1 HANOCH - ENOCH 1 INTRODUCTORY VISIONS AND PARABLES OF ENOCH The righteous and the wicked 1:1 The blessing of Enoch: with which he blessed the elect and the righteous who would be present on the day of tribulation at the time of the removal of all the wicked ones. 1:2 And Enoch, the blessed and righteous man of YAHWEH took up his parable while his eyes were open and he saw, and said, “This is a kodesh vision from the heavens which the malakim showed me: and I heard from them everything and I understood. I look not for this generation but for the distant one that is coming. I speak about the elect ones and concerning them.” 1:3 And I took up with a parable saying, “YAHWEH of the universe, the Kodesh Great One, will come forth from HIS dwelling.” 1:4 “And from there HE will march upon Mount Sinai and appear in HIS camp emerging from heaven with a mighty power. And everyone shall be afraid, and Watchers shall quiver.” 1:5 “And great fear and trembling shall seize them unto the ends of the earth.” 1:6 “Mountains and high places will fall down and be frightened. And high hills shall be made low; and they shall melt like a honeycomb before the flame.” 1:7 “And earth shall be rent asunder; and all that is upon the earth shall perish. And there shall be a judgment upon all, including the righteous.” 1:8 “And to all the righteous HE will grant shalom. HE will preserve the elect, and loving-kindness shall be upon them. They shall all belong to YAHWEH and they shall prosper and be blessed; and the Light of YAHWEH shall shine unto them.” 1:9 “Behold, He will arrive with ten million of the kodesh ones in order to execute judgment upon all. He will destroy the wicked ones and censure all flesh on account of everything that they have done, that which the sinners and the wicked ones committed against HIM.” 2 HANOCH - ENOCH 2 2:1 Examine all the activities which take place in the sky and how they do not alter their ways, and examine the luminaries of heaven, how each one of them rises and sets; each one is systematic according to its respective season; and they do not divert from their appointed order. 2:2 And look at the earth and turn in your mind concerning the action which is taking place in her from the beginning to the end: how all the work of YAHWEH as being manifested does not change. 2:3 And behold the summer and the winter, how the whole earth is filled with water and clouds and dew; and he causes rain to rest upon her. 3 HANOCH - ENOCH 3 3:1 Examine and observe everything-and the trees, how all their leaves appear as if they wither and had fallen, except fourteen trees whose leaves do not fall but the old foliage remains for about two to three years until the new leaves come. 4 HANOCH - ENOCH 4 4:1 And again, examine the days of the summer, how the heat of the sun is upon the earth and dominates her. And as for you, you will crave shade and shelter on account of the heat of the sun; and the earth shall burn with scorching heat, and you are not able to walk on the earth or on the rock on account of the heat. 5 HANOCH - ENOCH 5 5:1 Observe how the verdant trees are covered with leaves and they bear fruit. Pay attention concerning all things and know in what manner HE fashioned them. All of them belong to HIM who lives forever. 5:2 HIS work proceeds and progresses from year to year. And all HIS work prospers and obeys HIM, and it does not change; but everything functions in the way in which YAHWEH has ordered it. 5:3 And look at the seas: They do not part; they fulfill all their duties. 5:4 But as for you have not been long-suffering and you have not done the commandments of YAHWEH, but you have transgressed and spoken slanderously grave and harsh words with your impure mouths against HIS greatness. Oh, you hard-hearted, may you not find peace! 5:5 Therefore, you shall curse your days, and the years of your life shall perish and multiply in eternal execration; and there will not be any mercy unto you. 5:6 In those days, you shall make your names an eternal execration unto all the righteous; and the sinners shall curse you continually-you together with the sinners. 5:7 But to the elect there shall be light, joy, and peace, and they shall inherit the earth. To you, wicked ones, on the contrary, there will be a curse. 5:8 And then wisdom shall be given to the elect. And they shall all live and not return again to sin, either by being wicked or through pride; but those who have wisdom shall be humble and not return again to sin. 5:9 And they shall not be judged all the days of their lives; nor die through plague or wrath, but they shall complete the designated number of the days of their life. 5:10 And peace shall increase their lives and the years of their happiness shall be multiplied forever in gladness and peace all the days of their life. 6 HANOCH - ENOCH 6 The fall of angels 6:1 In those days, when the children of man had multiplied, it happened that there were born unto them handsome and beautiful daughters. 6:2 And the angels, the children of heaven, saw them and desired them; and they said to one another, “Come, let us choose wives for ourselves from among the daughters of man and beget us children.” 6:3 And Semyaz, being their leader, said unto them, “I fear that perhaps you will not consent that this deed should be done, and I alone will become responsible for this great sin.” 6:4 But they all responded to him, “Let us all swear an oath and bind everyone among us by a curse not to abandon this suggestion but to do the deed.” Then they all swore together and bound one another by the curse. 6:5 And they were altogether two hundred; and they descended into 'Ardos, which is the summit of Hermon. 6:6 And they called the mount Armon, for they swore and bound one another by a curse. 6:7 And their names are as follows: Semyaz, the leader of Arakeb, Rame'el, Tam'el, Ram'el, Dan'el, Ezeqel, Baraqyal, As'el, Armaros, Batar'el, Anan'el, Zaqe'el, Sasomaspwe'el, Kestar'el, Tur’el, Yamayol, and Arazyal. 6:8 These are their chiefs of tens and of all the others with them. 7 HANOCH - ENOCH 7 7:1 And they took wives unto themselves, and everyone respectively chose one woman for himself, and they began to go unto them. And they taught them magical medicine, incantations, the cutting of roots, and taught them about plants. 7:2 And the women became pregnant and gave birth to great giants whose heights were three hundred cubits. 7:3 These giants consumed the produce of all the people until the people detested feeding them. 7:4 So the giants turned against the people in order to eat them. 7:5 And they began to sin against birds, wild beasts, reptiles, and fish. And their flesh was devoured the one by the other, and they drank blood. 7:6 And then the earth brought an accusation against the oppressors. 8 HANOCH - ENOCH 8 8:1 And Azaz'el taught the people the art of making swords and knives, and shields, and breastplates; and he showed to their chosen ones bracelets, decorations, shadowing of the eye with antimony, ornamentation, the beautifying of the eyelids, all kinds of precious stones, and all coloring tinctures and alchemy. 8:2 And there were many wicked ones and they committed adultery and erred, and all their conduct became corrupt. 8:3 Amasras taught incantation and the cutting of roots; and Armaros the resolving of incantations; and Baraqiyal astrology, and Kokarer'el the knowledge of the signs, and Tam'el taught the seeing of the stars, and Asder'el taught the course of the moon as well as the deception of man. 8:4 And the people cried and their voice reached unto heaven. 9 HANOCH - ENOCH 9 9:1 Then Michael, Surafel, and Gabriel observed carefully from the sky and they saw much blood being shed upon the earth, and all the oppression being wrought upon the earth. 9:2 And they said to one another, “The earth, from her empty foundation, has brought the cry of their voice unto the gates of heaven.” 9:3 “And now, [O] kodesh ones of heaven, the souls of people are putting their case before you pleading, 'Bring our judgment before the Most High.'” 9:4 And they said to YAHWEH of the potentates, “For HE is YAHWEH of masters, and the ALMIGHTY of gods, and the KING of kings, and the seat of HIS splendor stands throughout all the generations of the world. YOUR NAME is Kodesh, and blessed, and magnifacent throughout the whole world.” 9:5 “YOU have made everything and with YOU is the authority for everything. Everything is naked and open before YOUR sight, and YOU see everything; and there is nothing which can hide itself from YOU.” 9:6 “YOU see what Azaz'el has done; how he has taught all forms of oppression upon the earth. And they revealed eternal secrets which are performed in heaven and which man learned.” 9:7 “Moreover Semyaz, to whom YOU have given power to rule over his companions, co-operating, they went in unto the daughters of the people on earth;” 9:8 “and they lay together with them-with those women-and defiled themselves, and revealed to them every kind of sin.” 9:9 “As for the women, they gave birth to giants to the degree that the whole earth was filled with blood and oppression.” 9:10 “And now behold, the Kodesh One will cry, and those who have died will bring their suit up to the gate of heaven. Their groaning has ascended into heaven, but they could not get out from before the face of the oppression that is being wrought on earth.” 9:11 “And YOU know everything even before it came to existence, and YOU see this thing but YOU do not tell us what is proper for us that we may do regarding it.” 10 HANOCH - ENOCH 10 10:1 And then spoke the Most High, the Great and Kodesh One! And HE sent Asuryal to the son of Lamech, saying, 10:2 “Tell him in MY NAME, 'Hide yourself!' and reveal to him the end of what is coming; for the earth and everything will be destroyed. And the Deluge is about to come upon all the earth; and all that is in it will be destroyed.” 10:3 “And now instruct him in order that he may flee, and his seed will be preserved for all generations.” 10:4 And secondly YAHWEH said to Raphael, “Bind Azaz'el hand and foot and throw him into the darkness!” And he made a hole in the desert which was in Duda'el and cast him there; 10:5 he threw on top of him rugged and sharp rocks. And he covered his face in order that he may not see light; 10:6 and in order that he may be sent into the fire on the great day of judgment. 10:7 And give life to the earth which the angels have corrupted. And he will proclaim life for the earth: that he is giving life to her. And all the children of the people will not perish through all the secrets of the angels, which they taught to their sons. 10:8 And the whole earth has been corrupted by Azaz'el's teaching of his own actions; and write upon him all sin. 10:9 And to Gabriel YAHWEH said, “Proceed against the bastards and the reprobates and against the children of adultery; and destroy the children of adultery and expel the children of the Watchers from among the people. And send them against one another so that they may be destroyed in the fight, for length of days have they not.” 10:10 “They will beg you everything-for their fathers on behalf of themselves-because they hope to live an eternal life. They hope that each one of them will live a period of five hundred years.” 10:11 And to Michael YAHWEH said, “Make known to Semyaza and the others who are with him, who fornicated with the women, that they will die together with them in all their defilement.” 10:12 “And when they and all their children have battled with each other, and when they have seen the destruction of their beloved ones, bind them for seventy generations underneath the rocks of the ground until the day of their judgment and of their consummation, until the eternal judgment is concluded.” 10:13 “In those days they will lead them into the bottom of the fire-and in torment-in the prison where they will be locked up forever.” 10:14 “And at the time when they will burn and die, those who collaborated with them will be bound together with them from henceforth unto the end of all generations.” 10:15 “And destroy all the souls of pleasure and the children of the Watchers, for they have done injustice to man.” 10:16 “Destroy the injustice from the face of the earth. And every iniquitous deed will end, and the plant of righteousness and truth will appear forever and he will plant joy.” 10:17 “And then all the righteous ones will escape; and become the living ones until they multiply and become tens of hundreds; and all the days of their youth and the years of their retirement they will complete in peace.” 10:18 “And in those days the whole earth will be worked in righteousness, all of here planted with trees, and will find blessing.” 10:19 “And they shall plant pleasant trees upon her-vines. And he who plants a vine upon her will produce wine for plenitude. And every seed that is sown on her, one measure will yield a thousand measures and one measure of olives will yield ten measures of presses of oil.” 10:20 “And you cleanse the earth from all injustice, and from all defilement, and from all oppression, and from all sin, and from all iniquity which is being done on earth; remove them from the earth.” 10:21 “And all the children of the people will become righteous, and all nations shall worship and bless ME; and they will all prostrate themselves to ME.” 10:22 “And the earth shall be cleansed from all pollution, and from all sin, and from all plague, and from all suffering; and it shall not happen again that I shall send these upon the earth from generation to generation and forever.” 11 HANOCH - ENOCH11 11:1 “And in those days I shall open the storerooms of blessing which are in the heavens, so that I shall send them down upon the earth, over the work and the toil of the children of man.” 11:2 “And peace and truth shall become partners together in all the days of the world, and in all the generations of the world.” 12 HANOCH - ENOCH12 Dream vision of Enoch: his intercession for the fallen angels 12:1 Before these things happened Enoch was hidden, and no one of the children of the people knew by what he was hidden and where he was. 12:2 And his dwelling place as well as his activities were with the Watchers and the kodesh ones; and so were his days. 12:3 And I, Enoch, began to bless YAHWEH of the mighty ones and the KING of the universe. 12:4 At that moment the Watchers were calling me. And they said to me, “Enoch, scribe of righteousness, go and make known to the Watchers of heaven who have abandoned the high heaven, the kodesh eternal place, and have defiled themselves with women, as theirs deeds move the children of the world, and have taken unto themselves wives: 12:5 They have defiled themselves with great defilement upon the earth; neither will there be peace unto them nor the forgiveness of sin. 12:6 For their children delight in seeing the murder of their beloved ones. But they shall groan and beg forever over the destruction of their children, and there shall not be peace unto them even forever.” 13 HANOCH - ENOCH13 His intercession for Azaz'el 13:1 As for Enoch, he proceeded and said to Azaz'el, “There will not be peace unto you; a grave judgment has come upon you.” 13:2 “They will put you in bonds, and you will not have an opportunity for rest and supplication, because you have taught injustice and because you have shown to the people deeds of shame, injustice, and sin.” 13:3 Then I went and spoke to all of them together; and they were all frightened, and fear and trembling seized them. 13:4 And they begged me to write for them a memorial prayer in order that there may be for them a prayer of forgiveness, and so that I may raise their memorial prayer unto YAHWEH of heaven. 13:5 For, as for themselves, from henceforth they will not be able to speak, nor will they raise their eyes unto heaven as a result of their sins which have been condemned. 13:6 And then I wrote down their memorial prayers and the petitions on behalf of their spirits and the deeds of each one of them, on account of the fact that they have prayed in order that there may be for them forgiveness of sin and a length of days. 13:7 And I went and sat down upon the waters of Dan-in Dan which is on the southwest of Hermon-and I read their memorial prayers until I fell asleep. 13:8 And behold a dream came to me and visions fell upon me, and I saw a vision of plagues so that I may speak to the children of heaven and reprimand them. 13:9 And upon my awakening, I came unto them while they were all conferring together, in Lesya'el, which is located between Lebanon and Sanser, while weeping and with their faces covered. 13:10 And I recounted before them all the visions that I had seen in sleep and began to speak those words of righteousness and to reprimand the Watchers of heaven. 14 HANOCH - ENOCH 14 Enoch Reprimands the Watchers of Heaven 14:1 This is the book of the words of righteousness and the chastisement of the eternal Watchers, in accordance with how YAHWEH the Kodesh and Great One had commanded in this vision. 14:2 I saw in my sleep what I now speak with my tongue of flesh and the breath of the mouth which YAHWEH the Great One has given to man so that he man may speak with it -and so that he may have understanding with his heart as YAHWEH the Great One has created and given it to man. 14:3 Accordingly HE has created me and given me the word of understanding so that I may reprimand the Watchers, the children of heaven. 14:4 I wrote down your prayers -so it appeared in visions -for your prayers will not be heard throughout all the days of eternity; and judgment is passed upon you. 14:5 From now on you will not be able to ascend into heaven unto all eternity, but you shall remain inside the earth, imprisoned all the days of eternity. 14:6 Before that you will have seen the destruction of your beloved sons and you will not have their treasures, which will fall before your eyes by the sword. 14:7 And your petitions on their behalf will not be heard -neither will those on your own behalf which you offer weeping and praying -and you will not speak even a word contained in the book which I wrote. Enoch's vision 14:8 “And behold I saw the clouds: And they were calling me in a vision; and the fogs were calling me; and the course of the stars and the lightnings were rushing me and causing me to desire; and in the vision, the winds were causing me to fly and rushing me high up into heaven.” 14:9 And I kept coming into heaven until I approached a wall which was built of white marble and surrounded by tongues of fire; and it began to frighten me. 14:10 And I came into the tongues of the fire and drew near to a great house which was built of white marble, and the inner walls were like mosaics of white marble, the floor of crystal, 14:11 the ceiling like the path of the stars and lightnings between which stood fiery cherubim and their heaven of water; 14:12 and flaming fire surrounded the walls, and its gates were burning with fire. 14:13 And I entered into the house, which was hot like fire and cold like ice, and there was nothing inside it; so fear covered me and trembling seized me. 14:14 And as I shook and trembled, I fell upon my face and saw a vision. 14:15 And behold there was an opening before me and a second house which is greater than the former and everything was built with tongues of fire. 14:16 And in every respect it excelled the other -in splendor and great honor -to the extent that it is impossible for me to recount to you concerning its majesty and greatness. 14:17 As for its floor, it was of fire and above it was lightning and the path of the stars; and as for the ceiling, it was flaming fire. 14:18 And I observed and saw inside it a lofty throne -its appearance was like crystal and its wheels like the shining sun; and I heard the voice of the cherubim; 14:19 and from beneath the throne were issuing streams of flaming fire. It was difficult to look at it. 14:20 And YAHWEH the Great Majesty was sitting upon it -as for HIS gown, which was shining more brightly than the sun, it was whiter than any snow. 14:21 None of the angels was able to come in and see the face of the Excellent and the Splendid One; and no one of the flesh can see HIM 14:22 the flaming fire was round about HIM, and a great fire stood before HIM. No one could come near unto HIM from among those that surrounded the tens of millions that stood before HIM. 14:23 HE needed no council, but the most kodesh ones who are near to HIM neither go far away at night nor move away from HIM. 14:24 Until then I was prostrate on my face covered and trembling. And YAHWEH called me with HIS own mouth and said to me, “Come near to me, Enoch, and to MY kodesh Word.” 14:25 And HE lifted me up and brought me near to the gate, but I continued to look down with my face. 15 HANOCH - ENOCH15 Enoch intercedes to YAHWEH For The Watchers of heaven and their Judgment 15:1 But HE raised me up and said to me with HIS voice, “Enoch,” I then heard, “Do not fear, Enoch, righteous man, scribe of righteousness; come near to ME and hear MY voice.” 15:2 “And tell the Watchers of heaven on whose behalf you have been sent to intercede: 'It is meet for you that you intercede on behalf of man, and not man on your behalf.” 15:3 “For what reason have you abandoned the high, kodesh, and eternal heaven; and slept with women and defiled yourselves with the daughters of the people, taking wives, acting like the children of the earth, and begetting giant sons?” 15:4 “Surely you used to be kodesh, spiritual, the living ones, [possessing] eternal life; but now you have defiled yourselves with women, and with the blood of the flesh begotten children, you have lusted with the blood of the people, like them producing blood and flesh, which die and perish.” 15:5 “On that account, I have given you wives in order that seeds might be sown upon them and children born by them, so that the deeds that are done upon the earth will not be withheld from you.” 15:6 “Indeed you, formerly you were spiritual, having eternal life; and immortal in all the generations of the world.” 15:7 “That is why formerly I did not make wives for you, for the dwelling of the spiritual beings of heaven is heaven.'” 15:8 “But now the giants who are born from the union of the spirits and the flesh shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, because their dwelling shall be upon the earth and inside the earth.” 15:9 “Evil spirits have come out of their bodies. Because from the day that they were created from the kodesh ones they became the Watchers; their first origin is the spiritual foundation. They will become evil upon the earth and shall be called evil spirits.” 15:10 “The dwelling of the spiritual beings of heaven is heaven; but the dwelling of the spirits of the earth, which are born upon the earth, is in the earth.” 15:11 “The spirits of the giants oppress each other; they will corrupt, fall, be excited, and fall upon the earth, and cause sorrow. They eat no food, nor become thirsty, nor find obstacles.” 15:12 “And these spirits shall rise up against the children of the people and against the women, because they have proceeded forth from them.” 16 HANOCH - ENOCH16 Destruction and Death of the Giants, and there Will be no Shalom 16:1 “From the days of the slaughter and destruction, and the death of the giants and the spiritual beings of the spirit, and the flesh, from which they have proceeded forth, which will corrupt without incurring judgment, they will corrupt until the day of the great conclusion, until the great age is consummated, until everything is concluded upon the Watchers and the wicked ones.” 16:2 “And so to the Watchers on whose behalf you have been sent to intercede - who were formerly in heaven - say to them,” 16:3 '“You were once in heaven, but not all the mysteries of heaven are open to you, and you only know the rejected mysteries. Those ones you have broadcast to the women in the hardness of your hearts and by those mysteries the women and men multiply evil deeds upon the earth.'” Tell them, “Therefore, you will have no shalom!” 17 HANOCH - ENOCH 17 Enoch's Tour of the Earth and Sheol - The first journey 17:1 And they lifted me up into one place where there were the ones like the flaming fire. And when they so desire they appear like men. 17:2 And they took me into a place of whirlwind in the mountain; the top of its summit was reaching into heaven. 17:3 And I saw chambers of light and thunder in the ultimate end of the depth toward the place where the bow, the arrow, and their quiver and a fiery sword and all the lightnings were. 17:4 And they lifted me up unto the waters of life unto the occidental fire which receives every setting of the sun. 17:5 And I came to the river of fire which flows like water and empties itself into the great sea in the direction of the west. 17:6 And I saw all the great rivers and reached to the great darkness and went into the place where all flesh must walk cautiously. 17:7 And I saw the mountains of the dark storms of the rainy season and from where the waters of all the seas flow. 17:8 And I saw the mouths of all the rivers of the earth and the mouth of the sea. 18 HANOCH - ENOCH 18 The Cornerstone of the Earth and the Storerooms of all the Winds 18:1 And I saw the storerooms of all the winds and saw how with them he has embroidered all creation as well as the foundations of the earth. 18:2 I saw the cornerstone of the earth; I saw the four winds which bear the earth as well as the firmament of heaven. 18:3 I saw how the winds ride the heights of heaven and stand between heaven and earth: These are the very pillars of heaven. 18:4 I saw the winds which turn the heaven and cause the star to set -the sun as well as all the stars. 18:5 I saw the souls carried by the clouds. I saw the path of the angels in the ultimate end of the earth, and the firmament of the heaven above. 18:6 And I kept moving in the direction of the west; and it was flaming day and night toward the seven mountains of precious stones -three toward the east and three toward the south. 18:7 As for those toward the east, they were of colored stones -one of pearl stone and one of healing stone; and as for those toward the south, they were of red stone. 18:8 The ones in the middle were pressing into heaven like the throne of YAHWEH, which is of alabaster and whose summit is of sapphire; 18:9 and I saw a flaming fire. 18:10 And I saw what was inside those mountains -a place, beyond the great earth, where the heavens come together. 18:11 And I saw a deep pit with heavenly fire on its pillars; I saw inside them descending pillars of fire that were immeasurable in respect to both altitude and depth. 18:12 And on top of that pit I saw a place without the heavenly firmament above it or earthly foundation under it or water. There was nothing on it -not even birds -but it was a desolate and terrible place. 18:13 And I saw there the seven stars which were like great, burning mountains. 18:14 Then the malak said to me, “This place is the ultimate end of heaven and earth: it is the prison house for the stars and the powers of heaven.” 18:15 “And the stars which roll over upon the fire, they are the ones which have transgressed the commandments of YAHWEH from the beginning of their rising because they did not arrive punctually.” 18:16 “And he was wroth with them and bound them until the time of the completion of their sin in the year of mystery.” 19 HANOCH - ENOCH 19 The Appearances the Spirits of the Angels who Lead the People into Error 19:1 And Uriel said to me, “Here shall stand in many different appearances the spirits of the angels which have united themselves with women. They have defiled the people and will lead them into error so that they will offer sacrifices to the demons as unto gods, until the great Day of Judgment in which they shall be judged till they are finished.” 19:2 “And their women whom the angels have led astray will be peaceful ones.” 19:3 So I, Enoch, I saw the vision of the end of everything alone; and none among human beings will see as I have seen. 20 HANOCH - ENOCH 20 Names of archangels 20:1 And these are names of the kodesh malakim who watch: 20:2 Suru'el, one of the kodesh malakim -for he is of eternity and of trembling. 20:3 Raphael, one of the kodesh malakim, for he is of the spirits of man. 20:4 Raguel, one of the kodesh malakim who take vengeance for the world and for the luminaries. 20:5 Michael, one of the kodesh malakim, for he is obedient in his benevolence over the people and the nations. 20:6 Saraqa'el, one of the kodesh malakim who is set over the spirits of mankind who sin in the spirit. 20:7 Gabriel, one of the kodesh malakim who oversee the Garden of Eden, and the serpents, and the cherubim. 21 HANOCH - ENOCH 21 Enoch's second journey: preliminary and final place of Punishment of fallen stars 21:1 And came to an empty place. 21:2 And I saw there neither a heaven above nor an earth below, but a chaotic and terrible place. 21:3 And there I saw seven stars of heaven bound together in it, like great mountains, and burning with fire. 21:4 At that moment said I, “For which sin are they bound, and for what reason were they cast in here.” 21:5 Then one of the kodesh malakim, Uriel, who was with me, guiding me, spoke to me and said to me, “Enoch, for what reason are you asking and for what reason do you question and exhibit eagerness?” 21:6 “These are among the stars of heavens which have transgressed the commandments of YAHWEH and are bound in this place until the completion of ten million years, according to the number of their sins.” 21:7 I then proceeded from that area to another place which is even more terrible and saw a terrible thing: a great fire that was burning and flaming; the place had a cleavage that extended to the last sea, pouring out great pillars of fire; neither its extent nor its magnitude could see nor was able to estimate. 21:8 At that moment, what a terrible opening is this place and a pain to look at! 21:9 Then Ura'el, one of the kodesh malakim who was with me, responded and said to me, “Enoch, why are you afraid like this?” I answered and said, 21:10 “I am frightened because of this terrible place and the spectacle of this painful thing.” And he said unto me, “This place is the prison house of the angels; they are detained here forever.” 22 HANOCH - ENOCH 22 The Gathering Of Souls Till The Day Of Judgment 22:1 Then I went to another place, and he showed me on the west side a great and high mountain of hard rock 22:2 and inside it four beautiful corners; it had [in it] a deep, wide, and smooth thing which was rolling over; and it the place was deep, and dark to look at. 22:3 At that moment, Rufael, one of the kodesh malakim, who was with me, responded to me; and he said to me, “These beautiful corners are here in order that the spirits of the souls of the dead should assemble into them -they are created so that the souls of the children of the people should gather here.” 22:4 “They prepared these places in order to put them i.e. the souls of the people there until the day of their judgment and the appointed time of the great judgment upon them.” 22:5 I saw the spirits of the children of the people who were dead, and their voices were reaching unto heaven until this very moment. 22:6 I asked Rufael, the angel who was with me, and said to him, “This spirit, the voice of which is reaching into heaven like this and is making suit, whose spirit is it?” 22:7 And he answered me, saying, “This is the spirit which had left Abel, whom Cain, his brother, had killed; it continues to sue him until all of Cain's seed is exterminated from the face of the earth, and his seed has disintegrated from among the seed of the people.” 22:8 At that moment, I raised a question regarding him and regarding the judgment of all, “For what reason is one separated from the other?” 22:9 And he replied and said to me, “These three have been made in order that the spirits of the dead might be separated. And in the manner in which the souls of the righteous are separated by this spring of water with light upon it,” 22:10 “in like manner, the sinners are set apart when they die and are buried in the earth and judgment has not been executed upon them in their lifetime,” 22:11 “upon this great pain, until the great Day of Judgment -and to those who curse there will be plague and pain forever, and the retribution of their spirits. They will bind them there forever -even if from the beginning of the world.” 22:12 “And in this manner is a separation made for the souls of those who make the suit and those who disclose concerning destruction, as they were killed in the days of the sinners.” 22:13 “Such has been made for the souls of the people who are not righteous, but sinners and perfect criminals; they shall be together with other criminals who are like them, whose souls will not be killed on the day of judgment but will not rise from there.” 22:14 At that moment I blessed YAHWEH of Splendor and I said, “Blessed be my Sovereign Ruler, YAHWEH of righteousness who rules forever.” 23 HANOCH - ENOCH 23 The fire of the luminaries of heaven 23:1 And from there I departed and went to another place in the direction of the west until the extreme ends of the earth. 23:2 And I saw a burning fire which was running without rest; and it did not diminish its speed night and day. 23:3 And I asked, saying, “What is this thing which has no rest?” At that moment, Raguel, one of the kodesh malakim, who was with me, answered me and said to me, “This thing which you saw is the course of the fire and this, the fire which is burning in the direction of the west, is the luminaries of heaven.” 24 HANOCH - ENOCH 24 The seven mountains of the northwest and the tree of life 24:1 From there I went to another place of the earth, and he showed me a mountain of fire which was flaming day and night. 24:2 And I went in its direction and saw seven dignified mountains -all different, one from the other, of precious and beautiful stones, and all dignified and splendid in respect to their visualization and beautiful in respect to their facade -three in the direction of the east, one founded on the other, and three in the direction of the north, one upon the other, with deep and crooked ravines, each one of which is removed from the other. 24:3 The seven mountains were situated in the midst of these ravines and in respect to their heights all resembled the seat of a throne which is surrounded by fragrant trees. 24:4 And among them, there was one tree such as I have never at all smelled; there was not a single one among those or other trees which is like it; among all the fragrances nothing could be so fragrant; its leaves, its flowers, and its wood would never wither forever; its fruit is beautiful and resembles the clustered fruits of a palm tree. 24:5 At that moment I said, “This is a beautiful tree, beautiful to view, with leaves so handsome and blossoms so magnificent in appearance.” 24:6 Then Michael, one of the kodesh and revered malakim -he is their chief -who was with me, responded to me. 25 HANOCH - ENOCH 25 The Kingdom Of YAHWEH and The reward of The Righteous And Chaciyd 25:1 And he said unto me, Enoch, “What is it that you are asking me concerning the fragrance of this tree and you are so inquisitive about?” 25:2 At that moment, I answered, saying, “I am desirous of knowing everything, but specially about this thing.” 25:3 He answered, saying, “This tall mountain which you saw whose summit resembles the throne of YAHWEH is indeed HIS throne, on which the Kodesh and Great Sovereign Ruler of Majesty, the Eternal King, will sit when HE descends to visit the earth with goodness.” 25:4 “And as for this fragrant tree, not a single human being has the authority to touch it until the great judgment, when he shall take vengeance on all and conclude everything forever.” 25:5 “This is for the righteous and the chaciyd. And the elect will be presented with its fruit for life. He will plant it in the direction of the northeast, upon the kodesh place -in the direction of the house of YAHWEH, the Eternal King.” 25:6 Then they shall be glad and rejoice in gladness, and they shall enter into the kodesh place; its fragrance shall penetrate their bones, long life will they live on earth, such as your fathers lived in their days.” 25:7 At that moment, I blessed YAHWEH of Majesty, the Eternal KING, for HE has prepared such things for the righteous people, as HE had created them and given it to them. 26 HANOCH - ENOCH 26 Jerusalem and its surroundings 26:1 And from there I went into the center of the earth and saw a blessed place, shaded' with branches which live and bloom from a tree that was cut. 26:2 And there I saw a kodesh mountain; underneath the mountain, in the direction of the east, there was a stream which was flowing in the direction of the north. 26:3 And I saw in a second direction, another mountain which was higher than the former. Between them was a deep and narrow valley. In the direction of the latter mountain ran a stream. 26:4 In the direction of the west from this one there was yet another mountain, smaller than it and not so high, with a valley under it, and between them besides, another valley which is deep and dry. 26:5 The valleys were narrow, formed of hard rocks and no tree growing on them. 26:6 And I marveled at the mountains and I marveled at the valleys: I marveled very deeply. 27 HANOCH - ENOCH 27 The accursed valley 27:1 At that moment, I said, “For what purpose does this blessed land, entirely filled with trees, have in its midst this accursed valley?” 27:2 Then, Uriel, one of the kodesh malakim, who was with me, answered me and said to me, “This accursed valley is for those accursed forever; here will gather together all those accursed ones, those who speak with their mouth unbecoming words against YAHWEH and utter hard words concerning HIS Splendor. Here shall they be gathered together, and here shall be their judgment, in the last days.” 27:3 “There will be upon them the spectacle of the righteous judgment, in the presence of the righteous forever. The merciful will bless YAHWEH of Splendor, the Eternal KING, and all the day.” 27:4 “In the days of the judgment of the accursed, the merciful shall bless HIM for the mercy which HE had bestowed upon them.” 27:5 At that moment, I blessed YAHWEH of Splendor and gave HIM the praise that befits HIS Majesty. 28 HANOCH - ENOCH 28 Journey to the east 28:1 And from there I went in the direction of the east into the center of the mountain of the desert; and I saw a wilderness and it was solitary, full of trees and seeds. 28:2 And there was a stream on top of it, and it gushed forth from above it. 28:3 It appeared like a waterfall which cascaded greatly as if toward the direction of west of the northeast; water and dew ascended from it all over. 29 HANOCH - ENOCH 29 The Tree of Judgment 29:1 Then I went into another place in the desert; and I approached the easterly direction of this mountain. 29:2 And there I saw the tree of judgment which has the smell of rubbish; its tree looked like that of frankincense and myrrh. 30 HANOCH - ENOCH 30 A Beautiful Tree and a Fragrant Cinnamon Tree 30:1 And beyond it -beyond those above the easterly mountains -it is not far. And I saw a place which is a valley of water that is endless. 30:2 And I saw a beautiful tree which resembles a tree whose fragrance is like that of mastic. 30:3 And in the direction of the sides of those valleys, I saw a fragrant cinnamon tree. And over these, I proceeded in the easterly direction. 31 HANOCH - ENOCH 31 Mountains With Trees 31:1 And I saw other mountains with trees in them. There flowed from them the trees something like nectar, called sarara and galbanum. 31:2 And over these mountains, I saw yet another mountain and in it there were aloe trees, and the whole forest was full of trees like sturdy almond trees. 31:3 And when one picks the fruit it gives the most pleasant odor. 32 HANOCH - ENOCH 32 The Garden of Righteousness and The Tree of Wisdom 32:1 And after experiencing this fragrant odor, while looking toward the northeast over the mountains, I saw seven mountains full of excellent nard, fragrant trees, cinnamon trees, and pepper. 32:2 From there I went over the summits of the mountains, far toward the east of the earth. I then passed over the Erythraean Sea and went far from it, and passed over the head of malak Zutu'el. 32:3 And I came to the garden of righteousness and saw beyond those trees many other large ones growing there -their fragrance sweet, large ones, with much elegance, and splendor. And the tree of wisdom, of which one eats and knows great wisdom, was among them. 32:4 It looked like the colors of the carob tree, its fruit like very beautiful grape clusters, and the fragrance of this tree travels and reaches afar. 32:5 And I said, “This tree is beautiful and its appearance beautiful and pleasant!” 32:6 Then the kodesh malak Raphael, who was with me, responded to me and said, “This very thing is the tree of wisdom from which your old father and aged mother, they who are your precursors, ate and came to know wisdom; and consequently their eyes were opened and they realized that they were naked and so they were expelled from the garden.” 33 HANOCH - ENOCH 33 The Gates of Heaven 33:1 And from there I went to the extreme ends of the earth and saw there huge beasts, each different from the other -and different birds also differing from one another in appearance, beauty, and voice. And to the east of those beasts, I saw the ultimate ends of the earth which rests on the heaven. 33:2 And the gates of heaven were open, and I saw how the stars of heaven come out; 33:3 and I counted the gates out of which they exit and wrote down all their exits for each one: according to their numbers, their names, their ranks, their seats, their periods, their months, as Uriel, the kodesh angel who was with me, showed me. 33:4 He showed me all things and wrote them down for me -also in addition he wrote down their names, their laws, and their companies. 34 HANOCH - ENOCH 34 Journey to the north 34:1 From there I went in the direction of the north, to the extreme ends of the earth, and there at the extreme end of the whole world I saw a great and magnificent seat. 34:2 There also I saw three open gates of heaven; when it blows cold, hail, frost, snow, dew, and rain, through each one of the gates the winds proceed in the northwesterly direction. 34:3 Through one gate they blow good things; but when they blow with force through the two other gates, they blow violence and sorrow upon the earth. 35 HANOCH - ENOCH 35 Journey to the west 35:1 And from there I went in the direction of the west to the extreme ends of the earth, and saw there three open gates of heaven, just like the one that I saw in the east in respect to the number of its exits. 36 HANOCH - ENOCH 36 Journey to the south 36:1 And from there I went in the direction of the south to the extreme ends of the earth, and saw there three open gates of the heaven from where the south wind, dew, rain, and wind come forth. 36:2 From there I went in the direction of the extreme ends of the heaven and saw there open gates of heaven, with small gates above them, in the direction of the east. 36:3 Through one of these small gates pass the stars of heaven and travel westward on the path which is shown to them. 36:4 And when I saw this I blessed -and I shall always bless -YAHWEH of Majesty, who performed great and blessed miracles in order that he may manifest HIS great deeds to HIS malakim, the winds, and to the people so that they might praise the effect of all HIS creation -so that they might see the effect of HIS power and praise HIM in respect to the great work of HIS hands and bless HIM forever. 2 HANOCH – ENOCH 2 37 -71 The Book of the Similitude’s 37 HANOCH - ENOCH 37 INTRODUCTION Book Two: 37:1 The vision which Enoch saw the second time -the vision of wisdom which Enoch, son of Jared, son of Mahalalel, son of Kenan, son of Enosh, son of Seth, son of Adam, saw: 37:2 This is the beginning of the words of wisdom which I commenced to propound, saying to those who dwell in the earth, “Listen, you first ones, and look, you last ones, the words of the Kodesh One, which I teach before YAHWEH of Hosts.” 38:3 “It is good to declare these words to those of former times, but one should not withhold the beginning of wisdom from those of latter days.” 38:4 “Until now such wisdom, which I have received as I recited it in accordance with the will of YAHWEH of Hosts, had not been bestowed upon me before the face of YAHWEH of Hosts. From HIM, the lot of eternal life has been given to me.” 37:5 “Three things were imparted to me; and I began to recount them to those who dwell upon the earth.” 38 HANOCH - ENOCH 38 Coming judgment of the wicked 38:1 The first thing: When the congregation of the righteous shall appear, sinners shall be judged for their sins, they shall be driven from the face of the earth, 38:2 and when the Righteous One shall appear before the face of the righteous, those elect ones, their deeds are hung upon YAHWEH of Hosts, HE shall reveal light to the righteous and the elect who dwell upon the earth, where will the dwelling of the sinners be? and where the resting place of those who denied the NAME of YAHWEH of the Spirits? It would have been better for them not to have been born. 38:3 When the secrets of the Righteous One are revealed, HE shall judge the sinners; and the wicked ones will be driven from the presence of the righteous and the elect, 38:4 and from that time, those who possess the earth will neither be rulers nor princes, they shall not be able to behold the faces of the kodesh ones, for the Light of YAHWEH of Hosts has shined upon the face of the kodesh, the righteous, and the elect. 38:5 At that moment, kings and rulers shall perish, they shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous and kodesh ones, 38:6 and from thenceforth no one shall be able to induce YAHWEH of Hosts to show them mercy, for their life is annihilated. 39 HANOCH - ENOCH 39 The home of the righteous 39:1 And it shall come to pass in those days that the children of the elect and the kodesh ones will descend from the high heaven and their seed will become one with the children of the people. 39:2 And in those days Enoch received the books of zeal and wrath as well as the books of haste and whirlwind. The Sovereign Ruler of the Spirits says that mercy shall not be upon them. 39:3 In those days, whirlwinds carried me off from the earth, and set me down into the ultimate ends of the heavens. 39:4 There I saw other dwelling places of the kodesh ones and their resting places too. 39:5 So there my eyes saw their dwelling places with the kodesh malakim, and their resting places with the kodesh ones, and they interceded and petitioned and prayed on behalf of the children of the people, and righteousness flowed before them like water, and mercy like dew upon the earth, and thus it is in their midst forever and ever. 39:6 And in those days my eyes saw the Elect One of righteousness and of faith, and righteousness shall prevail in HIS days, and the righteous and elect ones shall be without number before him forever and ever. 39:7 And I saw a dwelling place underneath the wings of YAHWEH of Hosts;and all the righteous and the elect before HIM shall be as intense as the light of fire. Their mouth shall be full of blessing; and their lips will praise the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts, and righteousness before HIM will have no end; and uprightness before HIM will not cease. 39:8 There underneath HIS wings I wanted to dwell; and my soul desired that dwelling place. Already my portion is there; for it has it been reserved for me before YAHWEH of Hosts. 39:9 In those days, I praised and prayed to the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts with blessings and praises, for HE had strengthened me by blessings and praises in accordance with the will of YAHWEH of Hosts. 39:10 And I gazed at that place under HIS wings, and I blessed and praised, saying, “Blessed is HE, and may HE be blessed, from the beginning and forever more.” 39:11 “There is no such thing as non-existence before HIM. Even before the world was created, HE knows what is forever and what will be from generation to generation.” 39:12 “Those who do not slumber but stand before YOUR splendor, did bless YOU. They shall bless, praise, and extol YOU, saying, “Kodesh, Kodesh, Kodesh, YAHWEH of Hosts; the spirits fill the earth.” 39:13 And at that place under HIS wings my eyes saw others who stood before HIM sleepless and blessed HIM, saying, 39:14 “Blessed are YOU and blessed is the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts forever and ever.” And my face was changed on account of the fact that I could not withstand the sight. 40 HANOCH - ENOCH 40 The Four Wings Of YAHWEH And The Four Malakim 40:1 And after that, I saw a hundred thousand times a hundred thousand, ten million times ten million, an innumerable and uncountable multitude who stand before the Splendor of YAHWEH of Hosts. 40:2 I saw them standing -on the four wings of YAHWEH of Hosts -and saw four other faces among those who do not slumber, and I came to know their names, which the malak who came with me revealed to me; and he also showed me all the hidden things. 40:3 Then I heard the voices of those four faces while they were saying praises before YAHWEH of Splendor. 40:4 The first voice was blessing the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts. 40:5 The second voice I heard blessing the Elect One and the elect ones who are clinging onto YAHWEH of Hosts. 40:6 And the third voice I heard interceding and praying on behalf of those who dwell upon the earth and supplicating in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts. 40:7 And the fourth voice I heard expelling the demons and forbidding them from coming to YAHWEH of Hosts in order to accuse those who dwell upon the earth. 40:8 And after that, I asked the malak of Shalom, who was going with me and showed me everything that was hidden, “Who are these four faces which I have seen and whose voices I have heard and written down?” 40:9 And he said to me, “The first one is the merciful and forbearing Michael; the second one, who is set over all disease and every wound of the children of the people, is Raphael; the third, who is set over all exercise of strength, is Gabriel; and the fourth, who is set over all actions of repentance unto the hope of those who would inherit eternal life, is Phanuel by name.” 40:10 So these are HIS four malakim: they are of YAHWEH of Hosts, and the four voices which I heard in those days. 41 HANOCH - ENOCH 41 YAHWEH of Hosts, and the four voices which I heard in those days. 41:1 And after that, I saw all the secrets in heaven, and how a kingdom breaks up, and how the actions of the people are weighed in the balance. 41:2 And there I saw the dwelling place of the sinners and the company of the kodesh ones; and my eyes saw the sinners -those who deny the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts -being expelled from there and being dragged off; and they could not stand still because of the plague which proceeds forth from YAHWEH of Hosts. Cosmic secrets 41:3 And there my eyes saw the secrets of lightning and thunder, and the mysteries of the winds, how they are distributed in order to blow upon the earth, and the secrets of the clouds and the dew I saw there from where they proceed in that place and how from there they satiate the dust of the earth. 41:4 At that place, I also saw sealed storerooms from which the winds of the storerooms of hail and the winds of the storerooms of mist are distributed; and these clouds hover over the earth from the beginning of the world. 41:5 And I saw the storerooms of the sun and the moon, from what place they come out and to which place they return, and their splendid return -how in their travel one festival is celebrated more than the other. They do not depart from their orbit, neither increase nor decrease it; but they keep faith one with another: in accordance with an oath they set and they rise. 41:6 From the first is the sun; and it executes its course in accordance with the commandment of YAHWEH of Hosts -HIS NAME shall persist forever and ever. 41:7 After that is found both the hidden and the visible path of the moon; and the path of its orbit it completes by day and by night at that place. And the two will gaze directly into' the splendor of YAHWEH of Hosts. They give thanks, they praise, and they do not economize on energy, for their very essence generates new power. 41:8 Surely the many changes of the sun have both a blessing and a curse, and the course of the moons path is light to the righteous on the one hand and darkness to the sinners on the other, in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts, who created the distinction between light and darkness and separated the spirits of the people, and strengthened the spirits of the righteous in the NAME of HIS righteousness. 41:9 Surely, neither an malakim nor Satan has the power to hinder; for there is a judge to all of them, HE will glance, and all of them are before HIM, HE is the judge 42 HANOCH - ENOCH 42 The Abode Of Wisdom And Iniquity 42:1 Wisdom could not find a place in which she could dwell; but a place was found for her in the heavens. 42:2 Then Wisdom went out to dwell with the children of the people, but she found no dwelling place. So Wisdom returned to her place and she settled permanently among the malakim. 42:3 Then Iniquity went out of her rooms, and found whom she did not expect. And she dwelt with them, like rain in a desert, like dew on a thirsty land. 43 HANOCH - ENOCH 43 More secrets of the cosmos 43:1 And I saw other lightnings and the stars of heaven. And I saw how HE called them each by their respective names, and they obeyed HIM. 43:2 And I saw the impartial scales for the purpose of balancing their lights at their widest areas. And their natures are as follows: Their revolutions produce lightning; and in number they are as many as the malakim; they keep their faith each one according to their names. 43:3 And I asked the malak who was going with me and who had shown me the secret things, “What are these things?” 43:4 And he said to me, “YAHWEH of Hosts has shown you the prototype of each one of them: These are the names of the kodesh ones who dwell upon the earth and believe in the NAME of YAHWEH of the Hosts forever and ever.” 44 HANOCH - ENOCH 44 44:1 And I saw another thing regarding lightning: how some stars arise and become lightning and cannot dwell with the rest. 45 HANOCH - ENOCH 45 Lot of unbelievers: new heaven and new earth. 45:1 This is the second parable concerning those who deny the NAME of YAHWEH of the Hosts and the congregation of the kodesh ones. 45:2 Neither will they ascend into heaven, nor will they reach the ground; such will be the lot of the sinners, who will deny the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts, those who in this manner will be preserved for the day of burden and tribulation. 45:3 On that day, my Elect One shall sit on the seat of splendor and make a selection of their deeds, their resting places will be without number, their souls shall be firm within them when they see my Elect One, those who have appealed to my splendid name. 45:4 On that day, I shall cause my Elect On to dwell among them, I shall transform heaven and make it a blessing of light forever. 45:5 I shall also transform the earth and make it a blessing, and cause my Elect One to dwell in her. Then those who have committed sin and crime shall not set foot in her. 45:6 For in shalom I have looked with favor upon my righteous ones and given them mercy, and have caused them to dwell before me. But sinners have come before me so that by judgment I shall destroy them from before the face of the earth. 46 HANOCH - ENOCH 46 The Son of Man, to whom belongs righteousness, and with whom righteousness dwells 46:1 At that place, I saw the One to whom belongs the time before time. And his head was white like wool, and there was with him another individual, whose face was like that of a human being. His countenance was full of splendor like that of one among the kodesh malakim. 46:2 And I asked the one -from among the malakim -who was going with me, and who had revealed to me all the secrets regarding the One who was born of human beings, “Who is this, and from whence is he who is going as the prototype of the Before -Time?” 46:3 And he answered me and said to me, “This is the Son of Man, to whom belongs righteousness, and with whom righteousness dwells. And He will open all the hidden storerooms; for YAHWEH of Hosts has chosen Him, and He is destined to be victorious before YAHWEH of Hosts in eternal uprightness.” 46:4 “This Son of Man whom you have seen is the One who would remove the kings and the mighty ones from their comfortable seats and the strong ones from their thrones. He shall loosen the reins of the strong and crush the teeth of the sinners.” 46:5 “He shall depose the kings from their thrones and kingdoms. For they do not extol and magnify HIM, and neither do they obey HIM, the source of their kingship.” 46:6 “The faces of the strong will be slapped and be filled with shame and gloom. Their dwelling places and their beds will be worms. They shall have no hope to rise from their beds, for they do not extol the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts.” 46:7 “And they have become the judges of the stars of heaven; they raise their hands to reach YAHWEH the Most High while walking upon the earth and dwelling in her. They manifest all their deeds in oppression; all their deeds are oppression. Their power depends upon their wealth. And their devotion is to the gods which they have fashioned with their own hands. But they deny the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts.” 46:8 “Yet they like to congregate in HIS houses and with the faithful ones who cling to YAHWEH of Hosts. 47 HANOCH - ENOCH 47 Prayer of the righteous 47:1 “In those days, the prayers of the righteous ascended into heaven, and the blood of the righteous from the earth before YAHWEH of Hosts.” 47:2 “There shall be days when all the kodesh ones who dwell in the heavens above shall dwell together. And with one voice, they shall supplicate and pray -magnifying, praising, and blessing the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts -on behalf of the blood of the righteous ones which has been shed. Their prayers shall not stop from exhaustion before YAHWEH of Hosts -neither will they relax forever -until judgment is executed for them.” 47:3 In those days, I saw Him -the Antecedent of Time, while He was sitting upon the throne of his splendor, and the books of the living ones were open before Him. And all His power in heaven above and His escorts stood before Him. 47:4 The hearts of the kodesh ones are filled with joy, because the number of the righteous has been offered, the prayers of the righteous ones have been heard, and the blood of the righteous has been admitted before YAHWEH of Hosts. 48 HANOCH - ENOCH 48 The Son of Man: The Antecedent of Time: HIS judgment 48:1 Furthermore, in that place I saw the fountain of righteousness, which does not become depleted and is surrounded completely by numerous fountains of wisdom. 48:2 All the thirsty ones drink of the water and become filled with wisdom. Then their dwelling places become with the kodesh, righteous, and elect ones. 48:3 At that hour, that Son of Man was given a name, in the presence of YAHWEH of Hosts, the Before Time; even before the creation of the sun and the moon, before the creation of the stars, He was given a name in the presence of YAHWEH of Hosts. 48:4 He will become a staff for the righteous ones in order that they may lean on Him and not fall. He is the Light of the gentiles and He will become the hope of those who are sick in their hearts. 48:5 All those who dwell upon the earth shall fall and worship before Him; they shall magnify, bless, and sing the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts. 48:6 For this purpose He became the Chosen One; He was concealed in the presence of YAHWEH of Hosts prior to the creation of the world, and for eternity. 48:7 And He has revealed the wisdom of YAHWEH of Hosts to the righteous and the kodesh ones, for He has preserved the portion of the righteous because they have hated and despised this world of oppression together with all its ways of life and its habits in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts; and because they will be saved in His Name and it is His good pleasure that they have life. 48:8 In those days, the kings of the earth and the mighty landowners shall be humiliated on account of the deeds of their hands. Therefore, on the day of their misery and weariness, they will not be able to save themselves. 48:9 I shall deliver them into the hands of MY elect ones like grass in the fire and like lead in the water, so they shall burn before the face of the kodesh ones and sink before their sight, and no place will be found for them. 48:10 On the day of their weariness, there shall be an obstacle on the earth and they shall fall on their faces; and they shall not rise up again, nor anyone be found who will take them with his hands and raise them up. For they have denied YAHWEH of Hosts and HIS Messiah. Blessed be the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts! 49 HANOCH - ENOCH 49 Wisdom, and power of the Elect One 49:1 So wisdom flows like water and majesty is measureless before Him forever and ever. 49:2 For His might is in all the mysteries of righteousness, and oppression will vanish like a shadow having no foundation. The Elect One stands before YAHWEH of Hosts; His splendor is forever and ever and His power is unto all generations. 49:3 In Him dwells the spirit of wisdom, the spirit which gives thoughtfulness, the spirit of knowledge and strength, and the spirit of those who have fallen asleep in righteousness. 49:4 He shall judge the secret things. And no one will be able to utter vain words in His presence. For He is the Elect One before YAHWEH of Hosts according to HIS good pleasure. 50 HANOCH - ENOCH 50 His Mercy And His Judgment 50:1 In those days, there will be a change for the kodesh and the righteous ones and the Light of days shall rest upon them; and splendor and honor shall be given back to the kodesh ones, on the day of weariness. 50:2 He heaped evil upon the sinners; but the righteous ones shall be victorious in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts. He will cause the others to see this so that they may repent and forsake the deeds of their hands. 50:3 There shall not be honor unto them in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts. But through His Name they shall be saved, and YAHWEH of Hosts shall have mercy upon them, for HIS mercy is considerable. 50:4 HE is righteous in HIS judgment and in the splendor that is before HIM. Oppression cannot survive HIS judgment; and the unrepentant in HIS presence shall perish. 50:5 YAHWEH of Hosts has said that from henceforth HE will not have mercy on them.

 51 HANOCH - ENOCH 51 Resurrection of the dead 51:1 In those days, Sheol will return all the deposits which she had received and hell will give back all that which it owes. 51:2 And He shall choose the righteous and the kodesh ones from among the risen dead, for the day when they shall be selected and saved has arrived. 51:3 In those days, the Elect One shall sit on My throne, and from the conscience of his mouth shall come out all the secrets of wisdom, for YAHWEH of Hosts has given them to Him and magnified Him. 51:4 In those days, mountains shall dance like rams; and the hills shall leap like kids satiated with milk. And the faces of all the malakim in heaven shall glow with joy, because on that day the Elect One has arisen. 51:5 And the earth shall rejoice; and the righteous ones shall dwell upon her and the elect ones shall walk upon her. 52 HANOCH - ENOCH 52 The metal mountains 52:1 After those days, in the same place where I had seen all the secret visions, having been carried off in a wind vehicle and taken to the west, my eyes saw there all the secret things of heaven and the future things. 52:2 There were there a mountain of iron, a mountain of copper, a mountain of silver, a mountain of gold, a mountain of colored metal, and a mountain of lead. 52:3 And I asked the malak who was going with me, saying, “What are these things which I have seen in secret?” 52:4 And he said to me, “All these things which you have seen happen by the authority of HIS Messiah so that He may give orders and be praised upon the earth.” 52:5 Then this malak of shalom answered, saying to me, “Wait a little, and all secret things which encircle YAHWEH of Hosts will be revealed unto you.” 52:6 “As for these mountains which you have seen with your own eyes -the mountain of iron, the mountain of copper, the mountain of silver, the mountain of gold, the mountain of colored metal, and the mountain of lead -all of them, in the presence of the Elect One, will become like a honeycomb that melts before fire, like water that gushes down from the top of such mountains, and become helpless by His feet.” 52:7 “It shall happen in those days that no one shall be saved either by gold or by silver; and no one shall be able to escape.” 52:8 “There shall be no iron for war, nor shall anyone wear a breastplate. Neither bronze nor tin shall be to any avail or be of any value; and there will be no need of lead whatsoever.” 52:9 “All these substances will be removed and destroyed from the surface of the earth when the Elect One shall appear before the face of YAHWEH of Hosts.” 53 HANOCH - ENOCH 53 The Scene of Judgment 53:1 My eyes saw there a deep valley with a wide mouth. And all those who dwell upon the earth, the sea, and the islands shall bring to it gifts, presents, and tributes; yet this deep valley shall not become full. 53:2 They shall fulfill the criminal deeds of their hands and eat all the produce of crime which the sinners toil for. Sinners shall be destroyed from before the face of YAHWEH of Hosts -they shall perish eternally, standing before the face of HIS earth. 53:3 So I saw all the malakim of plague co-operating and preparing all the chains of Satan. 53:4 And I asked the malak of shalom, who was going with me, “For whom are they preparing these chains?” 53:5 And he answered me, saying: “They are preparing these for the kings and the potentates of this earth in order that they may be destroyed thereby.” 53:6 “After this, the Righteous and Elect One will reveal the house of His congregation. From that time, they shall not be hindered in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts.” 53:7 “And these mountains shall become flat like earth in the presence of His righteousness, and the hills shall become like a fountain of water. And the righteous ones shall have rest from the oppression of sinners.” 54 HANOCH - ENOCH 54 The Great Day Of Judgment of king, potentates and the armies of Azaz'el 54:1 Then I looked and turned to another face of the earth and saw there a valley, deep and burning with fire. 54:2 And they were bringing kings and potentates and were throwing them into this deep valley. 54:3 And my eyes saw there their chains while they were making them into iron fetters of immense weight. 54:4 And I asked the malak of shalom, which was going with me, saying, “For whom are these imprisonment chains being prepared?” 54:5 And he said unto me, “These are being prepared for the armies of Azaz'el, in order that they may take them and cast them into the abyss of complete condemnation, and as YAHWEH of Hosts has commanded it, they shall cover their jaws with rocky stones.” 54:6 “Then Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Phanuel themselves shall seize them on that great day of judgment and cast them into the furnace of fire that is burning that day, so that YAHWEH of Hosts may take vengeance on them on account of their oppressive deeds which they performed as messengers of Satan, leading astray those who dwell upon the earth.” The great judgment of the Flood 54:7 And in those days, the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts shall be carried out, and they shall open all the storerooms of water in the heavens above, in addition to the fountains of water which are on earth. 54:8 And all the waters shall be united with all other waters. That which is from the heavens above is masculine water, whereas that which is underneath the earth is feminine. 54:9 And they shall obliterate all those that dwell upon the earth as well as those that dwell underneath the ultimate ends of heaven. 54:10 On account of the fact that they did not recognize their oppressive deeds which they carried out on the earth, they shall be destroyed by the Flood! 55 HANOCH - ENOCH 55 YAHWEH puts a sign in the heavens, and it shall become a symbol of faith between ME and them forever 55:1 And after that the Antecedent of Time repented and said, “In vain have I destroyed all those who dwell in the earth.” 55:2 And YAHWEH swore by HIS own great NAME that from thenceforth HE would not do as HE had done to all who live upon the earth. And HE said, “I shall put up a sign in the heavens, and it shall become a symbol of faith between ME and them forever, as long as heaven is above the earth, which is in accordance with MY command.” Final judgment of Azaz'el and the fallen angels 55:3 “When I would give consent so that they should be seized by the hands of the angels on the day of tribulation and pain, already I would have caused MY punishment and MY wrath to abide upon them - MY punishment and MY wrath,” says YAHWEH of Hosts. 55:4 “Kings, potentates, dwellers upon the earth: You would have to see MY Elect One, how He sits in the throne of splendor and judges Azaz'el and all his company, and his army, in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts!” 56 HANOCH - ENOCH 56 56:1 Then I saw there an army of the malakim of punishment marching, holding nets of iron and bronze. 56:2 And I asked the malak of shalom, who was walking with me, saying to him, “To whom are they going, these who are holding the nets?” 56:3 And he said to me, “They are going to their elect and beloved ones in order that they may be cast into the crevices of the abyss of the valley.” 56:4 “Then the valley shall be filled with their elect and beloved ones; and the epoch of their lives, the era of their splendor, and the age of their leading others astray shall come to an end and shall not henceforth be reckoned. The struggle of Israel with its enemies 56:5 “In those days, the angels will assemble and thrust themselves to the east at the Parthian and Medes. They will shake up the kings so that a spirit of unrest shall come upon them, and stir them up from their thrones; and they will break forth from their beds like lions and like hungry hyenas among their own flocks.” 56:6 “And they will go up and trample upon the land of MY elect ones, and the land of MY elect ones will be before them like a threshing floor or a highway.” 56:7 “But the city of MY righteous ones will become an obstacle to their horses. And they shall begin to fight among themselves; and by their own right hands they shall prevail against themselves. A man shall not recognize his brother or a son his mother, until there shall be a significant number of corpses from among them. Their punishment is indeed not in vain.” 56:8 “In those days, Sheol shall open her mouth, and they shall be swallowed up into it and perish. Thus Sheol shall swallow up the sinners in the presence of the elect ones.” 57 HANOCH - ENOCH 57 A Vision of a Whole Array of Chariots Loaded With People Advancing Upon the Air 57:1 And it happened afterward that I had another vision of a whole array of chariots loaded with people; and they were advancing upon the air from the east and from the west until midday. 57:2 And the sound of their chariots was clamorous; and when this commotion took place, the kodesh ones in heaven took notice of it and the pillars of the earth were shaken from their foundations; and the sound of the noise could be heard from the extreme end of the sky unto the extreme end of the earth in one hour. 57:3 Then all shall fall down and worship YAHWEH of Hosts. Here ends the second parable. 58 HANOCH - ENOCH 58 The Eternal Light of the Righteous and Elect Ones 58:1 And I began to speak another parable concerning the righteous and the elect: 58:2 “Blessed are you, righteous and elect ones, for splendor is your portion.” 58:3 The righteous ones shall be in the light of the sun and the elect ones in the Light of Eternal Life which has no end, and the days of the life of the kodesh ones cannot be numbered. 58:4 They shall seek light and find righteousness with YAHWEH of Hosts. Shalom be to the righteous ones in the Shalom of the Eternal YAHWEH! 58:5 After this, it shall be told to the kodesh ones in heaven that they should scrutinize the mysteries of righteousness, the gift of faith. For the sun has shined upon the earth and darkness is over. 58:6 There shall be a light that has no end, and they shall not have to count days anymore. For already darkness has been destroyed, light shall be permanent before YAHWEH of Hosts, and the light of uprightness shall stand firm forever and ever before YAHWEH of Hosts. 59 HANOCH - ENOCH 59 The lightnings and the thunder! 59:1 In those days, my eyes saw the mysteries of lightnings, and of lights, and their judgments; they flash lights for a blessing or a curse, according to the will of YAHWEH of Hosts. 59:2 And there also saw the secrets of the thunder and the secrets of how when it resounds in the heights of heaven its voice is heard in the earthly dwellings. He showed me whether the sound of the thunder is for shalom and blessing or for a curse, according to the Word of YAHWEH of Hosts. 59:3 After that, all the mysteries of the lights and lightnings were shown to me that they glow with light for blessing and for contentment. 60 HANOCH - ENOCH 60 Heavenly quake, the great monsters, and mysteries of nature! 60:1 In the year five hundred, in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month in the life of Enoch; in the same parable I saw that the heaven of heavens was quaking and trembling with a mighty tremulous agitation, and the forces of YAHWEH the Most High and the malakim, ten thousand times a million and ten million times ten million, were agitated with great agitation. 60:2 And the Antecedent of Time was sitting on the throne of HIS splendor surrounded by the malakim and the righteous ones. 60:3 Then a great trembling and fear seized me and my loins and kidneys lost control. So I fell upon my face. 60:4 Then, Michael sent another malak from among the kodesh ones and he raised me up. And when he had raised me up, my spirit returned; for I had fainted because I could not withstand the sight of these forces and because heaven has stirred up and agitated itself. 60:5 Then, Michael said to me, “What have you seen that has so disturbed you?” “This day of mercy has lasted until today; and he has been merciful and long-suffering toward those that dwell upon the earth.” 60:6 “And when this day arrives -and the power, the punishment, and the judgment, which YAHWEH of Hosts has prepared for those who do not worship the righteous judgment, for those who deny the righteous judgment, and for those who take HIS NAME in vain - will become a day of covenant for the elect and inquisition for the sinners.” 60:7 “On that day, two monsters will be parted -one monster, a female named Leviathan, in order to dwell in the abyss of the ocean over the fountains of water;” 60:8 “and the other, a male called Behemoth, which holds his chest in an invisible desert whose name is Dundayin, east of the garden of Eden, wherein the elect and the righteous ones dwell, wherein my grandfather was taken, the seventh from Adam, the first man whom YAHWEH of Hosts created.” 60:9 Then asked the second malak in order that he may show me how strong these monsters are, how they were separated on this day and were cast, the one into the abysses of the ocean, and the other into the dry desert. 60:10 And he said to me, “You, son of man, according to the degree to which it will be permitted, you will know the hidden things.” 60:11 Then the other malak who was going with me was showing me the hidden things: what is first and last in heaven, above it, beneath the earth, in the depth, in the extreme ends of heaven, the extent of heaven; 60:12 The storerooms of the winds, how the winds are divided, how they are weighed, how the winds divide and dissipate, the openings of the winds, each according to the strength of its wind; the power of the light of the moon and how it is the right amount, the divisions of the stars, each according to its nomenclature, and all the subdivisions; 60:13 the thunders, according to the places where they fall, and the subdivisions of the lightnings according to their flashing of light and the velocity of the obedience of the whole array of them. 60:14 So the thunders have their respective moments of rest with patience; and each thunder is marked by its respective sound. Neither the thunder nor the lightning becomes disjoined one from the other; both go together in a single breeze and do not part. 60:15 For when the lightning flashes light, the thunder utters its sound; also, at that moment, the wind causes the thunder to come to rest and divides equally the time between each one of them. For the reservoir of their moments of thunderings is like the sand, so each one of them is restrained with a bridle and turned back by the power of the wind and driven in this manner all over the numerous corners of the earth. 60:16 Now, the sea breeze is masculine and strong and according to the power of its strength it holds back the air and, in this manner, is driven and dispersed among all the mountains of the world. 60:17 The frost-wind is its own guardian and the hail-wind is a kind messenger. 60:18 The snow-wind has evacuated its reservoir; it does not exist because of its strength; there is in it only a breeze that ascends from the reservoir like smoke, and its name is frost. 60:19 And the wind and the mist do not dwell together with them in their reservoirs. But the mist has its own reservoir, for its course is splendid. It has light and darkness both in the rainy season and the dry season; and its reservoir is itself a malak. 60:20 The dwelling place of the dew-breeze is in the extreme ends of heaven and is linked together with the reservoirs of the rain in both its courses of the rainy season and the dry season; also the clouds of the dew and the clouds of the mist are associated feeding each other mutually. 60:21 When the rain-wind becomes activated in its reservoir, the malakim come and open the reservoir and let it out; and when it is sprayed over the whole earth, it becomes united with the water which is upon the earth; 60:22 and when so ever it unites with other waters, it unites with the water upon the earth which is for the use of those who dwell on the earth, for it is nourishment for the earth sent from YAHWEH the Most High in heaven. So in this manner there is a measuring system for the rain given to the malakim. 60:23 All these things I saw as far as the garden of the righteous ones. 60:24 And the malak of shalom who was with me said to me, “These two monsters are prepared for the great day of YAHWEH when they shall turn into food.” 60:25 “So that the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts should come down upon them in order that the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts should not be issued in vain but slay the children with their mothers, and the children with their fathers, when the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts comes down upon everyone. After that there shall be the judgment according to HIS mercy and HIS patience.” 61 HANOCH - ENOCH 61 The Measurement of the Garden of Eden and the Judgment and Praise of the Elect One 61:1 I saw in those days that long ropes were given to those malakim; and hoisting up their own respective portions of the ropes, they soared going in the direction of the northeast. 61:2 And I asked the malak, saying unto him, “Why have those malakim hoisted these ropes and gone off?” And he said unto me, “They have gone in order to make measurements.” 61:3 The malak who was going with me also said unto me, “These malakim are the ones who shall bring the measuring ropes of the righteous ones as well as their binding cords in order that they might lean upon the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts forever and ever. Then the elect ones shall begin to walk with the Elect One.” 61:4 “These are the measurements which shall be given to faith and which shall strengthen righteousness.” 61:5 “And these measurements shall reveal all the secrets of the depths of the earth, those who have been destroyed in the desert, and those who have been devoured by the wild beasts, and those who have been eaten by the fish of the sea. So that they all return and find hope in the day of the Elect One. For there is no one who perishes before YAHWEH of Hosts, and no one who should perish.” 61:6 “And those who are in heaven above and all the powers received a command -one voice and one Light like fire.” 61:7 “And Him, the First Word, they shall bless, extol, and honor with wisdom. They shall be wise in utterance in the spirit of life and in YAHWEH of Hosts.” 61:8 “HE placed the Elect One on the throne of splendor; and He shall judge all the works of the kodesh ones in heaven above, weighing in the balance their deeds.” 61:9 “And when He shall lift up His countenance in order to judge the secret ways of theirs, by the Word of the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts, and their conduct, by the method of the righteous judgment of YAHWEH of Hosts, then they shall all speak with one voice, blessing, honoring, extolling, sanctifying the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts.” 61:10 “And He will summon all the forces of the heavens, and all the kodesh ones above, and the forces of YAHWEH -the cherubim, seraphim, ophanim, all the malakim of governance, the Elect One, and the other forces on earth and over the water.” 61:11 “On that day, they shall lift up in one voice, blessing, honoring, and extolling in the Spirit of faith, in the Spirit of wisdom and patience, in the Spirit of mercy, in the Spirit of justice and shalom, and in the Spirit of generosity. They shall all say in one voice, 'Blessed is He and may the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts be blessed forever and evermore.'” 61:12 “All the vigilant ones in heaven above shall bless Him; all the kodesh ones who are in heaven shall bless Him; all the elect ones who dwell in the garden of Life shall bless Him; every Spirit of Light that is capable of blessing, honoring, extolling, and sanctifying YOUR blessed NAME shall bless Him; and all flesh shall honor and bless YOUR NAME with an exceedingly limitless power forever and ever.” 61:13 “For the mercy of YAHWEH of Hosts is great in quantity, and HE is longsuffering. All HIS works and all the dimensions of HIS creation, HE has revealed to the righteous and the elect ones in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts.” 62 HANOCH - ENOCH 62 Condemnation of the Ruling Class and Blessedness of the Righteous Ones 62:1 Thus YAHWEH commanded the kings, the governors, the high officials, and the landlords and said, “Open your eyes and lift up your eyebrows -if you are able to recognize the Elect One!” 62:2 And YAHWEH of Hosts has sat down on the throne of HIS splendor, and the spirit of righteousness has been poured out upon Him. The Word of His mouth will do the sinners in; and all the oppressors shall be eliminated from before His face. 62:3 On the day of judgment, all the kings, the governors, the high officials, and the landlords shall see and recognize Him -how He sits on the throne of HIS splendor, and righteousness is judged before Him, and that no nonsensical talk shall be uttered in His presence. 62:4 Then pain shall come upon them as on a woman in travail with birth pangs -when she is giving birth the child enters the mouth of the womb and she suffers from childbearing. 62:5 One half portion of them shall glance at the other half; they shall be terrified and dejected; and pain shall seize them when they see that Son of Man sitting on the throne of His splendor. 62:6 These kings, governors, and all the landlords shall try to bless, honor, and extol Him who rules over everything, Him who has been concealed. 62:7 For the Son of Man was concealed from the beginning and YAHWEH the Most High One preserved Him in the presence of HIS power; then HE revealed Him to the kodesh and the elect ones. 62:8 The congregation of the kodesh ones shall be planted, and all the elect ones shall stand before Him. 62:9 On that day, all the kings, the governors, the high officials, and those who rule the earth shall fall down before Him on their faces, and worship and raise their hopes in that Son of Man; they shall beg and plead for mercy at His feet. 62:10 But YAHWEH of Hosts HIMSELF will cause them to be frantic, so that they shall rush and depart from His presence. Their faces shall be filled with shame, and their countenances shall be crowned with darkness. 62:11 So HE will deliver them to the malakim for punishments in order that vengeance shall be executed on them -oppressors of HIS children and HIS elect ones. 62:12 It shall become quite a scene for MY righteous and elect ones. They shall rejoice over the kings, the governors, the high officials, and the landlords because the wrath of YAHWEH of Hosts shall rest upon them and HIS sword shall obtain from them a sacrifice. 62:13 The righteous and elect ones shall be saved on that day; and from thenceforth they shall never see the faces of the sinners and the oppressors. 62:14 YAHWEH of Hosts will abide over them; they shall eat and rest and rise with that Son of Man forever and ever. 62:15 The righteous and elect ones shall rise from the earth and shall cease being of downcast face. They shall wear the garments of splendor. 62:16 These garments of yours shall become the garments of Life from YAHWEH of Hosts. Neither shall your garments wear out, nor your splendor come to an end before YAHWEH of Hosts. 63 HANOCH - ENOCH 63 The hopeless end of the kings, rulers, and landlords 63:1 In those days, the governors and the kings who possess the land shall plead that HE may give them a little breathing spell from the malakim of HIS punishment to whom they have been delivered; so that they shall fall and worship before YAHWEH of Hosts, and confess their sins before HIM. 63:2 They shall bless and magnify YAHWEH of Hosts and say, “Blessed is YAHWEH of Hosts -YAHWEH of kings, YAHWEH of rulers, and the Master of the rich -YAHWEH of splendor and YAHWEH of wisdom.” 63:3 "YOUR power exposes every secret thing from generation to generation and YOUR splendor is forever and ever. Deep are all YOUR mysteries -and numberless; and YOUR righteousness is beyond accounting.” 63:4 “Now we have come to know that we should honor, magnify and bless YAHWEH of kings -HIM who rules over all kings.” 63:5 Moreover, they shall say, “Would that someone had given us a chance so that we should honor, praise, and have faith before HIS splendor!” 63:6 “This time, however, we are begging for a little rest but find it not; we pursue it, but procure it not. Light has vanished from before us and darkness has become our habitation forever and ever;” 63:7 “because we have formerly, neither had faith, nor honored the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts, and kings, nor honored YAHWEH in all HIS creation. We had put our hopes upon the scepters of our empires.” 63:8 “Now on the day of our hardship and our tribulation HE is not saving us; and we have no chance to become believers. For our Sovereign Ruler is faithful in all HIS works, HIS judgments, and HIS righteousness; and HIS judgments have no respect of persons.” 63:9 “So we will vanish away from before HIS face on account of our deeds; and all our sins are consumed by righteousness.” 63:10 Furthermore, at that time, you shall say, “Our souls are satiated with exploitation money which could not save us from being cast into the oppressive Sheol.” 63:11 After that, their faces shall be filled with shame before that Son of Man; and from before HIS face they shall be driven out. And the sword shall abide in their midst, before HIS face. 63:12 Thus says YAHWEH of Hosts, “This is the ordinance and the judgment, before YAHWEH of Hosts, prepared for the governors, kings, high officials, and landlords.” 64 HANOCH - ENOCH 64 The fallen angels 64:1 Then I saw in that place other mysterious faces. 64:2 And I heard the voice of an angel saying, “These are the angels who descended upon the earth and revealed what was hidden to the children of the people, and led the children of the people astray to commit sin.” 65 HANOCH - ENOCH 65 Enoch's predictions concerning the Deluge and himself 65:1 In those days, Noah saw the earth, that she had become deformed, and that her destruction was at hand. 65:2 And Noah took off from there and went unto the extreme ends of the earth. And he cried out to his grandfather, Enoch, and said to him, three times, with a bitter voice, “Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!” 65:3 And I said unto him, “Tell me what this thing is which is being done upon the earth, for the earth is struggling in this manner and is being shaken; perhaps I will perish with her in the impact.” 65:4 At that moment, there took place a tremendous turbulence upon the earth; and a voice from heaven was heard, and I fell upon my face. 65:5 Then Enoch, my grandfather, came and stood by me, saying to me, “Why did you cry out so sorrowfully and with bitter tears?” 65:6 “An order has been issued from the court of YAHWEH against those who dwell upon the earth, that their doom has arrived because they have acquired the knowledge of all the secrets of the angels, all the oppressive deeds of the Satan’s, as well as all their most occult powers, all the powers of those who practice sorcery, all the powers of those who mix many colors, all the powers of those who make molten images;” 65:7 “how silver is produced from the dust of the earth, and how bronze is made upon the earth -” 65:8 “for lead and tin are produced from the earth like silver -their source is a fountain inside which stands a malak, and he is a running malak.” 65:9 After that, my grandfather, Enoch, took hold of me by my hand and raised me up and said to me, “Go, for I have asked YAHWEH of Hosts regarding this turbulence which is taking place on the earth.” 65:10 He continued to say to me, “Because their oppression has been carried out on the earth, their judgment will be limitless before me. On account of the abstract things which they have investigated and experienced, the earth shall perish together with those who dwell upon her.” 65:11 “And those who taught them these things will have no haven forever, because they have revealed to them the things which are secret -to the condemned ones; but, as for you, my son, YAHWEH of Hosts knows that you are pure and kindhearted; you detest the secret things.” 65:12 “He has preserved your name for the kodesh ones; he will protect you from those who dwell upon the earth; he has preserved your righteous seed for kingship and great splendor; and from your seed will emerge a fountain of the righteous and kodesh ones without number forever.” 66 HANOCH - ENOCH 66 Malakim in Charge of the Flood 66:1 After this he showed me the angels of punishment who are prepared to come and release all the powers of the waters which are underground to become judgment and destruction unto all who live and dwell upon the earth. 66:2 But, YAHWEH of Hosts gave an order to the malakim who were on duty that they should not raise the water enclosures but guard them -for they were the malakim who were in charge of the waters. Then I left from the presence of Enoch. 67 HANOCH - ENOCH 67 YAHWEH's Promise to Noah: Punishment of the Angels and Kings 67:1 In those days, the Word of YAHWEH came unto me, and said unto me, “Noah, your lot has come up before ME -a lot without blame, a lot of true love.” 67:2 “At this time the malakim are working with wood making an ark and when it is completed, I shall place MY hands upon it and protect it, and the seed of life shall arise from it; and a substitute generation will come so that the earth will not remain empty without inhabitants.” 67:3 “I shall strengthen your seed before ME forever and ever as well as the seeds of those who dwell with you; I shall not put it to trial on the face of the earth; but it shall be blessed and multiply on the earth in the NAME of YAHWEH.” 67:4 And they shall imprison those angels who revealed oppression in that burning valley which my grandfather Enoch had formerly shown me in the West among the mountains of gold, silver, iron, bronze, and tin. 67:5 I also saw that valley in which there took place a great turbulence and the stirring of the waters. 67:6 Now, when all this took place, there was produced from that bronze and fire a smell of sulfur which blended with those waters. 67:7 This valley of the perversive angels shall continue to burn punitively underneath that ground; in respect to its troughs, they shall be filled with rivers of water by which those angels who perverted those who dwell upon the earth shall be punished. 67:8 Those waters shall become in those days a poisonous drug of the body and a punishment of the spirit unto the kings, rulers, and exalted ones, and those who dwell on the earth; lust shall fill their souls so that their bodies shall be punished, for they have denied YAHWEH of Hosts; they shall see their own punishment every day but cannot believe in HIS NAME. 67:9 In proportion to the great degree of the burning of their bodies will be the transmutation of their spirits forever and ever and ever, for there is none that can speak a nonsensical word before YAHWEH of Hosts. 67:10 So the judgment shall come upon them, because they believe in the debauchery of their bodies and deny the spirit of YAHWEH. 67:11 And these waters will undergo change in those days; for on the one hand when those angels are being punished by these waters, the temperatures of those fountains of water will be altered and become hot, but on the other hand when the angels get out, those waters of the fountains shall be transformed and become cold. 67:12 Then I heard Michael the malak responding and saying, “This verdict by which the angels are being punished is itself a testimony to the kings and the rulers who control the world.” 67:13 For these waters of judgment are poison to the bodies of the angels as well as sensational to their flesh; hence they will neither see nor believe that these waters become transformed and become a fire that burns forever. 68 HANOCH - ENOCH 68 The Malak Michael Discusses the Judgment with Raphael. 68:1 After that, he gave me instructions in all the secret things found in the book of my grandfather, Enoch, and in the parables which were given to him; and he put them together for me in the words of the book which is with me. 68:2 On that day, Michael addressed himself to Raphael, saying to him, “The power of the spirit grabs me and causes me to go up on account of the severity of the judgment concerning the knowledge of the secrets. Who is able to endure the severity of the judgment which has been executed and before which one melts away?” 68:3 Michael continued to speak further, saying to Raphael, “Who is he whose heart does not become sordid in respect to this matter and whose reins do not become stirred up from the Word of the Judgment which has been pronounced against them.” 68:4 Then it happened that when they stood; before YAHWEH of Hosts, Michael said to Raphael this, “They shall not prosper before the eye of YAHWEH; for they have quarreled with YAHWEH of Hosts because they are make in the image of YAHWEH.” 68:5 “Therefore, all that which has been concealed shall come upon them forever and ever; for neither an malak nor a man should be assigned his role; so those evil ones alone have received their judgment forever and ever.” 69 HANOCH - ENOCH 69 Names and Misdeeds of the Fallen angels 69:1 After this judgment, they shall frighten them and make them scream because they have shown this knowledge of secret things to those who dwell on the earth. 69:2 Now behold, I am naming the names of those angels! These are their names: The first of them is Semyaz, the second Aristaqis, the third Armen, the fourth Kokba'el, the fifth Tur'el, the sixth Rumyal, the seventh Danyul, the eighth Neqa'el, the ninth Baraqel, the tenth Azaz'el, the eleventh Armaros, the twelfth Betryal, the thirteenth Basas'el, the fourteenth Hanan'el, the fifteenth Tur'el, the sixteenth SipWese'el, the seventeenth Yeter'el, the eighteenth Tuma'el, the nineteenth Tur'el, the twentieth Rum'el, and the twenty -first Azaz'el. 69:3 These are the chiefs of their angels, their names, their centurions, their chiefs over fifties, and their chiefs over tens. 69:4 The name of the first is Yeqon; he is the one who misled all the children of the angels, brought them down upon the earth, and perverted them by the daughters of the people. 69:5 The second was named Asb'el; he is the one who gave the children of the kodesh angels an evil counsel and misled them so that they would defile their bodies by the daughters of the people. 69:6 The third was named Gader'el; this one is he who showed the children of the people all the blows of death, who misled Eve, who showed the children of the people how to make the instruments of death such as the shield, the breastplate, and the sword for warfare, and all the other instruments of death to the children of the people. 69:7 Through their agency death proceeds against the people who dwell upon the earth, from that day forevermore. 69:8 The fourth is named Pinem'e; this one demonstrated to the children of the people the bitter and the sweet and revealed to them all the secrets of their wisdom. 69:9 Furthermore he caused the people to penetrate the secret of writing and the use of ink and paper; on account of this matter, there are many who have erred from eternity to eternity, until this very day. 69:10 For human beings are not created for such purposes to take up their beliefs with pen and ink. 69:11 For indeed human beings were not created but to be like malakim, permanently to maintain pure and righteous lives. Death, which destroys everything, would have not touched them, had it not been through their knowledge by which they shall perish; death is now eating us by means of this power. 69:12 The fifth is named Kasadya; it is he who revealed to the children of the people the various flagellations of all evil -the flagellation of the souls and the demons, the smashing of the embryo in the womb so that it may be crushed, the flagellation of the soul, snake bites, sunstrokes, the son of the serpent, whose name is Taba'ta. 69:13 And this is the number of Kasb'el, chief executor of the oath which he revealed to the kodesh ones while he was still dwelling in the highest in splendor. 69:14 His name was then Beqa; and he spoke to Michael to disclose to him his secret name so that he would memorize this secret name of his, so that he would call it up in an oath in order that they shall tremble before it and the oath. 69:15 He then revealed these to the children of the people, and all the hidden things and this power of this oath, for it is power and strength itself. The Evil One placed this oath in Michael's hand. 69:16 These are the secrets of this oath -and they are sustained by the oath: The heaven was suspended before the creation of the world, and forever! 69:17 By it the earth is founded upon the water; from the hidden places of the mountains come beautiful waters, from the beginning of creation, and forever! 69:18 By that oath, the sea was created; and he put down for it a foundation of sand which cannot be transgressed at a time of its anger, from the beginning of creation, and forever! 69:19 And by that oath the depths are made firm; they stand still and do not move from their places from the beginning of creation, and forever! 69:20 By the same oath the sun and the moon complete their courses of travel, and do not deviate from the Torah made for them, from the beginning of creation, and forever! 69:21 And by the same oath the stars complete their courses of travel; if they call their names, HE causes them to respond from the beginning of creation, and forever! 69:22 Likewise the waters and their souls, all the winds and their paths of travel from all the directions of winds; 69:23 the voice of the thunder and the light of the lightning are kept there; 69:24 the reservoirs of hail, the reservoirs of frost, the reservoirs of mist, the reservoirs of rain and dew are kept there; 69:25 All these believe and give thanks in the presence of YAHWEH of Hosts; they honor with all their might, and please HIM in all this thanksgiving; they shall thank, magnify, and exalt YAHWEH of Hosts forever and ever! 69:26 This oath has become dominant over them; they are preserved by it and their paths are preserved by it so that their courses of travel do not perish. 69:27 Then there came to them a great joy. And they blessed, magnified, and extolled YAHWEH on account of the fact that the Name of that Son of Man was revealed to them. He shall never pass away or perish from before the face of the earth. 69:28 But those who have led the world astray shall be bound with chains; and their ruinous congregation shall be imprisoned; all their deeds shall vanish from before the face of the earth. 69:29 Thenceforth nothing that is corruptible shall be found; for that Son of Man has appeared and has seated Himself upon the throne of His splendor; and all evil shall disappear from before His face; he shall go and tell to that Son of Man, and He shall be strong before YAHWEH of Hosts. Here ends the third parable of Enoch. 70 HANOCH - ENOCH 70 Translation of Enoch and Vision of Earliest Human Ancestors 70:1 And it happened after this that his living name was raised up before that Son of Man and to YAHWEH from among those who dwell upon the earth; it was lifted up in a wind chariot and it disappeared from among them. 70:2 From that day on, I was not counted among them. 70:3 But He placed me between two winds, between the northeast and the west, where the malakim took a cord to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous ones. 70:4 And there I saw the first human ancestors and the righteous ones of old, dwelling in that place. 71 HANOCH - ENOCH 71 Vision of the Fiery House and the Antecedent of Days 71:1 Thus it happened after this that my spirit passed out of sight and ascended into the heavens. And I saw the sons of the kodesh malakim walking upon the flame of fire; their garments were white -and their overcoats -and the light of their faces was like snow. 71:2 Also I saw two rivers of fire, the light of which fire was shining like hyacinth. Then I fell upon my face before YAHWEH of Hosts. 71:3 And Michael the malak, one of the chief malakim, seizing me by my right hand and lifting me up, led me out into all the secrets of mercy; and he showed me all the secrets of righteousness. 71:4 He also showed me all the secrets of the extreme ends of heaven and all the reservoirs of the stars and the luminaries -from where they come out to shine before the faces of the kodesh ones. 71:5 He carried off my spirit, and I Enoch, was in the heaven of heavens. There I saw -in the midst of that light -a structure built of crystals; and between those crystals tongues of living fire. 71:6 And my spirit saw a ring which encircled this structure of fire. On its four sides were rivers full of living fire which encircled it. 71:7 Moreover, seraphim, cherubim, and ophanim -the sleepless ones who guard the throne of HIS splendor -also encircled it. 71:8 And I saw countless malakim -a hundred thousand times a hundred thousand, ten million times ten million, encircling that house. 71:9 Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Phanuel, and numerous other kodesh malakim that are in heaven above, go in and out of that house, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Phanuel, and numerous other kodesh malakim that are countless. 71:10 With them is the Antecedent of Time: HIS head is white and pure like wool and HIS garment is indescribable. 71:11 I fell on my face, my whole body mollified and my spirit transformed. Then I cried with a great voice by the spirit of the power, blessing, magnifying, honoring and extolling. 71:12 And those are the blessings which went forth out of my mouth, being wellpleasing in the presence of that Antecedent of Time. 71:13 Then the Antecedent of Time came with Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Phanuel, and a hundred thousand and ten million times a hundred thousand malakim that are countless. 71:14 Then a malak came to me and greeted me and said to me, “You, son of man, who art born in righteousness and upon whom righteousness has dwelt, the righteousness of the Antecedent of Time will not forsake you.” 71:15 He added and said to me; “HE shall proclaim shalom to you in the name of the world that is to become. For from here proceeds shalom since the creation of the world, and so it shall be unto you forever and ever and ever.” 71:16 “Everyone that will come to exist and walk shall follow your path, since righteousness never forsakes you. Together with you shall be their dwelling places; and together with you shall be their portion. They shall not be separated from you forever and ever and ever.” 71:17 So there shall be length of days with that Son of Man, and shalom to the righteous ones; his path is upright for the righteous, in the NAME of YAHWEH of Hosts forever and ever. 3 HANOCH - ENOCH 3 Book 3 72 -82 The Book of Heavenly Luminaries 72 HANOCH - ENOCH 72 The sun Book Three: 72:1 The Book of the Itinerary of the Luminaries of Heaven: the position of each and every one, in respect to their ranks, in respect to their authorities, and in respect to their seasons; each one according to their names and their places of origin and according to their months, which Uriel, the kodesh malak who was with me, and who also is their guide, showed me -just as he showed me all their treatises and the nature of the years of the world unto eternity, till the new creation which abides forever is created. 72:2 This is the first commandment of the luminaries: The sun is a luminary whose egress is an opening of heaven, which is located in the direction of the east, and whose ingress is another opening of heaven, located in the west. 72:3 I saw six openings through which the sun rises and six openings through which it sets. The moon also rises and sets through the same openings, and they are guided by the stars; together with those whom they lead, they are six in the east and six; in the west heaven. All of them, are arranged one after another in a constant order. There are many windows both to the left and the right of these openings. 72:4 First, there goes out the great light whose name is the sun; its roundness is like the roundness of the sky; and it is totally filled with light and heat. 72:5 The chariot on which it ascends is driven by the blowing wind. The sun sets in the sky in the west and returns by the northeast in order to go to the east; it is guided so that it shall reach the eastern gate and shine in the face of the sky. 72:6 In this manner it rises in the first month through the major gate; it proceeds through this gate which is the fourth among those six openings which are located in the direction of the east. 72:7 By this fourth gate through which the sun rises during the first month there are twelve open windows from which a flame flows, when they are opened at the appropriate time. 72:8 When the sun rises in the east in the sky, it goes out through this fourth gate for thirty mornings and descends faithfully through the fourth gate in the western sky. 72:9 During those thirty days the day daily becomes longer and the night nightly shorter, for thirty days. 72:10 On that day, the day is longer than the night by one ninth; so the day turns out to be exactly ten parts and the night to be eight parts. 72:11 The sun rises from that fourth eastern gate and sets in the fourth western one, and then it turns and comes into the fifth gate of the east for thirty days, through which it rises, and sets in the fifth gate. 72:12 At that time the day further becomes longer and becomes eleven parts and the night shortens and becomes seven parts on account of the sun. 72:13 It then returns to the east and comes into the sixth gate, rising and setting through that sixth gate for thirty one days, according to the principle of the gate. 72:14 On that day the day becomes longer than the night still further; so the day becomes twelve parts and the night shortens and becomes six parts. 72:15 Then the sun is raised in such a way that its duration shortens and night occurs; the sun returns to the east and enters the sixth gate, rising and setting through it for thirty days. 72:16 When thirty days are completed, the day decreases exactly by one part, and becomes eleven parts, and the night seven. 72:17 Then the sun, leaving the west by that sixth gate and going to the east, rises through the fifth gate for thirty mornings and sets again in the fifth gate in the west. 72:18 On that day the day decreases by two parts; so the day becomes ten parts and the night eight parts. 72:19 Then the sun, departing from that fifth gate and setting in the fifth gate, in the west, rises in the fourth gate for thirty one days according to the principle of the gate, and sets in the west. 72:20 On that day the day is aligned with the night, so that they become equal; so the night becomes nine parts and the day nine parts. 72:21 Then the sun, departing from that gate and setting in the west, returns to the east and comes out through the third gate for thirty days, and sets in the third gate in the west. 72:22 On that day the night becomes longer than the day; it becomes longer than the previous night and the day becomes shorter than the previous day, for thirty days; so the night turns out to be exactly ten parts and the day to be eight parts. 72:23 Then the sun, departing from that third gate in the west and returning to the east, comes out through the second gate in the east for thirty days, and in the same manner it sets through the second gate in the western sky. 72:24 On that day the night becomes eleven parts and the day seven parts. 72:25 Then the sun, departing on that day from that second gate and setting in the west in the second gate, returns to the east and rises in the first gate for thirty one days, and sets on that day in the western sky. 72:26 On that day the night lengthens and becomes twelve parts, whereas the day shortens and becomes six parts. 72:27 Thus the sun completes its appearances, and goes through those same cycles of appearances a second time, coming out through all the openings for thirty days and setting also in the west opposite to it. 72:28 On that night the length of the night decreases by one ninth; so the night becomes eleven parts and the day seven parts. 72:29 Then the sun, returning and entering the second gate which is in the east, resumes its appearances for thirty mornings, rising and setting as usual. 72:30 On that day the night becomes shorter, so the night becomes ten parts and the day eight parts. 72:31 On that day the sun, departing from this second gate and setting in the west, returns to the east and rises through the third gate for thirty one days, and sets in the western sky. 72:32 On that day the night shortens and becomes nine parts and the day nine parts. Then the night becomes equal with the day, and the days of the year add up to exactly three hundred sixty four days. 72:33 The lengths of the day and the night as well as the shortness of the day and the night, are determined by the course of the circuit of the sun, and distinguished by it. 72:34 The circuit becomes longer or shorter day by day and night by night respectively. 72:35 Thus this is the order for the course of the movement and the settlement of the sun -that great luminary which is called the sun, for the duration of the years of the universe -in respect to its going in and coming out. 72:36 It is that very luminary which manifests itself in its appearance as YAHWEH has commanded that it shall come out and go in, in this manner. 72:37 And neither does it diminish in respect to its brightness nor take rest but continue to run day and night. As for the intensity of its light, it is sevenfold brighter than that of the moon; nevertheless, the sun and the moon are equal in regard to their respective sizes. 73 HANOCH - ENOCH 73 The moon and the varying amounts of its illuminations! 73:1 After I saw this set of regulations for the sun I saw another set of regulations concerning the minor luminary whose name is moon. 73:2 Its roundness is like the roundness of the sky, and the wind drives the chariot on which it rides; and it is given light in varying measure. 73:3 It's coming out and its going in change every month. It's days are like the days of the sun; and when its light becomes evenly distributed then it amounts to one seventh of the light of the sun. 73:4 It the moon rises in this manner: Its head faces the easterly direction, coming out on the thirtieth day, on that day, that is, on the thirtieth day, it comes into existence, and it appears with the sun in the gate through which the sun exits; and you have the beginning of the month. 73:5 Considering half of it to be divisible into seven parts, the whole disk of it is without light, with the exception of one-seventh part of the fourteenth part of the light of the sun, one seventh of its half light. 73:6 On the day when it receives one-seventh part of its one half, as the sun sets, it becomes equivalent to one-seventh light of one half of it. 73:7 Then when the sun rises, the moon rises together with it, taking a portion of one half of its light; that night the moon, just beginning its monthly journey on its first lunar day, sets with the sun and becomes dark, in respect to its thirteen parts that night. On that day it rises and shines with exactly one-seventh part of its semicircle. 73:8 Then it comes out and recedes toward the east away from where the sun rises, continuing to be brighter in one sixth of one seventh of one half of the light of the sun during the remaining days. 

 74 HANOCH - ENOCH 74 The Sun Moon Relationship in Days, Months and Years 74:1 Furthermore, I saw another system of rotation with its own regulation whereby the system fulfills its monthly course of movement. 74:2 All these things -including their fixed positions - Uriel, the kodesh malak who is the guide of all of them, showed to me. And I wrote down their fixed positions as he showed them to me; and I wrote down their months as they were, as well as the variable aspects of their illumination until the completion of fifteen days. 74:3 The moon wanes in fifteen steps during a period of fifteen days, and waxes in fourteen steps in the east and the west respectively. 74:4 In certain designated months it alters its westerly settings and in certain designated months it fulfills its unusual courses of movement. 74:5 For two months it the moon sets with the sun, and uses those two middle openings which are the third and the fourth gate. 74:6 It comes out for seven days and completes a circuit as it returns again to the gate through which the sun rises. In this manner it waxes and recedes from the sun, entering the sixth gate through which the sun rises in eight days. 74:7 When the sun rises through the fourth gate the moon comes out for seven days, until it starts coming out through the fifth. It then turns back toward the fourth gate in seven days, waxing as it recedes, and enters the first gate in eight days. 74:8 Then again it returns to the fourth gate through which the sun rises in seven days. 74:9 This is how I saw their fixed positions - how the moon rises and shines when the sun sets - in those days. 74:10 If five years are combined the sun gains fifty extra days; consequently one of those five years gains, and when it is completed, it turns out to be three hundred sixty four days. 74:11 The gain of the sun and of the stars turns out to be ten days; in three years, ten days every year add up to thirty days; and the moon falls behind the sun and the stars for thirty days. 74:12 They bring about all the years punctiliously, so that they forever neither gain upon nor fall behind their fixed positions for a single day, but they convert the year with punctilious justice into three hundred sixty four days. 74:13 In three years there are one thousand and ninety two days and in five years one thousand eight hundred and twenty days, so that in eight years there are two thousand nine hundred and twelve days. 74:14 For the moon singly in three years its days add up to one thousand sixty two days, so that it falls behind by thirty days in three years. 74:15 In five years they add up to one thousand eight hundred seventy days, so that it falls behind by fifty days in five years. Thus it is for the moon. 74:16 In eight years the days add up to two thousand eight hundred thirty two days, so that it falls behind by eighty days in eight years. 74:17 In this way the years are completed with precision, in accordance with their fixed positions in the universe and the fixed stations of the sun which shine, the gate through which it the sun rises and sets for thirty days. 75 HANOCH - ENOCH 75 The Three Hundred and Sixty Four Fixed Stations of the Cosmos 75:1 The leaders of the chiefs of the thousands, which are appointed over the whole creation and upon all the stars, are counted together with the four leaders of the seasons; they do not leave from the fixed stations according to the reckoning of the year; and they render service on the four days which are not counted in the reckoning of the year. 75:2 On this account, people err in them, for those luminaries scrupulously render service to the fixed positions in the cosmos, one in the first gate of heaven, one in the third, one in the fourth, one in the fifth, and one in the sixth. In this manner the year is completed scrupulously in three hundred and sixty four fixed stations of the cosmos. 75:3 Thus the signs, the durations of time, the years, and the days were shown to me by the malak Uriel, whom YAHWEH, ALMIGHTY of eternal splendor, has appointed over all the luminaries of heaven, both in heaven and the world - in order that they - the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the created objects which circulate in all the chariots of heaven should rule in the face of the sky and be seen on the earth to be guides for the day and the night. 75:4 Likewise Uriel showed me twelve wide openings in the sky, along the course of the chariots of the sun, from which the rays of the sun break out and from which heat is diffused upon the earth, when they are opened during the designated seasons. 75:5 Their openings affect the winds and the spirit of the dew, 75:6 that is when the twelve wide openings are opened in the sky, in the extreme ends of the earth, through which also the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the other heavenly objects come out in the west. 75:7 There are many open windows to the left and the right, but one window produces the heat at its designated time in the manner of those openings through which the stars rise in accordance with their orders and set according to their numbers. 75:8 I also saw chariots in heaven running in the universe above those opening so in which the stars that do not set revolve. 75:9 One circuit is larger than the rest of them all, and it circles the entire cosmos at the extreme ends of the earth. 76 HANOCH - ENOCH 76 The twelve winds and their gates 76:1 And I saw the twelve wide openings in all the directions through which the winds come out and blow over the earth. 76:2 Three of them are open in the forefront of the sky, three in the west, three in the right of the sky, and three on the left; 76:3 in other words the first three are those on the morning side followed by three in the direction of the north; the last three are those on the left, in the direction of the south followed by three in the west. 76:4 Through four of the openings blow out winds of blessing and through eight of them blow out winds of pestilence - when they are sent in order to destroy the whole earth, the water upon her, all those who dwell upon her, and all those which exist in the waters and the dry land. 76:5 The first group of winds goes out from those openings called the easterly. Out of the first gate, which is in the direction of the east and inclines toward the south, proceed extirpation, drought, pestilence, and destruction. 76:6 Out of the second gate located directly in the center, proceed rain, and fruitfulness together with dew. Out of the third gate, which is in the direction of the northeast, proceed both cold and drought. 76:7 After these winds, there go out the southerly ones through three gates. Among these, out of the first gate, which inclines in the direction of the east, precede the winds of heat. 76:8 Out of the central gate, which is next to it, proceeds beautiful fragrance; dew, rain, shalom, and life. 76:9 And out of the third gate, in the direction of the west, proceed dew, rain, young locusts, and desolation. 76:10 After these, there goes the group of the northerly winds whose name is the Sea. There proceed from the seventh gate, which is in the direction of the east, toward the south; dew, rain, young locusts, and desolation. 76:11 Out of the central gate proceed life, rain, and dew directly; and out of the third gate, which is in the direction of the west, which inclines toward the northeast, proceed cloud, frost, snow, rain, dew, and young locusts. 76:12 After these come the fourth group of winds - the westerly. Out of the first gate, which is in the northeasterly direction, proceed dew, frost, cold, snow, and hoarfrost. 76:13 Out of the central gate proceed dew, rain, shalom, and blessing. And out of the last gate, which is in the direction of the south, proceed drought, desolation, burning, and destruction. 76:14 Thus the twelve openings of the four heavenly directions are completed; all their orders, all their evil effects, and all their beneficial effects have I revealed to you, O my son, Methuselah! 77 HANOCH - ENOCH 77 The four directions, the seven mountains, and the seven rivers 77:1 The first direction is called the Orient, because it is the very first. 77:2 The second is called the South, because YAHWEH the Most High will descend there, indeed because the Eternally Blessed will descend there. 77:3 The third direction is the Occident, its name means the diminished, because there all the luminaries of the sky wane and descend. 77:4 The fourth direction, whose name is the North, is divided into three parts: One of them is the dwelling of human beings; the second the seas of water, lakes, forests, rivers, darkness, and clouds; and the third part the garden of righteousness. 77:5 I saw seven high mountains which were higher than all the mountains of the earth; out of them proceeds frost; and days and years traverse them in due season. 77:6 I saw seven rivers upon the earth, larger than all the rivers; one of them emerges from the West and empties its water into the Great Sea. 77:7 Two others come from the Northeast to the sea and empty their water into the Erythraean Sea, in the East. 77:8 The four remaining ones come out of the side of the Northeast to their own respective seas - two of them to the Erythraean Sea and two of them to the Great Sea, pouring themselves therein; some say to the seventh desert. 77:9 I also saw big islands in the sea and the land - seventy two in the Erythraean Sea. 78 HANOCH - ENOCH 78 Names of the sun and the moon; waxing and waning of the moon 78:1 These are the names of the sun: the first, 'Oryares and the second, Tomas. 78:2 The moon has four names: Its first name is Asenya; its second, 'Abla; the third, Banase; and the fourth, 'Era. 78:3 These are the two great luminaries. Their roundness is like the roundness of the sky; and the magnitude of their roundness is equivalent for both. 78:4 There are seven more portions of light that move in the sun's sphere than in the moon's and it increases in measure until seventy portions of the sun are completed. 78:5 The moon comes in and goes out by the western openings, and circles via the northeast and rises through the eastern openings upon the face of the earth. 78:6 When the moon begins its cycle, it appears in the sky one half of a seventh part; it will become fully illumined from the fourteenth day; 78:7 it completes its illumination the fifteenth, becoming fulfilled according to the sign of the year and becoming fifteen parts. Thus the moon waxes in fifteen parts. 78:8 In its waning, the moon decreases on the first day to fourteen parts of its light; on the second day, it decreases to thirteen parts of light; on the third, to twelve parts; on the fourth, to eleven parts; on the fifth, to ten parts; on the sixth, to nine parts; on the seventh, to eight parts; on the eighth, to seven parts; on the ninth, to six parts; on the tenth, to five parts; on the eleventh, to four parts; on the twelfth, to three parts; on the thirteenth, to one half of the preceding; on the fourteenth, all its light decreases to one half of one seventh; and on the fifteenth, all the remaining light disappears. 78:9 In certain fixed months, the moon completes its cycle every twenty nine days, in certain others, every twenty eight. 78:10 Then Uriel showed me another order concerning when light is beamed into the moon, from which direction of the bright sun it is beamed. 78:11 During all the seasons when the moon is made to run its cycle, the light is being beamed into it the moon facing the sun until the illumination of the moon is completed in the course of fourteen days; and when it is lit completely, it radiates light in the sky. 78:12 On the first day, it is called the new moon because on that day the illumination begins to set upon it. 78:13 These illuminations are completed with exactitude on the day when the sun descends into the west, and the moon simultaneously rises in the east in the evening, shining during the night until the sun rises opposite it, and it is over against the sun. 78:14 From the same side where light entered the moon, from there also it gradually wanes until all the illumination disappears and the days of the moon expire, its disk empty without light. 78:15 The moon coordinates, in respect to its days and seasons, four three month divisions. In the course of its recession it makes three months each in thirty days and three months each in twenty nine days; during this season it makes its recession, in the first period, starting in the first gate, in one hundred and seventy seven days. 78:16 In the course of its progression, it appears three months each in thirty days and three months each in twenty nine days. 78:17 By night it appears like a man, and by day it appears like the sky; for there is no other thing in it except its light. 79 HANOCH - ENOCH 79 Conclusion of the vision of astronomical laws 79:1 “Now, my son, I have revealed to you everything; the rules concerning all the stars of heaven are concluded here.” 79:2 He showed me all their respective rules for every day, for every seasons authority, and for every year; the procession of each one according to the commandment, every month and every week. 79:3 The total decrement of the moon which it makes through and into the sixth gate, for after the light of this sixth gate is disposed of from the beginning of the decrement 79:4 which it makes in returning in the first gate takes place in her own season until one hundred and seventy seven days are fulfilled, following the rule of weeks, twenty five weeks and two days. 79:5 The moon falls behind the sun according to the order of the stars exactly five days during one period (i.e. in one half year), and when the place which you behold has been traversed. 79:6 Such is the appearance and the picture of all the luminaries which Uriel the chief malak, who is their leader, showed unto me. 80 HANOCH - ENOCH 80 The Vegetable And Fruit Shall Not Grow In Its Season 80:1 In those days, the angel Uriel responded and said to me, “Behold, I have shown you everything, Enoch, and I have revealed everything to you so that you might see this sun, this moon, and those that guide the stars of heaven as well as all those who interchange their activities and their seasons and rotate their processions. 80:2 In respect to their days, the sinners and the winter are cut short. Their seeds shall lag behind in their lands and in their fertile fields, and in all their activities upon the earth. He will turn and appear in their time, and withhold rain; and the sky shall stand still at that time. 80:3 Then the vegetable shall slacken and not grow in its season, and the fruit shall not be born in its proper season. 80:4 The moon shall alter its order, and will not be seen according to its normal cycles. 80:5 In those days it will appear in the sky and it shall arrive in the evening in the extreme ends of the great lunar path, in the west. And it shall shine more brightly, exceeding the normal degree of light. 80:6 Many of the chiefs of the stars shall make errors in respect to the orders given to them; they shall change their courses and functions and not appear during the seasons which have been prescribed for them. 80:7 All the orders of the stars shall harden in disposition against the sinners and the conscience of those that dwell upon the earth. They the stars shall err against them the sinners; and modify all their courses. Then they the sinners shall err and take them the stars to be gods. 80:8 And evil things shall be multiplied upon them; and plagues shall come upon them, so as to destroy all. 81 HANOCH - ENOCH 81 The heavenly book and Enoch's mission 81:1 Then he said unto me, "Enoch, look at the tablets of heaven; read what is written upon them and understand each element on them one by one.” 81:2 So I looked at the tablets of heaven, and read all the writing on them, and came to understand everything. I read that book and all the deeds of humanity and all the children of the flesh upon the earth for all the generations of the world. 81:3 At that very moment, I blessed the Great YAHWEH, the King of Splendor forever, for HE has created all the phenomena in the world. I praised YAHWEH because of HIS patience; and I wept on account of the children of the people upon the earth. 81:4 After that, I said: Blessed is the man who dies righteous and upright, against whom no record of oppression has been written, and who received no judgment on that day. 81:5 Then the seven kodesh ones brought me and placed me on the ground in front of the gate of my house, and said to me, “Make everything known to your son, Methuselah, and show to all your children that no one of the flesh can be just before YAHWEH; for they are merely HIS own creation.” 81:6 “We shall let you stay with your son for one year, so that you may teach your children another law and write it down for them and give all of them a warning; and in the second year, you shall be taken away from among all of them.” 81:7 “Let your heart be strong! For the upright shall announce righteousness to the upright; and the righteous ones shall rejoice with the righteous ones and congratulate each other.” 81:8 But the sinners shall die together with the sinners; and the apostate shall sink together with the apostate. 81:9 But those who do right shall not die on account of the evil deeds of the people; it will gather on account of the deeds of the evil ones.” 81:10 In those days, those seven kodesh ones concluded speaking with me; and then I returned to my people, blessing YAHWEH of the universe. 82 HANOCH - ENOCH 82 Additional astronomical and the four epagomenal days - calendrical visions 82:1 Now, Methuselah, my son, I shall recount all these things to you and write them down for you. I have revealed to you, and given you the book concerning all these things. Preserve, my son, the book from your father's hands in order that you may pass it to the generations of the world. 82:2 I have given wisdom to you, to your children, and to those who shall become your children in order that they may pass it in turn to their own children and to the generations that are discerning. 82:3 All the wise ones shall give praise, and wisdom shall dwell upon your consciousness; they shall not slumber but be thinking; they shall cause their ears to listen in order that they may learn this wisdom; and it shall please those who feast on it more than good food. 82:4 Blessed are all the righteous ones; blessed are those who walk in the street of righteousness and have no sin like the sinners in the computation of the days in which the sun goes its course in the sky. It the sun comes in through a door and rises for thirty days together with the chiefs of the thousands of the orders of the stars, together with the four which are added to determine the intervals within the year, that is, the intervals between the four seasons of the year; those that lead them along come in on four days. 82:5 On this account there are people that err; they count them the four? in the computation of the year: for the people make error and do not recognize them accurately; for they belong to the reckoning of the year. 82:6 Truly, they are recorded forever: one in the first gate, one in the third, one in the fourth, and one in the sixth. The year is completed in three hundred and sixty four days. 82:7 True is the matter of the exact computation of that which has been recorded; for Uriel, whom YAHWEH of all the creation of the world has ordered for me in order to explain the host of heaven, has revealed to me and breathed over me concerning the luminaries, the months, the festivals, the years, and the days. 82:8 HE has the power in the heaven, both day and night so that HE may cause the light to shine over the people; sun, moon, and stars, and all the principalities of the heaven which revolve in their respective circuits. 82:9 These are the orders of the stars which set in their respective places, seasons, festivals, and months. 82:10 And these are the names of those which lead the ones that come out and go down in their appointed seasons, which lead them in their respective places, orders, times, months, authorities, and locations. 82:11 The four leaders which distinguish the four seasons of the year enter first; after them enter the twelve leaders of the orders which distinguish the months; and the three hundred and sixty captains which divide the days and the four epagomenal days, and leaders which divide the four seasons of the year. 82:12 These captains over thousands are added between leader and leader, each behind a place to stand; but their leaders make the division. 82:13 And these are the names of the leaders which divide the four seasons of the years which are fixed: Malki'el, Hela'emmemelek, Milay'ul, and Narel. 82:14 The names of those who lead them are 'Adnar'ul, 'Iyasus'el, 'Elum'el -these three follow the leaders of the orders, as well as the four which follow after the three leaders of the orders, which follow after those leaders of the stations that divide the four seasons of the year. 82:15 At the very beginning, Malkiyal, whose name is called Tam'ayen -and the sun rises and rules; and all the days of his authority -during which he reigns -are ninety one days. 82:16 And these are the signs of the days which become manifest during the period of his authority: sweat, heat, and dryness; all the trees bear fruit and leaves grow on all trees; there will be good harvest, rose flowers, and all the flowers which grow in the field; but the winter tree shall wither. 82:17 And these are the names of the leaders which are their subordinates: Berka'el, Zalebsa'el, and another additional one, a captain of a thousand, named Heluyasaf -the days of the authority of this one have been completed. 82:18 The next leader after him is Hela'emmemelek, whose name they call the bright sun; and all the days of his light are ninety one days. 82:19 And these are the days of signs upon signs upon the earth: scorching heat and drought; and trees will produce their glowing fruits and impart of their ripened ones; the sheep shall seek one another and become pregnant; and all the fruits of the earth are gathered in, and all that is in the fields as well as the wine press. These things shall take place in the days of his authority. 82:20 These are the names, the orders, and the subordinates of those captains over thousands: Geda'iyal, Helya'el, and Ki'el; and the name of the one that is added together with them is a captain over a thousand called 'Asfa'el -the days of the authority of this one have been completed. 4 HANOCH - ENOCH 4 Book IV 83 -90 The Dream Visions 83 HANOCH - ENOCH 83 Vision of the Deluge Book Four. – 83:1 Now, my son Methuselah, I will show you all the visions which I saw, recounting them before you. 83:2 I saw two visions before I got married; and neither one of them resembles the other: The first one I saw when I was beginning to learn books, and the second, before I got married to your mother. First, I saw a scary vision regarding which I prayed to YAHWEH. 83:3 I was then sleeping in my grandfather Mahalalel's house, and I saw in a vision the sky being hurled down and snatched and falling upon the earth. 83:4 When it fell upon the earth, I saw the earth being swallowed up into the great abyss, the mountains being suspended upon mountains, the hills sinking down upon the hills, and tall trees being uprooted and thrown and sinking into the deep abyss. 83:5 Thereupon a word fell into my mouth; and I began crying aloud, saying, “The earth is being destroyed.” 83:6 Then my grandfather, Mahalalel, woke me up while I was sleeping together with him and said to me, “What happened to you that you are crying aloud like this, my son, and why are you lamenting in this manner?” 83:7 And I recounted to him the whole vision which I had seen. And he said unto me, “How terrifying a thing have you seen, my son! You have seen in your dream a powerful vision -all the sins of the whole world as it was sinking into the abyss and being destroyed with great destruction.” 83:8 “Now, my son, rise and pray to YAHWEH of splendor, for you are a man of faith, so that a remnant shall remain upon the earth and that the whole earth shall not be blotted out.”. 83:9 My son, all the things upon the earth shall take place from heaven; and there will occur a great destruction upon the earth. 83:10 After that, I rose and prayed, made a petition, and begged; and I wrote down all the prayers of the generations of the world. I will show you everything, my son, Methuselah. 83:11 Had I descended underneath and seen the sky, the sun rising in the east, the moon descending in the west, the diminishing of the stars, and the whole earth, I would have recognized everything upon her. So I blessed YAHWEH of judgment and extolled HIM. For HE has made the sun to come out from the windows of the east; so it ascended and rose upon the face of the sky, starting to go the way that it was shown. 84 HANOCH - ENOCH 84 84:1 Then I raised up my hands in righteousness and blessed the Kodesh and Great One; and I spoke with the breath of my mouth and the tongue of flesh which YAHWEH has made for the children of the flesh, the people, so that they should speak with it; HE gave them the breath and the mouth so that they should speak with it. 84:2 Blessed are YOU, Great King, YOU are mighty in YOUR greatness, Sovereign Ruler of all the creation of heaven, KING of kings and Sovereign Ruler of the whole world. YOUR authority and Kingdom abide forever and ever; and YOUR dominion throughout all the generations of generations; all the heavens are YOUR throne forever, and the whole earth is YOUR footstool forever and ever and ever. 83:3 For YOU have created all, and all things YOU rule; not a single thing is hard for YOU -absolutely not a single thing or wisdom; YOUR throne has not retreated from her station nor from before YOUR presence. Everything YOU know, YOU see, and YOU hear; nothing exists that can be hidden from YOU, for everything YOU expose. 83:4 The malakim of YOUR heavens are now committing sin upon the earth, and YOUR wrath shall rest upon the flesh of the people until the arrival of the great day of judgment, upon whom no guile has been found. 83:5 “Now, YAHWEH, and Sovereign Ruler and Great King, I pray and beg so that YOU may sustain my prayer and save for me a generation that will succeed me in the earth; and do not destroy all the flesh of the people and empty the earth so that there shall be eternal destruction.” 83:6 “Do now destroy, O my Sovereign Ruler, the flesh that has angered YOU from upon the earth, but sustain the flesh of righteousness and uprightness as a plant of eternal seed; and hide not YOUR face from the prayer of YOUR servant, O YAHWEH.” 85 HANOCH - ENOCH 85 Vision of various cows 85:1 After this, I saw another dream; and I will show you everything, my son. 85:2 Then Enoch responded and said to his son, “Methuselah: I shall speak to you, my son, hear my words and incline your ears to the dream vision of your father.” 85:3 “Before I married your mother, Edna, I was seeing a vision on my bed, and behold a cow emerged from the earth, and that bovid was snow-white; and after it, there came forth one female calf together with two other calves, one of which was dark and the other red.” 85:4 “The dark calf gored that red calf and pursued it over the earth; thereafter I was not able to sees that red calf.” 85:5 “But the dark calf grew big, and it brought along that female calf; and I saw that many bovids, which resembled it, proceeded forth from it, and followed after them.” 85:6 “That first heifer departed from before the face of that first bovid, and looked for that red calf, but could not find it; so she lamented over it with great lamentation, in searching for it.” 85:7 “I kept looking until that first cow came and quieted her; from that moment, she stopped crying.” 85:8 “After that she bore two snow-white cows; and after it she bore many more cows as well as dark heifers.” 85:9 “I also saw in my sleep that snow-white bull, and he grew big likewise and became a great snow-white bull; and there proceeded forth from him many snow-white cows which resembled him.” 85:10 “Then they began to give birth to many snow -white cows which resembled them, each one following many others.” 86 HANOCH - ENOCH 86 Vision of the fallen stars among the cows 86:1 Again I saw a vision with my own eyes as I was sleeping, and saw the lofty heaven; and as I looked, behold, a star fell down from heaven but managed to rise and eat and to be pastured among those cows. 86:2 Then I saw these big and dark cows, and behold they all changed their cattle -sheds, their pastures, and their calves; and they began to lament' with each other. 86:3 Once again I saw a vision, and I observed the sky and behold, I saw many stars descending and casting themselves down from the sky upon that first star; and they became bovid among those calves and were pastured together with them, in their midst. 86:4 I kept observing, and behold, I saw all of them extending their sexual organs like horses and commencing to mount upon the heifers, the bovids; and they the latter all became pregnant and bore elephants, camels, and donkeys. 86:5 So the cattle became fearful and frightened of them and began to bite with their teeth and swallow and to gore with their horns. 86:6 Then they began to eat those bovids. And behold, all the children of the earth began to tremble and to shake before them and to flee from them. 87 HANOCH - ENOCH 87 Vision of four heavenly beings 87:1 Again I saw them commencing to gore and devour one another; so the earth began to cry aloud. 87:2 And I lifted my eyes unto heaven and saw a vision: And behold, there came forth from heaven a being in the form of a snow-white person; one came out of that place and three others with him. 87:3 Those ones which had come out last seized me by my hand and took me from the generations of the earth, lifted me up into a high place, and showed me a high tower above the earth, and all the hills were firm. 87:4 One of them said to me, “Stay here until you see everything that will happen to these elephants, camels, and donkeys, as well as to the stars and to the bovids, all of them.” 88 HANOCH - ENOCH 88 Vision of the punishment of the fallen stars 88:1 I then saw one of those four who had come out earlier seizing that first star, binding his hands and feet, and throwing him into an abyss; this abyss was narrow and deep, empty and dark. 88:2 Also one of them drew a sword and gave it to those elephants, camels, and donkeys; then they began to attack one another, and on account of them the whole earth was quaking. 88:3 And as I continued to see in the vision, behold, from that time, one of the four, among those who had come out, was stoning from the sky, and gathering and taking away all the mighty stars, whose sexual organs were like the sexual organs of horses; then he bound all of them hand and foot, and cast them into the pits of the earth. 89 HANOCH - ENOCH 89 The Great Flood 89:1 Then one of those four went to those snow-white bull and taught one of them a secret: he was born a bull but became a person; and he built for himself a big boat and dwelt upon it. Three cows dwelt together with him in that boat, and that boat was covered over them. 89:2 And again I raised my eyes towards heaven and saw a lofty roof, with seven water torrents thereon, and those torrents flowed with much water into an enclosure. 89:3 Again I saw, and behold, fountains were opened upon the ground of that great enclosed area, and the water began to swell and rise upon the ground; and I saw that enclosed area until the whole ground was completely covered with water. 89:4 Water, darkness, and mist accumulated heavily upon it; and I looked at the ascent of that water going up and up until it rose above that enclosed area, and was streaming above the enclosed area; thus it was standing above the ground. 89:5 And everything that was in the enclosed area; and all those on the ground were gathered together until I saw them sinking, being swallowed up, and perishing in that water. 89:6 Yet that boat was floating above the water, though all the cattle, elephants, camels, and donkeys were sinking to the bottom; so I could no longer see anyone of the animals for they had no ability to come out but only to perish and sink into the deep water. 89:7 Again I kept seeing in the vision until those cascading streams were dissipated from that high ceiling, the fountains of the earth were normalized, and other pits were opened. 89:8 Then the water began to descend into them until the ground became visible, that boat settled upon the earth, the darkness vanished, and it became light. 89:9 Then the snow-white bulls which became a man came out from that boat together with three cows. One of those three cows was snow-white, similar to that first cow, and one of them red like blood. Now that first snow-white cow departed from them. From the Flood to the Exodus 89:10 Then they began to bear the beasts of the fields and the birds. There arose out of them all classes of population: lions, leopards, wolves, snakes, hyenas, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, swine, hawks, eagles, kites, striped crows, and ravens. Among them there was also born a snow-white cow. 89:11 Then they began to bite one another among themselves. That snow-white cow which was born in their midst begat a wild ass, and a snow-white cow with it; and the wild asses multiplied. 89:12 And that cow which was born from him bore a black wild boar and a snow-white sheep; the former then bore healthy beasts and the latter bore twelve sheep. 89:13 When those twelve sheep had grown up, they gave away one of their own members to the donkeys, which in turn gave him away to the wolves; so this sheep grew up in the midst of the wolves. 89:14 Then the Master brought the eleven sheep to dwell with him, and to pasture in the midst of the wolves; and they multiplied and became many flocks of sheep. 89:15 Then the wolves began to fears them; so they tortured them until their little ones were being killed for they cast away their little ones into a river of great quantity of water. So those sheep began to cry aloud on behalf of their little ones and to complain unto their Master. 89:16 Then one sheep which had been saved from the wolves fled and escaped to the wild asses. But I saw the sheep continuing to lament and cry aloud; and they kept praying to their Master with all their strength until the Master of the sheep descended at their entreatment, from a lofty palace, arriving to visit them. 89:17 He called that sheep which had escaped from the wolves and told him concerning the wolves that he should warn the wolves not to touch the sheep. 89:18 That sheep then went to the wolves in accordance with the word of the Master, together with another sheep which he had met, so the two of them went on and arrived together into the assembly of those wolves, and spoke to them and warned them not to touch the sheep. 89:19 But thenceforth I saw how the wolves even intensified their pressure upon the sheep. They, the sheep, cried aloud; they cried aloud with all their strength. 89:20 Then their Master came to the rescue of the sheep, whereupon they began to whip those wolves. So the wolves began to make lamentations, but the sheep thereafter became quiet and stopped crying aloud. 89:21 I continued to see the sheep until they departed from the presence of the wolves, and the wolves until their eyes were dazzled; yet the wolves went out to pursue those sheep, with all their might. 89:22 But the Master of the sheep went with them as their leader, while all his sheep were following him; his face was splendid, adorable, and marvelous to behold. 89:23 As for the wolves, they continued to pursue those sheep until they found them at a certain pool of water. 89:24 Then the pool of water was rent asunder, and the water stood apart on this and on that side before their very eyes, and their Master, their leader, stood between them and the wolves. 89:25 Those wolves were still not able to see the sheep, and the sheep walked through that pool of water; then the wolves followed the sheep and ran after them into that pool of water. 89:26 Then when they saw the Master of the sheep, they turned in order to flee from before his face. But that pool of water gathered itself together and immediately returned to its normal state, the water became full and rose high until it covered completely those wolves. 89:27 Thus I saw till the wolves which pursued those sheep perished and were drowned. From the Exodus to the Entrance to the Land of Canaan 89:28 So the sheep proceeded past that water and arrived in the desert, where there was no water or grass; but they began to open their eyes and see. Then I saw the Master of the sheep bringing them to a pasture and giving them grass and water. Also that sheep was leading them as they were proceeding forward. 89:29 That sheep then ascended to the summit of that lofty rock; and YAHWEH of the sheep sent him to them. 89:30 And after that I saw the Master of the sheep who stood before them, and His appearance was majestic, marvelous, and powerful; all those sheep beheld him and were afraid before his face. 89:31 All of them feared and trembled because of him, and cried aloud to that sheep who was leading them and to the other sheep who was also in their midst, saying: “We are not able to stand before the presence of our Master and to look at him.” 89:32 Then that sheep which was leading them turned back and again ascended to the summit of that rock; meanwhile the sheep began to be dim-sighted in their eyes, and went astray from the path which he had shown them; but that sheep was not aware of it. 89:33 So the Master of the sheep became angry at them with great wrath; and that sheep became aware of it, and having descended from the summit of that rock, came to the sheep and found that the majority of them had been blinded in their eyes and gone astray. 89:34 And those who saw him became afraid, trembling in his presence, and wanted to return to their folds. 89:35 So that sheep took some other different sheep together with them and came to those sheep which had gone astray, slaying them; and the sheep became frightened in his presence. He, that sheep, thus caused those sheep which went astray to return, and brought them back into their folds. 89:36 I continued to see in that vision till that sheep was transformed into a man and built a house for the Master of the sheep, and placed the sheep in it. 89:37 I, moreover, continued to see until that sheep, which had met the sheep that was their leader, fell asleep and all the senior sheep perished, junior ones rising to take their places. Then coming into a pasture they approached a stream of water. 89:38 There that sheep who was leading them; the one who had become a man; departed from them, and all of them went to sleep. Then the rest of the sheep sought him; and there took place a great cry over him. 89:39 And I kept looking till they quieted down from crying for that sheep, crossed that stream of water, and all of the sheep stopped. Those who were leading them made agreements with those whom they found and they led them. 89:40 I still kept seeing the sheep till they arrived at a very pleasant place and in a land beautiful and splendid; I saw those sheep being satiated; and that house was in their midst in the beautiful land, by which their eyes become opened. From Judges to the building of the Temple 89:41 And when their eyes become dim -sighted until another sheep arose and led them, they would all return and their eyes became opened. 89:42 Now the dogs, foxes, and the wild boars began to devour those sheep till the Master of the sheep raised up another sheep one from among them -a ram which would lead them. 89:43 That ram began to fight on all sides those dogs, foxes, and wild boars until he destroyed all of them. 89:44 Then that sheep had his eyes opened; and he saw that ram which was among the sheep, how he abandoned his own splendor and began to attack those sheep, to trample upon them, and went away without dignity. 89:45 So the Master of the sheep sent the sheep to another sheep and promoted him to become a ram and lead the sheep in place of that sheep which had abandoned his own splendor. 89:46 After having gone to him, he spoke to him privately and raised that ram, making him a judge and a leader of the people -throughout this time the dogs were continuing to covet the sheep. 89:47 The first ram then persecuted that second ram, so that latter ram arose and escaped from before his the former's presence; and then I continued to look until those dogs toppled that first sheep. 89:48 But that second ram arose and led the little sheep. That ram begat many sheep and fell asleep before a little sheep became a ram in his place, a judge and a leader of those sheep. 89:49 Those sheep grew and multiplied, but all those dogs, foxes, and wild boars feared and fled before him. That ram attacked and killed all the wild beasts; and all the wild beasts were no longer able to return among the sheep or to rob absolutely anything from them. 89:50 Then that house became great and spacious; a lofty building was built upon it for that sheep, as well as a tall and great tower upon it for the Master of the sheep; that house was low but the tower was really elevated and lofty. Then the Master of the sheep stood upon that tower, and they offered a full table before him. The two kingdoms of Israel and Judah: the destruction of Jerusalem 89:51 Again I saw those sheep, how they went astray, going in diverse ways and abandoning that house of his. Then the Master of the sheep called some from among the sheep and sent them to the sheep, but the sheep began to slay them. 89:52 However, one of them was not killed but escaped alive and fled away; he cried aloud to the sheep, and they wanted to kill him, but the Master of the sheep rescued him from the sheep and caused him to ascend to me and settle down. 89:53 He sent many other sheep to those sheep to testify to them and to lament over them. 89:54 Thereafter I saw that, when they abandoned the house of their Master and his tower, they went astray completely, and their eyes became blindfolded. Then I saw the Master of the sheep, how he executed much slaughter upon them, in their flocks, until those sheep began to invoke that slaughter, and he vindicated his place. 89:55 He left them in the hands of the lions, leopards, and wolves, hyenas, as well as in the hands of the foxes and to all the wild beasts; and these wild beasts of the wilderness began to tear those sheep into pieces. 89:56 I saw how he left that house of theirs and that tower of theirs and cast all of them into the hands of the lions -even into the hands of all the wild beasts -so that they may tear them into pieces and eat them. 89:57 Then I began to cry aloud with all my strength and to call upon the master of the lions and to reveal to him concerning the sheep, for he had fed them to all the wild beasts. 89:58 But he remained quiet and happy because they were being devoured, swallowed, and snatched; so he abandoned them into the hands of all the wild beasts for food. 89:59 He then summoned seventy shepherds and surrendered those sheep to them so that they might pasture them. He spoke to the shepherds and their colleagues, “From now on, let each and every one of you graze the sheep; and do everything which I command you. 89:60 I shall hand them over to you duly counted and tell you which among them are to be destroyed; and you shall destroy them! 89:61 So he handed over those sheep to them. Then calling another group of shepherds, he told them, “Take notice and see everything which the shepherds will do to those sheep; for they will destroy from among them a greater number than those which I have commanded them.” 89:62 “You write down every excess and destruction that will be wrought through the shepherds -how many they destroy according to my command, and how many they will destroy of their own accord! Write down every destruction that each and every shepherd causes, against their records!” 89:63 “And read aloud before me each particular case -how many they destroy and how many they give over to destruction -so that this may become a testimony for me against them, so that I may know all the deeds of the shepherds, and so that I may evaluate them and see what they do, whether they act according to my command which I have commanded them or not.” 89:64 “If they do not know it, do not reveal it to them, neither admonish them, but write down every destruction caused by the shepherds -for each and every one in his appointed time -and elevate all of it to me.” 89:65 And I saw till those shepherds in their appointed time pastured the sheep and began killing and destroying many in excess of what they had been commanded; and they abandoned those sheep into the hands of the lions. 89:66 So the lions and the leopards ate and devoured the majority of those sheep; the wild boars also ate along with them. Then they burned that tower and plowed that house. 89:67 And I became exceedingly sorrowful on account of that tower, for that house of the sheep was being plowed; thereafter I was unable to see whether those sheep could enter that house. From the destruction of Jerusalem to the return from exile 89:68 So the shepherds and their colleagues handed over those sheep to all the wild beasts so that they might devour them. At the appointed time, each one among them the shepherds receives the sheep in a fixed number; and each one among them the shepherds hands them the sheep over to the other the colleague in a fixed number. Then they shall write down for the other the colleague in a book how many among them the sheep would perish. 89:69 Each and every one of them kills and destroys in excess of their order. So I began to weep and cry aloud on account of those sheep. 89:70 In this manner I saw that writer in my vision -how he writes down that which was destroyed by those shepherds, every day, and how he elevates, puts down, and shows the whole book to YAHWEH of the sheep; everything that each one has done; everything that each and every one of them has eliminated; and everything that they have given over to destruction. 89:71 The book was read before the Master of the sheep; and he took it from his hand, read it, sealed it, and laid it down. 89:72 Thereafter I saw the shepherds pasturing for twelve hours: behold, three of those sheep returning, arriving, entering, and beginning to build all the parts of that house which had fallen down! The wild boars came and tried to hinder them but were unsuccessful. From the return of the exiles to the beginning of the Hellenistic period 89:73 They again began to build as before; and they raised up that tower which is called the high tower. But they started to place a table before the tower, with all the food which is upon it being polluted and impure. 89:74 Regarding all these matters, the eyes of the sheep became so dim -sighted that they could not see -and likewise in respect to their shepherds -and they were delivered to their shepherds for an excessive destruction, so that the sheep were trampled upon and eaten. 89:75 The Master of the sheep remained silent until all the sheep were dispersed into the woods and got mixed among the wild beasts, -and could not be rescued from the hands of the beasts. 89:76 The one who was writing a book elevated and showed it and read the grave words of the Master of the sheep. He then pleaded to him and begged him on account of the sheep, while manifesting to him all the deeds of the shepherds and giving testimony before him against all the shepherds. 89:77 Then taking it, he placed that very book beside him in this manner and departed. 90 HANOCH - ENOCH 90 Third Period: from Alexander the Great to the Graeco-Syrian Domination. 90:1 Then I saw after that how thirty seven shepherds were pasturing the sheep; all of them completed their duties in their own respective periods, like the former ones; and aliens took the sheep into their hands in order to pasture them in their own respective periods -each shepherd in his own period. 90:2 After that I saw with my own eyes all the birds of heaven -eagles, vultures, kites, and ravens -coming; the eagles were the ones who were leading all the birds; and they began to eat those sheep, to dig out their eyes, and to eat their flesh. 90:3 Then the sheep cried aloud, for their flesh was being eaten by the birds. I, too, cried aloud and lamented in my sleep on account of that shepherd who was grazing the sheep. 90:4 I kept seeing till those sheep were eaten by the dogs, the eagles, and the kites; and they left neither flesh, nor skin, nor sinew on them absolutely, until their bones stood there bare; then their bones fell to the ground, and the sheep became few. 90:5 I kept seeing till twenty three shepherds pastured the sheep, and all of them completed fifty eight seasons in their own respective periods. From the righteous Maccabean to the Establishment of the Messianic Kingdom 90:6 Then, behold lambs were born from those snow-white sheep; and they began to open their eyes and see, and cried aloud to the sheep. 90:7 But as for the sheep, they the lambs cried aloud to them, yet they the sheep did not listen to what they the lambs were telling them but became exceedingly deafened, and their eyes became exceedingly dim-sighted. 90:8 Then I saw in a vision ravens flying above those lambs, and they seized one of those lambs; and then smashing the sheep, they ate them. 90:9 I kept seeing till those lambs grew horns; but the ravens crushed their horns. Then I kept seeing till one great horn sprouted on one of those sheep, and he opened their eyes; and they had vision in them; and their eyes were opened. 90:10 He cried aloud to the sheep, and all the rams saw him and ran unto him. 90:11 In spite of this, all those eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites until now continue to rip the sheep, swooping down upon them and eating them. As for the sheep, they remain silent; but the rams are lamenting and crying aloud. 90:12 Those ravens gather and battle with him the horned ram and seek to remove his horn, but without any success. 90:13 I saw thereafter the shepherds coming; and those vultures and kites cried aloud to the ravens so that they should smash the horn of that ram. But he battled with them, and they fought each other; and he cried aloud, while battling with them, so that YAHWEH's help should come. 90:14 I kept seeing till that man, who writes down the names of the shepherds and elevates them before the Master of the sheep, came; it is he who helped him and revealed to him everything; thus help came down for that ram. 90:15 And I kept seeing till the Master of the sheep came upon them in wrath, and all who saw him fled and fell all into darkness, from before his face. 90:16 All the eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites gathered, with all the sheep of the field lining up with them; and having thus come together in unity, all of them cooperated in order to smash the horn of the ram. 90:17 I saw that man who was writing a book by the command of the Master, for he opened that book of the destruction which those twelve last shepherds caused; and he revealed before the Master of the sheep that they had much greater destruction than their predecessors. 90:18 I kept seeing till the Master of the sheep came unto them and took in his hand the rod of his wrath and smote the earth; and all the beasts and all the birds of the heaven fell down from the midst of those sheep and were swallowed up in the earth, and it was covered upon them. 90:19 Then I saw that a great sword was given to the sheep; and the sheep proceeded against all the beasts of the field in order to kill them; and all the beasts and birds of heaven fled from before their face. 90:20 Then I kept seeing till a throne was erected in a pleasant land; and he sat upon it for the Master of the sheep; and he took all the sealed books and opened those very books in the presence of the Master of the sheep. 90:21 Then the Master called those people, the seven first snow -white ones, and ordered them to bring before him some from among the first stars that arose, and from among those stars whose sexual organs were like those of the horses, as well as that first star which had fallen down earlier. And they brought them all before him. 90:22 He spoke to the man who was writing in his presence -that man being one of those seven snow -white ones - saying, “Take those seven shepherds to whom I had handed over the sheep, but who decided to kill many more than they were ordered.” 90:23 Behold, I saw all of them bound; and they all stood before him. 90:24 Then his judgment took place. First among the stars, they received their judgment and were found guilty, and they went to the place of condemnation; and they were thrown into an abyss, full of fire and flame and full of the pillar of fire. 90:25 Then those seventy shepherds were judged and found guilty; and they were cast into that fiery abyss. 90:26 In the meantime I saw how another abyss like it, full of fire, was opened wide in the middle of the ground; and they brought those blinded sheep, all of which were judged, found guilty, and cast into this fiery abyss, and they were burned -the abyss is to the right of that house; 90:27 And thus I saw those sheep while they were burning -their bones also were burning. 90:28 Then stood still, looking at that ancient house being transformed: All the pillars and all the columns were pulled out; and the ornaments of that house were packed and taken out together with them and abandoned in a certain place in the South of the land. 90:29 I went on seeing until the Master of the sheep brought about a new house, greater and loftier than the first one, and set it up in the first location which had been covered up -all its pillars were new, the columns new; and the ornaments new as well as greater than those of the first, that is the old house which was gone. All the sheep were within it. 90:30 Then I saw all the sheep that had survived as well as all the animals upon the earth and the birds of heaven, falling down and worshiping those sheep, making petition to them and obeying them in every respect. 90:31 Thereafter, those three who were wearing snow-white clothes, the former ones who had caused me to go up, grabbed me by my hand -also the hand of that ram holding me -and ascended; they set me down in the midst of those sheep prior to the occurrence of this judgment. 90:32 Those sheep were all snow-white, and their wool considerable and clean. 90:33 All those which have been destroyed and dispersed, and all the beasts of the field and the birds of the sky were gathered together in that house; And the Master of the sheep rejoiced with great joy because they had all become gentle and returned to his house. 90:34 I went on seeing until they had laid down that sword which was given to the sheep; they returned it to the house and sealed it in the presence of the Master. All the sheep were invited to that house but it could not contain them all. 90:35 The eyes of all of them were opened, and they saw the beautiful things; not a single one existed among them that could not see. 90:36 Also I noticed that the house was large, wide, and exceedingly full. 90:37 Then I saw that a snow-white cow was born, with huge horns; all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the sky feared him and made petition to him all the time. 90:38 I went on seeing until all their kindred were transformed, and became snowwhite cows; and the first among them became something, and that something became a great beast with huge black horns on its head. The Master of the sheep rejoiced over it and over all the cows. 90:39 I myself became satiated in their midst. Then woke up and saw everything. 90:40 This is the vision which I saw while I was sleeping. Then I woke up and blessed the Master of righteousness and gave HIM honor. 90:41 And I wept with a great weeping, and my tears could not stop, till I had no more endurance left, but flowed down; on account of what had seen until everything should come and be fulfilled. The deeds of the people were also shown to me, each according to its type. 90:42 On that night I remembered the first dream and wept on its account, and I was restless because I had just seen that vision. 5 HANOCH - ENOCH 5 'Ch 91 -107' The Two Ways of the Righteous and the Sinner Including the Apocalypse of Weeks 91 The Book Of Enoch 91 Enoch's admonition to his children 91:1 Now, my son Methuselah, please summon all your brothers on my behalf, and gather together to me all the sons of your mother; for a voice calls me, and the spirit is poured over me so that I may show you everything that shall happen to you forever. 91:2 Then Methuselah went and summoned his brothers, and having summoned them to him, gathered his family together. 91:3 Then he Enoch spoke to all of them, children of righteousness, and said, “Hear, all you children of Enoch, the talk of your father and listen to my voice in uprightness; 91:4 for I exhort you, my beloved, and say to you: Love uprightness, and it alone. Do not draw near uprightness with an ambivalent attitude, and neither associate with hypocrites. But walk in righteousness, my children, and it shall lead you in the good paths; and righteousness shall be your friend. 91:5 For I know that the state of violence will intensify upon the earth; a great plague shall be executed upon the earth; all forms of oppression will be carried out; and everything shall be uprooted; and every arrow shall fly fast. 91:6 Oppression shall recur once more and be carried out upon the earth; every form of oppression, injustice, and iniquity shall infect the world twofold. 91:7 When sin, oppression, blasphemy, and injustice increase, crime, iniquity, and uncleanliness shall be committed and increase likewise. Then a great plague shall take place from heaven upon all these; the Kodesh Sovereign Ruler shall emerge with wrath and plague in order that He may execute judgment upon the earth. 91:8 In those days, injustice shall be cut off from its sources of succulent fountain and from its roots, likewise oppression together with deceit; they shall be destroyed from underneath heaven. 91:9 All that which is common with the heathen shall be surrendered; the towers shall be inflamed with fire, and be removed from the whole earth. They shall be thrown into the judgment of fire, and perish in wrath and in the force of the eternal judgment. 91:10 Then the righteous one shall arise from his sleep, and the wise one shall arise; and he shall be given unto them the people, and through him the roots of oppression shall be cut off. 91:11 Sinners shall be destroyed; by the sword they shall be cut off together with the blasphemers in every place; and those who design oppression and commit blasphemy shall perish by the knife. 91:12 “Then after that there shall occur the second eighth week -the week of righteousness. A sword shall be given to it in order that judgment shall be executed in righteousness on the oppressors, and sinners shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous.” 91:13 “At its completion, they shall acquire great things through their righteousness. A house shall be built for the Great King in splendor for evermore.” 91:14 “Then after that in the ninth week the righteous judgment shall be revealed to the whole world. All the deeds of the sinners shall depart from upon the whole earth, and be written off for eternal destruction; and all people shall direct their sight to the path of uprightness.” 91:15 “Then, after this matter , on the tenth week in the seventh part, there shall be the eternal judgment; and it shall be executed by the malakim, of the eternal heaven - the great judgment which emanates from all of the malakim.” 91:16 “The first heaven shall depart and pass away; a new heaven shall appear; and all the powers of heaven shall shine forever sevenfold.” 91:17 “Then after that there shall be many weeks without number forever; it shall be a time of goodness and righteousness, and sin shall no more be heard of forever.” 91:18 “Now I shall speak unto you, my children, and show you the ways of righteousness and the ways of wickedness. Moreover, I shall make a revelation to you so that you may know that which is going to take place.” 91:19 “Now listen to me, my children, and walk in the way of righteousness, and do not walk in the way of wickedness, for all those who walk in the ways of injustice shall perish.” 92 HANOCH - ENOCH 92 92:1 Book five, which is written by Enoch, the writer of all the signs of wisdom among all the people. He is blessed and noble in all the earth. It is written for all the offspring that dwell upon the earth, and for the latter generations which uphold uprightness and shalom. 92:2 Let not your spirit be troubled by the times, for YAHWEH the Kodesh and Great One has designated specific days for all things. 92:3 The Righteous One shall awaken from his sleep; he shall arise and walk in the ways of righteousness; and all the way of his conduct shall be in goodness and generosity forever. 92:4 He will be generous to the Righteous One, and give him eternal uprightness; he will give authority, and judge in kindness and righteousness; and they shall walk in eternal light. 92:5 Sin and darkness shall perish forever, and shall no more be seen from that day forevermore. 93 HANOCH - ENOCH 93 The Apocalypse of Weeks 93:1 Then after that Enoch happened to be recounting from the books. 93:2 And Enoch said, “Concerning the children of righteousness, concerning the elect ones of the world, and concerning the plant of truth, I will speak these things, my children, verily I, Enoch, myself, and let you know about it according to that which was revealed to me from the heavenly vision, that which I have learned from the words of the kodesh malakim, and understood from the heavenly tablets.” 93:3 He then began to recount from the books and said, “I was born the seventh during the first week, during which time judgment and righteousness continued to endure.” 93:4 “After me there shall arise in the second week great and evil things; deceit should grow, and therein the first consummation will take place. But therein also a certain man shall be saved. After it is ended, injustice shall become greater, and he shall make a law for the sinners.” 93:5 “Then after that at the completion of the third week a certain man shall be elected as the plant of the righteous judgment, and after him one other shall emerge as the eternal plant of righteousness.” 93:6 “After that at the completion of the fourth week visions of the old and righteous ones shall be seen; and a law shall be made with a fence, for all the generations.” 93:7 “After that in the fifth week, at the completion of splendor, a house and a kingdom shall be built.” 93:8 “After that in the sixth week those who happen to be in it shall all of them be blindfolded, and the hearts of them all shall forget wisdom. Therein, a certain man shall ascend. And, at its completion, the house of the kingdom shall be burnt with fire; and therein the whole clan of the chosen root shall be dispersed.” 93:9 “After that in the seventh week an apostate generation shall arise; its deeds shall be many, and all of them criminal.” 93:10 “At its completion, there shall be elected the elect ones of righteousness from the eternal plant of righteousness, to whom shall be given sevenfold instruction concerning all his flock.” 93:11 “For what kind of a human being is there that is able to hear the voice of the Kodesh One without being shaken? Who is there that is able to ponder HIS deep thoughts? Who is there that can look directly at all the good deeds?” 93:12 “What kind of a person is he that can fully understand the activities of heaven; so that he can see a soul, or even perhaps a spirit -or, even if he ascended into the heavens and saw all these heavenly beings and their wings and contemplated them; or, even if he can do what the heavenly beings do? -and is able to live?” 93:13 “What kind of a person is anyone that is able to understand the nature of the breadth and length of the earth? To whom has the extent of all these been shown?” 93:14 “Is there perchance any human being that is able to understand the length of heaven, the extent of its altitude, upon what it is founded, the number of the stars, and the place where all the luminaries rest?” 94 HANOCH - ENOCH 94 Enoch's Advice to his Children and to the Righteous 94:1 “Now, my children, I say to you: Love righteousness and walk therein! For the ways of righteousness are worthy of being embraced; but the ways of wickedness shall soon perish and diminish.” 94:2 “To certain known persons, the ways of injustice and death shall be revealed as soon as they are born; and they shall keep themselves at a distance from those ways and would not follow them.” 94:3 “Now to you, those righteous ones, I say: Do not walk in the evil way, or in the way of death! Do not draw near to them lest you be destroyed!” 94:4 “But seek for yourselves and choose righteousness and the elect life! Walk in the way of shalom so that you shall have life and be worthy!” 94:5 “Hold fast my words in the thoughts of your hearts; and let them not be erased from your hearts! For I do know that sinners will counsel the people to perform evil craft; and every place will welcome it, and every advice of the sinners may not diminish.” Woes Unto the Sinners 94:6 “Woe unto those who build oppression and injustice! Who lay foundations for deceit. They shall soon be demolished; and they shall have no shalom.” 94:7 “Woe unto those who build their houses with sin! For they shall all be demolished from their foundations; and they shall fall by the sword. Those who amass gold and silver; they shall quickly be destroyed.” 94:8 “Woe unto you, O rich people! For you have put your trust in your wealth. You shall ooze out of your riches, for you do not remember YAHWEH the Most High.” 94:9 “In the days of your affluence, you committed oppression, you have become ready for death, and for the day of darkness and the day of great judgment.” 94:10 “Thus I speak and let you know: For HE who has created you, HE will also throw you down upon your own righteousness! There shall be no mercy for you.” 94:11 “And HE, your Creator, shall rejoice at your destruction. O YAHWEH, YOUR righteous ones shall be a reproach to the sinners and the wicked.” 95 HANOCH - ENOCH 95 Enoch's Sorrow and More Woes Unto the Sinners 95:1 “Who would induce my eyes like a cloud of waters; that I may weep over you, pouring my tears over you like a cloud of waters, so I would rest from the sorrow of my heart!” 95:2 “Who permits you to engage in evil fight? Judgment will catch up with you, sinners.” 95:3 “You righteous ones, fear not the sinners! For YAHWEH will again deliver them into your hands, so that you may carry out against them anything that you desire.” 95:4 “Woe unto you who pronounce anathemas so that they may be neutralized! Salutary remedy is far from you, on account of your sins.” 95:5 “Woe unto you who reward evil to your neighbors! For you shall be rewarded in accordance with your deeds.” 95:6 “Woe unto you, witnesses of falsehood! And unto those who prepare oppression! For you shall perish soon.” 95:7 Woe unto you, sinners, for you persecute the righteous! For you shall be handed over and be persecuted through oppression. Its yoke shall be heavy upon you. 96 HANOCH - ENOCH 96 Hope for the Righteous Ones, More Woes for the Sinners 96:1 “Be hopeful, you righteous ones, for the sinners shall soon perish from before your presence. You shall be given authority upon them, such authority as you may wish to have.” 96:2 “In the day of the tribulation of the sinners, your children shall be raised high up and be made openly visible like eagles, higher than the vultures will your dwelling place be, you shall ascend and enter the crevices of the earth and the clefts of the rock forever, like squirrels, before the face of the oppressors, the sirens shall be blown over you, wailing like the buzzing of wild bees.” 96:3 “But you, who have experienced pain, fear not, for there shall be a healing medicine for you, a bright light shall enlighten you, and a voice of rest you shall hear from heaven.” 96:4 “Woe unto you, you sinners! For your money makes you appear like the righteous, but your hearts do reprimand you like real sinners, this very matter shall be a witness against you, as a record of your evil deeds.” 96:5 “Woe unto you who eat the best bread! And drink wine in large bowls, trampling upon the weak people with your might.” 96:6 “Woe unto you who have water available to you all the time, for soon you shall be consumed and wither away, for you have forsaken the fountain of life.” 96:7 “Woe unto you who carry out oppression, deceit, and blasphemy! There shall be a record of evil against you.” 96:8 “Woe unto you, O powerful people! You who coerce the righteous with your power, the day of your destruction is coming! In those days, at the time of your condemnation, many and good days shall come for the righteous ones.” 97 HANOCH - ENOCH 97 The Sorrowful End of Sinners, Oppressors, and the Rich; and More Woes to them 97:1 “Be confident, you righteous ones! For the sinners are due for a shame. They shall perish on the day of the judgment of oppression. Take for granted this indisputable matter,” 97:2 “for YAHWEH the Most High shall record your destruction for you O sinners, and the malakim of heaven shall rejoice over your destruction.” 97:3 “What do you intend to do, you sinners, where will you flee on that day of judgment, when you hear the sound of the prayer of the righteous ones?” 97:4 “In respect to your lot, you shall become like them, the ones against whom you shall become witnesses, such is the fact: You have become bedfellows with sinners.” 97:5 “In those days, the prayers of the righteous ones shall reach unto YAHWEH; but for all of you, your days shall arrive.” 97:6 “He shall read aloud regarding every aspect of your mischief, in the presence of YAHWEH the Great Kodesh One. Then your faces shall be covered with shame, and HE will cast out every deed which is built upon oppression.” 97:7 “Woe unto you, sinners, who are in the midst of the sea and on the dry land; you whose records are both evil and against you.” 97:8 “Woe unto you who gain silver and gold by unjust means; you will then say, 'We have grown rich and accumulated goods, we have acquired everything that we have desired.” 97:9 “So now let us do whatever we like; for we have gathered silver, we have filled our treasuries with money like water. And many are the laborers in our houses.'” 97:10 “Your lies flow like water. For your wealth shall not endure, but it shall take off from you quickly for you have acquired it all unjustly, and you shall be given over to a great curse.” 98 HANOCH - ENOCH 98 Self -indulgence of the rich, origin of sins, more woes to sinners 98:1 “Now swear unto you, to the wise and to the foolish, for you shall see many things upon the earth.” 98:2 “For you men shall put on more jewelry than women, and more multicolored ornaments than a virgin. In sovereignty, in grandeur, and in authority, in silver, in gold, in clothing, in honor, and in edibles; they shall be poured out like water.” 98:3 “For this reason, they are devoid of knowledge and wisdom, so they shall perish thereby together with their goods and together with all their splendor and honor. Then in dishonor, in slaughter, and in great misery, their spirits shall be cast away.” 98:4 “I have sworn unto you, sinners: In the same manner that a mountain has never turned into a servant, nor shall a hill ever become a maidservant of a woman; likewise, neither has sin been exported into the world. It is the people who have themselves invented it. And those who commit it shall come under a great curse.” 98:5 “Why is a woman not given a child? On account of the deeds of her own hands would she die without children.” 98:6 “I swear to you, sinners, by the Kodesh Great One, that all your evil deeds are revealed in the heavens. None of your deeds of injustice are covered and hidden.” 98:7 “Think not in your spirit, nor say in your hearts that you neither know nor see all our sins being written down every day in the presence of YAHWEH the Most High.” 98:8 “From now on do know that all your injustices which you have committed unjustly are written down every day until the day of your judgment.” 98:9 “Woe unto you fools, for you shall perish through your folly! You do not listen to the wise, and you shall not receive good things.” 98:10 “And now do know that you are ready for the day of destruction. Hope not that you shall live, you sinners, you who shall depart and die, for you know for what reason you have been ready for the day of the great judgment, for the day of anguish and great shame for your spirits.” 98:11 “Woe unto you obstinate of heart, who do evil and devour blood! From where will you find good things that you may eat, drink, and be satisfied? Even from all the good things which YAHWEH, the Most High, stocked in plenitude upon the whole earth? No shalom exists for you!” 98:12 “Woe unto you who love unrighteousness! Why do you have hopes for good things for yourselves? Do know that you shall be given over into the hands of the righteous ones, and they shall cut off your necks and slay you, and they shall not have compassion upon you.” 98:13 “Woe unto you who rejoice in the suffering of the righteous ones! For no grave shall be dug for you.” 98:14 “Woe unto you who would set at nought the words of the righteous ones! For you shall have no hope of life.” 98:15 “Woe unto you who write down false words and words of wickedness! For they write down their lies so that they the people may commit wicked acts, and they cause others to commit wicked acts.” 98:16 “They shall have no shalom, but shall die quickly.” 99 HANOCH - ENOCH 99 More woes unto the sinners 99:1 “Woe unto you who cause wickedness!” Who boast and honor false words, you are lost, and you have no life of good things;” 99:2 “woe unto you who alter the words of truth and pervert the eternal law! They reckon themselves not guilty of sin, they shall be trampled on upon the earth.” 99:3 “In those days, be ready, you righteous ones, to raise up your prayers as a memorial, and place them as a testimony before the malakim; and they the malakim shall bring the sins of the sinners for a memorial before YAHWEH the Most High.” 99:4 “In those days, the nations shall be confounded, and the families of the nations shall rise in the day of the destruction of the sinners.” 99:5 “In those days, they the women shall become pregnant, but they the sinners shall come out and abort their infants and cast them out from their midst; they shall also abandon their other children, casting their infants out while they are still suckling. They shall neither return to them their babes nor have compassion upon their beloved ones.” 99:6 “Again I swear to you, you sinners, for sin has been prepared for the day of unceasing blood.” 99:7 “And those who worship stones, and those who carve images of gold and of silver and of wood and of clay, and those who worship evil spirits and demons, and all kinds of idols not according to knowledge, they shall get no manner of help in them.” 99:8 “They shall become wicked on account of the folly of their hearts; their eyes will be blindfolded on account of the fear of their hearts, the visions of their dreams.” 99:9 “They shall become wicked and fearful through them, for they wrought all their deeds in falsehood and worshiped stone; so they shall perish instantly.” 99:10 “In those days, blessed are they all who accept the Words of Wisdom and understand them, to follow the path of YAHWEH the Most High; they shall walk in the path of HIS righteousness and not become wicked with the wicked; and they shall be saved.” 99:11 “Woe unto you who spread evil to your neighbors! For you shall be slain in Hell.” 99:12 “ Woe unto you who make sinful and deceitful measures! Who acquire worldly knowledge, for you shall be consumed by it.” 99:13 “Woe unto you who build your houses through the hard toil of others, and your building materials are bricks and stones of sin, I tell you, you have no shalom.” 99:14 “Woe unto you who reject the foundations and the eternal inheritance of your fore-fathers! Who shall pursue after the wind -the idol; for there shall be no rest for you.” 99:15 “Woe unto you who engage in oppression and give aid to injustice! Slaying your neighbors until the day of the great judgment, because he shall debase your splendor.” 99:16 “He will instill evil into your hearts. He will arouse the anger of his spirit, and destroy you all by the sword. And all the kodesh and righteous ones shall remember your sins.” 100 HANOCH - ENOCH 100 Final Judgment of the Sinners, the Righteous, and the Fallen Angels. More woes. 100:1 “In those days, the father will be beaten together with his sons, in one place; and brothers shall fall together with their friends, in death, until a stream shall flow with their blood.” 100:2 “For a man shall not be able to withhold his hands from his sons nor from his sons' sons in order to kill them. Nor is it possible for the sinner to withhold his hands from his honored brother. From dawn until the sun sets, they shall slay each other.” 100:3 “The horse shall walk through the blood of sinners up to his chest; and the chariot shall sink down up to its top. 100:4 “In those days, the malakim shall descend into the secret places. They shall gather together into one place all those who gave aid to sin. And YAHWEH the Most High will arise on that day of judgment in order to execute a great judgment upon all the sinners.” 100:5 “He will set a guard of kodesh malakim over all the righteous and kodesh ones, and they shall keep them as the apple of the eye until all evil and all sin are brought to an end. From that time on the righteous ones shall sleep a restful sleep, and there shall be no one to make them afraid.” 100:6 “Then the wise people shall see, and the sons of the earth shall give heed to all the words of this book. They shall know that their wealth shall not be able to save them at the place where their sins shall collapse.” 100:7 “Woe unto you, sinners, when you oppress the righteous ones, in the day of hard anguish, and burn them with fire! You shall be recompensed according to your deeds.” 100:8 “Woe unto you, you hard of heart, who are watchful to devise evil! Fear shall seize you, and none shall come to your aid.” 100:9 “Woe unto you, sinners, because of the works of your hands! On account of the deeds of your wicked ones, in blazing flames worse than fire, it shall burn” 100:10 “And now, do know that your deeds shall be investigated; from the sun, from the moon, and from the stars; for heaven by the malakim, on account of your sins which were committed upon the earth. The decree is with the righteous ones.” 100:11 “Every cloud, mist, dew, and rain shall witness against you; for they shall all be withheld from you, from descending for you; and they shall not give heed because of your sins.” 100:12 “So then offer gifts to the rain, that it be not hindered from descending for you; perhaps the dew may receive from you gold and silver in order to descend for sure.” 100:13 “In descending, they shall fall upon you -the frost and the snow with their cold, and all the winds of the snow with their scourges -and in those days you cannot stand before them.” 101 HANOCH - ENOCH 101 The Fear of YAHWEH that Nature Teaches 101:1 “Examine the heaven, you sons of heaven, and all the works of YAHWEH the Most High; and be afraid to do evil in HIS presence.” 101:2 “If HE closes the windows of heaven and hinders the rain and the dew from descending upon the earth because of you, what will you do?” 101:3 “Or, if YAHWEH sends HIS anger against you and your deeds, is it not you who would entreat HIM? Because you utter bold and harsh words against HIS righteousness, you shall have no shalom.” 101:4 “Do you not see the sailors of the ships, how their ships are tossed up and down by the billows and are shaken by the winds, and they become anxious?” 101:5 “On this account it is evident that they are seized by fear, for they will discharge all their valuable property -the goods that are with them -into the sea; they think in their hearts that the sea will swallow them up and they will perish in it.” 101:6 “Is not the entire sea and all her waters and all her movements the very work of YAHWEH the Most High? Has HE not ordered her courses of action and her waters - indeed her totality -with sand?” 101:7 “At HIS rebuke they become frightened, and she dries up; then her fish die and all that is in her. But you, sinners, who are upon the earth, fear HIM not!” 101:8 “Did not YAHWEH make the heaven and the earth and all that is in them? Who gave the knowledge of wisdom to all those who move upon the earth and in the sea?” 101:9 “Do not the sailors of the ships fear the sea? Yet the sinners do not fear YAHWEH the Most High.” 102 HANOCH - ENOCH 102 Terror of the Day of Judgment: Comfort to the Suffering Righteous Ones 102:1 “In those days, when YAHWEH hurls out against you terror of fire, where shall you flee, and where shall you find safety? When HE flings HIS Word against you, will you not faint and fear?” 102:2 “All the luminaries shall faint with great fear; the whole earth shall faint and tremble and panic.” 102:3 “All the malakim shall fulfill their orders. The children of the earth will seek to hide themselves from the presence of YAHWEH the Great Splendor, trembling and confounded. You, sinners, you are accursed forever; there is no shalom for you!” 102:4 “But you, souls of the righteous, fear not; and be hopeful, you souls that died in righteousness!” 102:5 “Be not sad because your souls have gone down into Hell in sorrow; or because your flesh fared not well the earthly existence in accordance with your goodness; indeed the time you happened to be in existence was a time of sinners, a time of curse and a time of plague.” 102:6 “When you die, the sinners will speak over you: 'As we die, so do the righteous die. What then have they gained by their deeds? 102:7 “Behold, like us they died in grief and in darkness, and what have they more than we? From now on we have become equal.” 102:8 “What will they receive or what will they see forever? Behold they have surely died; and from now on they shall never see light forever.'” 102:9 “Now I tell you, sinners, you have satiated yourselves with food and drink, robbing and sin, impoverishing people and gaining property, and seeing good days.” 102:10 “Have you seen the righteous, how their end comes about, for no injustice is found upon them until their death?” 102:11 “But they perished and became like those who were not, and descended into Sheol -and their spirits too -with anguish. 103 HANOCH - ENOCH 103 The Two Destinies of the Righteous and the Sinners: More Woes Unto the Sinners 103:1 "I now swear to you, righteous ones, by the splendor of YAHWEH the Great One and by the splendor of HIS Kingdom; and I swear to you even by the ALMIGHTY One.” 103:2 “For I know this mystery; I have read the tablets of heaven and have seen the kodesh writings, and I have understood the writing in them; and they are inscribed concerning you.” 103:3 “For all good things, and joy and honor are prepared for and written down for the souls of those who died in righteousness. Many and good things shall be given to you -the offshoot of your labors. Your lot exceeds even that of the living ones.” 103:4 “The spirits of those who died in righteousness shall live and rejoice; their spirits shall not perish, nor their memorial from before the face of YAHWEH the Great One unto all the generations of the world. Therefore, do not worry about their humiliation.” 103:5 “Woe unto you sinners who are dead! When you are dead in the wealth of your sins, those who are like you will say of you, 'Happy are you sinners! The sinners have seen all their days.” 103:6 “They have died now in prosperity and wealth. They have not experienced struggle and battle in their lifetime. They have died in splendor, and there was no judgment in their lifetime.'” 103:7 “You yourselves know that they will bring your souls down to Hell; and they shall experience evil and great tribulation - in darkness, nets, and burning flame.” 103:8 “Your souls shall enter into the great judgment; it shall be a great judgment in all the generations of the world. Woe unto you, for there is no shalom for you!” 103:9 “Now to the righteous and kind ones during their lifetime: Do not say, 'In the days of our toil, we have surely suffered hardships and have experienced every trouble. We have faced many evil things and have become consumed. We have died and become few, characterized by the littleness of our spirit.” 103:10 “We have been destroyed and we have found none whatsoever to help us with a word or otherwise. We have been tortured and destroyed, and could not even hope to see life from one day to the other.” 103:11 “We hoped to be the head and have become the tail. We have moiled as we toiled but had no authority over our own toil. We have become the victuals of the sinners and the oppressors; they have made their yoke heavy upon us.” 103:12 “Those who hate us, while goading us and encompassing us, have become masters over us. We have bowed our necks to those who hate us, but they had no pity on us.” 103:13 “We wanted to get away from them in order that we may escape and be at rest; but we found no place to which we might flee and be safe from them.” 103:14 “Then, in our tribulation, we brought a charge against them before the authorities, and cried out against those who were devouring us, but they the authorities neither would pay attention to our cries nor wish to listen to our voice.” 103:15 “But on the contrary they were assisting those who were robbing and devouring us, those who were causing us to diminish. They the authorities conceal their the offenders' injustice and do not remove the yokes of those who devour us, scatter us, and murder us; they the authorities cover up our murder; and they the authorities do not remember the fact that they the offenders have lifted up their hands against us.'” 104 HANOCH - ENOCH 104 104:1 “I swear unto you that in heaven the malakim will remember you for good before the splendor of YAHWEH the Great One; and your names shall be written before the splendor of YAHWEH the Great One.” 104:2 “Be hopeful, because formerly you have pined away through evil and toil. But now you shall shine like the lights of heaven, and you shall be seen; and the windows of heaven shall be opened for you. Your cry shall be heard.” 104:3 “Cry for judgment, and it shall appear for you; for all your tribulations shall be demanded for investigation from the responsible authorities - from everyone who assisted those who plundered you.” 104:4 “Be hopeful, and do not abandon your hope because there shall be a fire for you; you are about to be making a great rejoicing like the malakim of heaven.” 104:5 “You shall not have to hide on the day of the great judgment, and you shall not be found as the sinners; but the eternal judgment shall be far away from you for all the generations of the world.” 104:6 “Now fear not, righteous ones, when you see the sinners waxing strong and flourishing; do not be partners with them, but keep far away from those who lean onto their own injustice; for you are to be partners with the good-hearted people of heaven.” 104:7 “Now, you sinners, even if you say, 'All our sins shall not be investigated or written down,' nevertheless, all your sins are being written down every day.” 104:8 “So now I show unto you that light and darkness as well as day and night witness all your sins.” 104:9 “Do not become wicked in your hearts, or lie, or alter the words of a just verdict, or utter falsehood against the Words of YAHWEH the Great, the Kodesh One, or give praise to your idols; for all your lies and all your wickedness are not for righteousness but for great sin.” 104:10 “And now I know this mystery: For they the sinners shall alter the just verdict and many sinners will take it to heart; they will speak evil words and lie, and they will invent fictitious stories and write out my Scriptures on the basis of their own words.” 104:11 “And would that they had written down all the words truthfully on the basis of their own speech, and neither alter nor take away from my words, all of which I testify to them from the beginning!” 104:12 “Again know another mystery! that to the righteous and the wise shall be given the Scriptures of joy, for truth and great wisdom.” 104:13 “So to them shall be given the Scriptures; and they shall believe them and be glad in them; and all the righteous ones who learn from them the Ways of Truth shall rejoice.” 105 HANOCH - ENOCH 105 105:1 In those days, he says, “YAHWEH will be patient and cause the children of the earth to hear. Reveal it to them with YOUR Wisdom, for YOU are their guides; and YOU are a reward upon the whole earth.” 105:2 “Until I and my son are united with them forever in the upright paths in their lifetime and there shall be shalom unto you, rejoice, you children of Truth. Amen.” 106 HANOCH - ENOCH 106 106:1 And after some days my son, Methuselah, took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore him a son. 106:2 And his body was white as snow and red as a rose; the hair of his head as white as wool and his demdema beautiful; and as for his eyes, when he opened them the whole house glowed like the sun -rather the whole house glowed even more exceedingly. 106:3 And when he arose from the hands of the midwife, he opened his mouth and spoke to YAHWEH with righteousness. 106:4 And his father , Lamech, was afraid of him and fled and went to Methuselah his father. 106:5 And he said to him, “I have begotten a strange son: He is not like an ordinary human being, but he looks like the children of the malakim of heaven to me; his form is different, and he is not like us. His eyes are like the rays of the sun, and his face aglow.” 106:6 “It does not seem to me that he is of me, but of malakim; and I fear that a wondrous phenomenon may take place upon the earth in his days.” 106:7 “So I am beseeching you now, begging you in order that you may go to his grandfather Enoch, our father, and learn from him the truth, for his dwelling place is among the malakim.” 106:8 When Methuselah heard the words of his son, he came to us at the ends of the earth; for he had heard that I was there. He cried aloud, and I heard his voice and came to him; and I said to him, “Behold, my son, here I am, why have you come here?” 106:9 Then he answered me and said, “On account of a great distress have I come to you, on account of a grievous vision have I come near here.” 106:10 “Now, my father, hear me: For unto my son Lamech a son has been born, one whose image and form are not like unto the characteristics of human beings; and his color is whiter than snow and redder than a rose, the hair of his head is whiter than white wool, and his eyes are like the rays of the sun; and when he opened his eyes the whole house lighted up.” 106:11 “And when he rose up in the hands of the midwife, he opened his mouth and blessed YAHWEH of heaven.” 106:12 “Then his father, Lamech, became afraid and fled, and he did not believe that he the child was of him but of the image of the malakim of heaven. And behold, I have come to you in order that you may make me know the real truth.” 106:13 Then I, Enoch, answered, saying to him, “YAHWEH will surely make new things upon the earth; and I have already seen this matter in a vision and made it known to you. For in the generation of Jared, my father, they transgressed the Word of YAHWEH, that is the torah of heaven.” 106:14 “And behold, they commit sin and transgress the commandment; they have united themselves with women and commit sin together with them; and they have married wives from among them, and begotten children by them.” 106:15 “There shall be a great destruction upon the earth; and there shall be a deluge and a great destruction for one year.” 106:16 “And this son who has been born unto you shall be left upon the earth; and his three sons shall be saved when they who are upon the earth are dead.” 106:17 “And upon the earth they shall give birth to giants, not of the spirit but of the flesh. There shall be a great plague upon the earth, and the earth shall be washed clean from all the corruption.” 106:18 “Now, make known to your son Lamech that the son who has been born is indeed righteous; and call his name Noah, for he shall be the remnant for you, and he and his sons shall be saved from the corruption, which shall come upon the earth on account of all the sin and oppression that existed, and it will be fulfilled upon the earth in his days.” 106:19 “After that there shall occur still greater oppression than that which was fulfilled upon the earth the first time; for I do know the mysteries of the kodesh ones; for HE, YAHWEH, has revealed them to me and made me know; and I have read them in the heavenly tablets.” 107 HANOCH - ENOCH 107 107:1 Then I beheld the writing upon them that one generation shall be more wicked than the other, until a generation of righteous ones shall arise, wickedness shall perish, sin shall disappear from upon the earth, and every good thing shall come upon her. 107:2 “And now, my son, go and make it known to your son Lamech that this son who has been born is his son in truth, and not in falsehood.” 107:3 And when Methuselah had heard the words of his father Enoch - for he revealed to him everything in secret - he returned home. And he called the name of that son Noah, for he will comfort the earth after all the destruction. 108 HANOCH - ENOCH 108 108:1 Another Book of Enoch - which he wrote for his son Methuselah and for those who will come after him, observing the torah in the last days. 108:2 You who have observed the law shall wait patiently in all the days until the time of those who work evil is completed, and the power of the wicked ones is ended. 108:3 As for you, wait patiently until sin passes away, for the names of the sinners shall be blotted out from the Book of Life and the books of YAHWEH the Kodesh One; their seeds shall be destroyed forever and their spirits shall perish and die; they shall cry and lament in a place that is an invisible wilderness and burn in the fire - for there exists ground there as upon the earth. 108:4 I also saw there something like an invisible cloud; and though I could see that it was completely dark yet I could not see the flame of its fire because it was burning brightly; and there were some things like bright mountains which formed a ring around it and which were tossing it to and fro. 108:5 Then I asked one of the kodesh malak who was with me, saying to him, “What is this bright thing? For it is not a heaven but merely the flame of a fire which is burning - and a voice of weeping, crying, and lamenting as well as strong pain.” 108:6 And he said unto me, “This place which you see, into it shall be taken the spirits of sinners, blasphemers, those who do evil, and those who alter all the things which YAHWEH has done through the mouth of the prophets, all of which have to be fulfilled.” 108:7 “For some of these things were written and sealed above in heaven so that the malakim may read them the things that are written and know that which is about to befall the sinners, the spirits of the ones who err, as well as those who defiled their bodies, revenged themselves on YAHWEH, and worked together with evil people.” 108:8 “Those who love YAHWEH have loved neither gold nor silver, nor all the good things which are in the world, but have given over their bodies to suffering.” 108:9 “Who from the time of their very being have not longed after earthly food, and who regarded themselves as a mere passing breath. And they have observed this matter, YAHWEH having put them through much testing; then HE received their pure spirits so that they should bless HIS NAME.” 108:10 “And I have recounted in the books all their blessings. HE has caused them to be recompensed, for they were all found loving YAHWEH more than the fire of their eternal souls; and while they were being trodden upon by evil people, experiencing abuse and insult by them, they continued blessing HIM.” 108:11 “So now I shall summon their spirits if they are born of light, and change those who are born in darkness - those whose bodies were not recompensed with honor as they deserved for their faithfulness.” 108:12 “I shall bring them out into the bright light, those who have loved MY kodesh NAME, and seat them each one by one upon the throne of his honor.” 108:13 “And they shall be resplendent for ages that cannot be numbered; for the judgment of YAHWEH is righteousness, because HE will give faith - as well as the Paths of Truth - to the faithful ones in the resting place.” 108:14 “Then they shall see those who were born in darkness being taken into darkness, while the righteous ones shall be resplendent.” 108:15 “The sinners shall cry aloud, and they shall see the righteous ones being resplendent; they shall go to the place which was prescribed for them concerning the days and the seasons.” Here ends the Revelation of the Secrets of Enoch.