantini's "monster." Before that, between March and June 1993, five women claim to have had one-on-one encounters with aliens in Kadimah - and each has furnished similar descriptions of a "2.5-meter [7-foot] tall, bald, gray alien being, with an oval-shaped face, glittering eyes and a small dotlike nose."
All five Kadimah incidents were marked by "crop circles," taken to indicate spacecraft landings, in back gardens. The other encounter in the "trinity" occurred in September 1976, when a series of sightings, over Haifa's Shikmonah beach, culminated in a spectacular explosion that scorched the sand in the shape of a spaceship. Tens of thousands of residents came to see the unique "alien signature." Avi Greif says the site was unusually magnetic and contained extremely high concentrations of zinc.

Other local encounters of note include the Nov. 6, 1991, "visitation of a giant" to the home of Beit She'an police officer Yitzhak Mordechai, which resulted in a six-hour chase involving 300 soldiers in jeeps all the way to the Jordanian border. The being is said to have stopped at the border fence, and then disappeared.

On the night of Jan. 24, 1992, a UFO was sighted along the length of the country, from the Galilee to Eilat, triggering hundreds of calls to emergency lines. Operators are briefed in handling such emergencies; Rachel Holzman, of the Israel Center for UFO Research, has given several lectures to the operators on Israel's 100 police emergency line.

Tel Aviv University astronomer Elia Leibowitz is skeptical about the new rash of sightings. "I'm sure they see something," he says. "The question is the meaning people give to what they see." To most mainstream scientists, ufology remains a pseudo-science. Nachman Ben-Yehuda warns that "Ufology is simply plagued with fraudulent reports, forgeries, unreliable witnesses - you have to shed a lot of rubbish to get even a kernel of evidence." But he recognizes that "you don't have to be a crackpot to believe in UFOs. " He points to DNA code-cracker and Nobel Laureate Francis Crick's last book, "Life Itself," which argues that DNA was brought to earth by a rocket from another world. Indeed, there is a growing academic respectability being given to UFO studies.

And the U.S. government is now conducting the biggest-ever search for extraterrestrial life through the 5-year-old global META (Megachannel Extraterrestrial Assay) program, simultaneously scanning over 1 million frequencies for any signs of intelligent communications - so far with no results.
Ben-Yehuda, who has specialized in the sociology of "deviant science," sees an irony in the fact that respected government agencies and scientists spend billions of dollars searching the distant horizons of space, while people who claim to have been visited in the back garden are ridiculed.

Still, UFO enthusiasts are used to being disbelieved by a skeptical, often mocking public. Undaunted, Israel's amateur UFO researchers will doubtlessly continue to spend their weekends trampling through gardens photographing "crop circles," collecting residue and silica, and dreaming of locating a large landing site in the Galilee which has become tantalizingly known as "The Mother Lode."
The Viking Mars probe caused a sensation when NASA and the public eventually discovered a 1,500 foot high "face" staring out into space from the surface of the Cydonia region on Mars. This image was initially dismissed as a trick of the light by NASA . Other images were discovered which had been taken by the Viking probe at a different sun angle... and the face was still there.
Crop circles often echo the geometry of the Cydonia region of Mars---the intelligent beings responsible for the circles are also the creators of the "ruins" on Mars.
Also present on these photographs were additional anomalies perhaps even more impressive than the face itself. One of the greatest of these, a five sided pyramid nearly two miles wide arranged exactly 1/360th of the Martian polar diameter from the face. This pyramid was also pointing to the face of Cydonia. There was also discovered what appeared to be a city complex so oriented that all three structures arranged to form a perfect equilateral triangle.
The face itself was rather strange, apart from being on the surface of Mars to begin with... it seemed to represent a human being, wearing a head dress.
This embellishment is strikingly familiar to the headdresses worn by Egyptian and Mayan royalty. There was also a conspicuous absence of facial hair on the effigy, implying that it was either a young man , or a woman . This would support the contention that the Egyptian sphinx represents a cherubim, while also representing the beginning and the end of the Gospel in the stars, the zodiac...Virgo and Leo. Since previous pages established that pre-fall civilizations of cherubim, headed by Satan, lived on the "rolling stones of fire", the planets, it isn't surprising to see the representation of a cherub on Mars. The androgynous Cydonia face has a stylized leonine headdress, and computer enhanced photos of the face show that the darkened side seems to be that of a lion, according to Richard Hoagland. This points again to the message of Christ's first advent, Virgo, and second coming to establish the Millennial Kingdom, Leo.
In previous pages we explained how Satan was created to lead the angelic hierarchy, the Sons of God or ben Elohim, ruling over physical civilizations of angels on planets, such as the one still in evidence on Mars. After Satan rebelled, the center of his angelic civilization was destroyed "from among the stones of fire", yet the Bible tells us Satan is still waiting for the time of God's judgment. Satan is not in hell, he is still allowed audience before God, where he accuses the faithful (Rev.), and he still roams above and within the earth (Job). Since Satan is the most beautiful and powerful cherub, Prince of the Powers of the Air, intelligence behind UFO phenomena, the authority over all the aerial regions outward from earth, why is he so concerned with the planet Earth and the goings on of humans? Satan knows he and his angels will soon be stranded on Earth, "a place no longer found for them in heaven" (Rev. 12:8), and they must prepare the Earth to welcome them at their arrival.
As you remember when Satan and his angels rebelled, God destroyed their literal dwelling places. According to scripture this destruction was swift and decisive. The fifth terrestrial planet which God calls "Rahab" (boaster, pride), was obliterated.

Job 26:11-13: NIV
The pillars of heaven are stunned at His rebuke. He quiets The sea with His power,- and by His understanding He shatters (maw-khats, dashes asunder), Rahab, by His spirit the heavens were beautiful; His hand forbids the fugitive snake.

Job 26:10-14 NKJV
He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end. The pillars of heaven tremble and are astonished at his reproof. He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smiteth through the proud. By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent.

Satan is described as a snake trying to escape the judgment of God, symbolized by the constellation Draconis. Draconis winds itself between the Big and Little Dipper, which represented to the ancients, the "flock of the good shepherd" and the "stronghold of the saved".
Significantly, the path that the comet Hyakutake took through the heavens in the spring of 96 was between the handle of the Big Dipper, the flock of the good shepherd, and Arcturus, meaning "He comes". The book of Job describes these two constellations as "Arcturus and His train", a good shepherd leading his flock. As a portent of things to come, comet Hyakutake appeared to bisect these two constellations.
One year after the sign of Hyakutake, the comet Hale-Bopp will appear from Sagittarius--"the double-natured one", depicted as a cherub in older zodiacs--and continue it's path through the constellation Opheuchus, The Serpent Holder.
Hale-Bopp, a comet that has been linked to the ancient myth of Typhon because it seems to change shape, fork, spiral, and shift like a serpent, will follow the Serpent held in the arms of Opheuchus, of the One restraining.
In March 1997 an eclipse of the sun will darken the skies of Russia/Mongolia , the Biblical GOG AND MAGOG of Ez. 38, allowing the comet Hale-Bopp to be visible during the day. Following this dramatic event, the fourth consecutive lunar eclipse to fall on a Jewish Feast will occur during Purim. The book of Esther gives two clues as to what might occur... The Feast of Purim refers to the casting of lots, which were to determine the best astrological time to attack Israel. The account of Haman's growing power parallels the coming Antichrist. Haman received his authority on Nisan 13, and we feel the Antichrist will display his power in some way on that date as well. The cosmic herald Hale Bopp will be at its most spectacular in the skies during the Jewish months Adar and Nisan.
As we read before, God brought a fire out of Satan's midst, in the center of his greatest planetary kingdom. The planet Rahab exploded, sending planetesimal and asteroid size pieces of itself into the orbits of the interior terrestrial worlds.
NASA has unintentionally provided evidence of a civilization on Mars, evidence that is much discussed by such theorists as Richard Hoagland. Analysis of the geology of the Cydonia region, where the artifacts or "unnatural-looking formations", are situated, revealed that the site was once covered by a shallow inland sea. The "city complex" seems to have been aligned exactly due west from the "face". There is evidence that the shoreline of the sea following the margin of the "city".
Computer enhanced images of the face have revealed startling eyeball with a pupil and even teeth in the mouth. Closer investigation of the anomalous five-sided pyramid detailed buttressing at the corners of the massive structure. All this attention to detail would be preposterous if these objects could be explained away by the scientists at NASA, but they cannot be! NASA is officially silent concerning the "explanation" of the Cydonia region.
Richard Grossinger, in his foreword to Hoagland's book The Monuments of Mars sheds some light on the timeliness of this discovery and it's effect on the world, "Richard Hoagland believes that fear as much as indifference keeps us from acknowledging the face, i.e., from even confronting the dilemma of whether it is natural or artificial. Something in our nature doesn't want to "face" ourselves in this way; the reflection, after all, is just as potentially damaging to the rigid priesthood of Western science as it is to the officials of Western religion. If a human face is there on Mars, it blows just about every orthodoxy wide open...A face on Mars is such an unlikely thing at this stage of our history and in our present crisis that its confirmation could literally crystallize us in a new way,"
Mr. Grossinger's comments are not only significant with respects to his grasp of the Cydonia phenomena's effect on the human psyche, but also in regard to the implications it poses to institutions of religious thought. Not only are these views psychologically accurate, but they are prophetically accurate as well. Few people living on this planet can lay claim to a foundation of objective truth which would persevere in the face of a "Martian revelation". Society thrives and flourishes on stability and routine and human nature directs us along paths of least resistance and complexity. All sciences continually strive to encapsulate and generalize that which can be known. The well traveled road of the "status quo", the accepted and recognized, is difficult to abandon.
Unless humanity is motivated to change by forces beyond itself, it never easily recognizes the truth. But then the truth of Cydonia will not avail itself even with the keenest scientific scrutiny. This is because of the essence of the message itself.
The answers to the mystery that confronts us on the surface of Mars, underline the same conclusions that the narrative of the Zodiac, the sphinx and the Bible declare- the revelation of the Lord of the whole universe, Jesus Christ. As Satan has corrupted and confused these testimonials to the truth, so he will confound the message of the monuments of Mars.
From a secular viewpoint, the obvious conclusion drawn after the revelation of Cydonia, is that "man is not alone in the universe". This "discovery", will not factor God or His angels into the "life on other worlds" equation. Proof that "Martians" did or even continue to exist further distances mankind from the lessons God intended in the words of the Gospel. Secular mankind is prey to the deception that ANYONE EXCEPT the rebellious angelic host, the ben Elohim, inhabited Mars. So many are willing to make the "leap of faith" to accept intelligent beings inhabited the Cydonia region of Mars, a view that until recently could be viewed as crazy, yet these same "open-minded" people consider it completely outlandish to conclude that the explanation for other intelligent beings, their civilizations on other planets, and their current place of residence in the atmosphere and aerial regions outward from Earth has been right in front of us all the Bible.
Speculation as to the nature of the builders of Cydonia will, no doubt, be considered worthwhile only if associated with the New Age, Eastern traditions, or even Humanist philosophy, which have been embraced by those of a scientific bent. The appropriation of the "All is One" credo of Eastern Mysticism to account for the coincidences, synchronicities, and outright obvious patterns inherent in "scientific" disciplines has replaced the true wisdom of the Bible. Of course there are similarities, universal laws, strangely repeating patterns and intricate "chaotic" mathematical equations discernible within creation...the universe comes from the Mind of One Creator.
The wrath of God is indeed being revealed from heaven against every impiety and wickedness of those who suppress the truth by their wickedness. For what can be known about God is evident to them, because God made it evident to them.
If an intellectually superior race of beings did exist before man, are they the gods of pagan cultures? Did they inspire the works of the Bible? Does man really need a savior? How does the saving work of Jesus on the cross apply to "aliens"? The incredible meaning contained in the monuments of Mars confounds and perplexes all who have already rejected the truth.
The builders were, by their very nature, compelled to declare the glory of their Creator, the Creator of all that is seen and unseen.
In the later months of 1996, NASA will begin launching a series of probes to Mars. After the initial probe is launched, another will follow every ten months. The first, called the Mars surveyor, is outfitted with the latest in high technology viewing systems and has the capability to resolve objects down to one square meter. It shall reach it's destination late in 1997, a crucial time discussed in previous pages concerning the tribulation. The Mars surveyor will then begin a global mapping sequence by setting itself in a polar orbit around the planet. The pictures will conclude beyond a doubt the true nature of the Cydonia region. Collective humanity will then be faced with the enigma of the structures on Mars. The world will demand answers, Shatan will be happy to oblige.