The Mystery of the Mikurah

The Mystery of the Mikurah by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (Messiah
Conference 2010) notes taken by Tracy Jackson
Did you know a practicing Jewish person(s) wrote most of our most
famous Christian Hymns and many of our modern Christmas
songs: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Silver Bells, White
Christmas, Let it Snow, The Christmas Song (aka Chestnuts
Roasting on an Open Fire), Happy Christmas, Winter
Wonderland, I'll be Home For Christmas and Santa Baby.
But Christmas is Gentile and Pagan, which doesn't mix with Jewishness?
So why would they? For the job/money/work, they did anything they were
good at so they could have an income.
Christmas is the most celebrated event in countries all over the world!
Muslim countries, Hindu countries, Communist countries...etc. Yet the
whole thing is based on a very Jewish event:
How did we get from the Wonderful Counselor to Frosty the
Snowman? From The Mighty God to Jingle Bell Rock What happened?
A Jewish child, born to a Jewish mother, in a Jewish city, in his Jewish
homeland, to fulfill the prophesies about a Jewish Messiah! What could be
more Jewish? "For unto us a child is born, a son is given...." (Isaiah 9:6)
The shepherds who come are Jewish, the Angles who send them are
speaking Hebrew Aramaic; the child is Jewish- they are all Israeli. What an
amazing thing....
It went from Bethlehem and Messiah to December 25th and a man named
St. Nicholas, to Santa Claus and the North Pole, Reindeer, and Rudolph
with shiny nose?
It is so prophetic- we couldn't have all of these things if we didn't have this
very Jewish event to begin with.
We went from the Hope of Israel to a shiny nose? How did we get so far
This ancient mystery is now being searched and sought after by many, Jew
and Gentile alike, and it is waiting to be solved. History (the book of Acts)
is coming back around....the Church is coming back to her roots!
Mikurah is the Hebrew word for Origins/Birth/Nativity/Source. Mikurot
Meshiach- the Birth of Messiah!
So WHEN did this event REALLY happen?
The most celebrated holiday on earth is celebrated in honor of the birth of
a Jewish Rabbi?! How wild is that!
The theories are out there:
December 25th- early Christian writings support this date, but it really
didn't start being widely celebrated, until the 4th century. As most already
know, this date doesn't hold up, as it is linked to Pagan deities. As well as
the fact that winter in Israel would not be a time to travel or deliver a baby
outside; it's cold, rainy and daunting. Shepherd's would not be out in the
night with their sheep either. A census would certainly not be held then.
Hanukkah- same issues as above, with the added point that Messiah
came to fulfill the Torah and Hanukkah is not a God appointed Biblical
Holy day. Although it is a wonderful Jewish celebration of deliverance and
does point to Messiah.
Tish B'Av- The ninth of Av. When the temple was destroyed. And so the
Rabbi's suggest that Messiah would be born on this dark day in their
history as God's Redeemer, but this doesn't fall on a Biblical holy day
This next theory is very good and is the key that will lead us to the Truth. It
just doesn't go far enough and has some problems. It is also the most
common among Messianic Believers: Messiah born during Sukkot (Feast
of Tabernacles) , the fall (Sept/Oct) Biblical Holy days.
The arguments for this sound promising- It's one of God's appointed times,
and therefore fulfills Torah. It's linked to the priestly courses, and is the
Feast of Tabernacles- "The Word became flesh and Tabernacled among
us!" It fits! Lastly, the Sukah would explain the manger, right?
The problems with this theory are:
A manger is no way a sukah. A manger is an animal feeding station and
a sukah is a holy memorial to God, for people to stay in for the week. Also
what is a sukah doing hanging out empty in Bethlehem, when they are
commanded by God to go and build them in Jerusalem! {Every year the
men and every seven years, every man, woman & child!} So, Messiah being
born in Bethlehem and not Jerusalem, during Sukkot, would make Yosef
(Joseph) not Torah compliant! Messiah is prefect and would not make
someone break the laws of God, even in His very own birth! And why
would Yoseph be trying his hardest to get them indoors, during a feast of
the Lord where they are COMMANDED to be outdoors?
The Romans would also know better than to hold a census (where everyone
must go to their home town) during a time when they are commanded by
God to be in Jerusalem. This would of caused a Revolution!
The next problem deals with the mystery of the age. The Hebrew year
begins in the spring and ends in autumn. This feast is in the series of
fall/autumn feast that are all linked to the Messiah's second coming. He
came the first time and fulfilled the first series at the beginning of the
Biblical year.
What about the verse about God tabernacling with us? Sukkot is not about
God tabernacling with us, but as a memorial of the children of Israel living
in tents in the wilderness after the exodus.
The next clue is the Hebrew virgin Miryam makes two journeys across
Israel to her cousin Elisheva's home. The first journey comes at the very
beginning of her pregnancy and the other comes at the third month of her
pregnancy. A young girl pregnant, traveling across Israel, would NOT take
place in the winter time, especially alone. So, this theory would have her
becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit in December/Winter, traveling
across Israel then and traveling again back home at the end of Feb,
beginning of Mar, still in Winter.
So to sum it up:
Winter is out- shepherds in the fields, journey and outdoor birth all in
winter and a Roman census, etc.
Fall is out- requires winter journeys for Miryam, census wouldn't happen
during feasts required to be in Jerusalem, etc.
Summer- no weather problems and good for traveling, although hot, but
no Hebrew holy days! All the great events take place on one of them.
Only left with Spring- traveling is possible for a census and for a man
traveling with a pregnant, about to deliver wife! Does this allow for 9
months before when a maiden could travel across Israel? Yes! (late
summer and then fall) A time when a woman could possibly give birth to a
baby outdoors? Yes! Shepherds watching their flocks by night? Yes! This
only happens during ONE season! Only in the spring- the lambing season
(Nisan/Mar-Apr), the ONLY time lambs are born! This is when the
Shepherds are out in the fields watching for the birth of lambs....and they
end up finding the Lamb of God! Who first attends the birth of a lamb? A
Messiah is the Passover Lamb. He dies at the exact time, in Nisan, that the
Passover Lamb dies. So it would be only right that He would also be born at
the same time as the Passover Lambs. Exodus 12- "Take a lamb that is one
year old." They are born the year before during Nisan/Spring!
A puzzle piece from the Rabbi's: Isaac is one of the first foreshadows of the
Messiah. He is the only son of the father, who is offered up as sacrifice on
Mt. Moriah. He carries the sacrificial wood on his back up to the sacrifice.
When was he born and died? We don't know for sure but the Rabbi's say
they both took place in Nisan (Abraham and Jacob too!).
It is no accident that the greatest events of Messiah's, first coming, happen
in Nisan, according to the Hebrew calendar. He dies on the
Hebrew Pesach and is resurrected from the dead on early First Fruits (Yom
Bikkurim). Messiah's events happened during Biblical appointed
times...but the problem is, His birth can't take place on any day that has
the Biblical requirement that everyone be in Jerusalem, because he is born
in Bethlehem. This rules out Pesach/Passover, Shav'uot /Pentecost
and Sukkot/Tabernacles. Day of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah and Yom
Kippur/Day of Atonement are prophetically not in the right place because
they undoubtedly point to His second coming.
Now we have the Mystery of the order- of the sacred year. His death
happens on Nisan 14 (Passover) and he raises at the end of Nisan 16 (First
Fruits), then comes Shavuot, where the Holy Spirit comes... Everything in
His life happens in order. So, you have to go back to find His birth. You
have to go back before Passover, but there you only have a small window of
about 2 weeks left, until the beginning of the year! Nisan 1.
Messiah also follows the theme of the holy days- He dies when the Passover
Lambs die, He raises when the first fruits are lifted up from the earth. So,
what could be a theme around here that would match His birth?
Birth, The Beginning and the Beginning of Beginning, His birth is the day
that makes every other day of His life possible! Is there a Day? Yes! Only
one! Exodus 12- God tells them, "This month shall be the beginning for
you"... Nisan/Aviv 1 is the beginning of the Biblical year and the beginning
of the Biblical feasts! The birth of the year; it opens up every other day that
will come.
Messiah and Israel are bound together- a deep bond between the two. God
When Israel was a child, I called my son out of Egypt. Messiah was also
called out of Egypt.
Israel was to be a light to the nations- so is Messiah.
Messiah was crucified- Israel was crucified.
Messiah was resurrected- Israel was resurrected.
Israel begins its new year on Nisan 1- so Messiah would be linked to that
day too.
It's the day that changes the old to new. Birth of Messiah- it changed the
calendar for everyone for ALL time- World History!
The Moon- on Nisan 14 was a full moon. The Hebrew calendar follows the
Lunar calendar. The moon reaches its fullness half way through the month,
this is also when Messiah's life reached it's fullness and he dies. But the
Moon begins on Nisan 1 at the New Moon- Messiah's life would also follow
that as well.
Is Nisan 1 a day when you have to be in Jerusalem? No. Is it a sacred day
given by God? Yes, the very first commandment! "This shall be the first
month for you..." Exodus 12.
We know the Pagan roots of Dec. 25th and why the church split. The faith
of "the church" was cut off from its roots and then transplanted from
Jerusalem to Rome. If you look at Dec. 25th there may be part of the
mystery hidden there. What is next to it? New Years! January 1st is the first
day of the Roman calendar {celebrating the two-faced god Janus, who
looks forward and backwards}. So, the birth of Yeshua (Jesus) is linked to
New Years, but moved or hidden by the enemy!
In the middle ages many continued to celebrate the New Year in
April, instead of in January, and so they were called April Fools.
There are lots of ancient writings and even carvings that say
Messiah was born in the springtime, in Nisan.
The Go’el Redemption- a beautiful picture. Judah+Tamar = a child (twins),
Boaz+Ruth= a child. This all happens in the line of David, of the Tribe of
Judah. God does it himself...He becomes one with Israel. He joined with
Myriam, through the Holy Spirit and then the Go’el child is then born, in
A clue, Ruth and Boaz come together at the end of the wheat harvest
(Sivan/Tammuz- June) and Obed is born nine months later on Nisan 1.
{BTW-They lived in Bethlehem!}
For another clue- we go to the Magi, who came from the east. They were
priest, who studied astronomy/astrology. They say they are looking for the
Messiah, "We saw His Star". What would cause them to link that to the
birth of the Jewish Messiah? Daniel was in charge of them and was given
the prophecy of the birth of Messiah. He taught them! {They were probably
Hebrews! Why else would they come to worship a Jewish King?}~ The star
moved before them! It was supernatural. Herod was enraged and using the
time he got from the Magi (Matt 2:16), he ordered the death of all the male
children under two, in Bethlehem. Sorry, No wise men at the birth of the
Messiah! The star appeared (the sign of the birth of a king) and guided
them for two years. Yeshua was a young child in a house with Yosef &
Miryam by then. Herod died (even though people try to move his death
date, but it's linked to an eclipse and it took place) in 4 B.C.. When did the
star appear? In 6 B.C., (2 years before) a convergence of planets; Saturn,
Jupiter, Venus, Mars, the moon and the Sun! A double occultation
(sp?), something important happening, of Jupiter (The King) took place in
space, in the constellation of Aries (the Ram/Jews). This only happens
once in 6,000 years and it took place in the Spring time! This is why the
Magi asked with confidence, in Jerusalem...."Where is He, born King of the
Luke 1:5- Zechariah (Elisheva)- of Aviyah, appointed order of the priestly
service. If we can figure this out we can have more clues as to John's birth.
Josephus says the order was still in effect in his day. 24 courses- 24 weeks,
x2 that they serve and 3 weeks they ALL serve (during the three most
important feasts where everyone is there!). This equals 52 weeks. You have
to add in leap years, leap months, etc. and a few other complicated
things....but they can pinpoint it by a newer discovery in the Dead Sea
Scrolls! Two of the Scrolls- contained a calendar of the priestly course! This
told us that their course was not the same every moved forward.
And began to line up more like the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar do
today. So, their course falls on a different week of the year, each year! This
makes it more tricky, but if you can find one match, you can figure out the
moving rotation. {All possible because of today's technology-computers!}
Another clue- from the Dead Sea Scrolls! The day that starts the cycle is
told in a kind of code.... but here it is deciphered: "when the sun rises due
east, shines on the celestial equator, at the horizon, at dawn on Wednesday
in the course of the sons of Gamul." It is describing the spring equinox and
when this lands on a Wednesday, in their course! We also know the first
Temple was destroyed on Sunday, the 9th of Av and we know the priestly
course was Jehorahib (sp?), through Josephus! So, this confirms when
Gamul was serving and it matches the Dead Sea Scroll calendar! After
narrowing it down to 6 dates and then one... Yochanan's (John the Baptist)
conception was during the week of January 18th-25th of 7 B.C. (Birth
around Oct) and that gives us Messiah's birth as (Mar/Apr) Nisan 1, 6 B.C.
Was Messiah born earlier than expected? Probably, as no responsible,
godly man would have his very pregnant wife out traveling and without
shelter. So, they probably thought they had at the least 1-2 weeks, or 10
days. {He was probably originally due at Passover!} But Miryam delivers
almost as soon as they arrived in Bethlehem on- March 20, 6 B.C., which
is Nisan 1, on the Hebrew Calendar that year! This is the exact date the star
appeared according to computer calculations done recently as well!
The very last clue! John 1, " The Word became Flesh, and (dwelt)
tabernacled among us...". It says God came and set up A (1) tent with us- an
earthly tent (flesh)! This is spoken of at the beginning not the end, like
Sukkot. This is the incarnation of Messiah, the Torah dwelling with His
What was the relationship between God and Israel? It was a covenant, a
marriage between a groom and a bride! What was Sinai? It was the place of
the covenant. If there is a marriage, there is a union and fruit of the unionchildren.
God is the groom, Israel is the bride....there has to be fruit of the
union! The bride must bear something- Birth of Messiah! Israel bore the
presence of God to the world. What comes from this marriage at Sinai? The
Tabernacle. The child had the nature of both parents. The Tabernacle was
called the Tent of Meeting. It was made up of something from each of
them. God provided the Spirit and Man provided the materials for it.
Messiah is the same- He has the nature/Spirit of God and the flesh (tent) of
God gives Moses the Torah and the Ten Commandments during
Sivan/Tammuz-May/June (Conception)...Israel accepts and after the
covenant/Marriage/I Do's are said... they eat and drink, under the cover of
the Chuppah. Moses on Sinai, representing Israel enters into the covenant
with God and the then they feast for 7 days on the mountain with God. The
Tabernacle then comes (the child). The seed is given- The WORD-A
blueprint/map/pattern (DNA) for building the Tabernacle of God. The
mother is giving her of her flesh/substance/an offering (gold, silver,
materials to build it, etc) and the two become one, in about 9 months, the
child is born- the Tabernacle is complete, in 38 weeks, 266 days!! When
was it completed? on Nisan 1! (Exodus 40)
The Jews basically have left God's New Year behind and they celebrate
their New Year in Tishri (Rosh Hashanah)! Even though we have freedom
in Messiah, when it comes to days...we should be holding this day as one of
importance, because it was important to God!
If it wasn't for the nation of Israel's rejection of Messiah, we would have
never been divorced from our roots; Rudolph and Santa would never have
come about! The Body of Messiah, is responsible for all of this and we need
to get back to our roots. Get back to Acts- Jew and Gentile together as one
in Messiah!
The Jews don't recognize their Messiah, their brother, because He is
covered in Egyptian (Gentile) clothing! Wrapped in the pagan robes of
Christmas. And the Messianic Believers don't recognize the Body of
Messiah in the "Church", because "its" clothed in Pagan/Traditional things!
The Church can never be complete without Israel and Israel can't be
complete without the Church. Israel was created to be a LIGHT to the
Gentiles! The mystery is: us as ONE!
The Church is our daughter, born in the womb of her mother Israel, of God
our Father. Can a mother forget her child? Yes? Can a child forget her
mother? Yes! But the greater responsibility is of the mother. The Church
has been separated from its Jewishness, but now we are back! Time to
search out our Hebraic roots, Church! Find our way back to the
Olive Tree and our brethren. We are of the common wealth of Israel.
Our Mikurah/Origin-We all come FROM a Messianic Jewish Movement of
the 1st Century! Jew and Gentile One in Messiah!
Read the Messianic Jews and their messages- Mattiyahu/Matthew,
Sha'ul/Paul, Yochannan/John, Kefa/Peter, Ya'akov/James....etc. They
were not afraid to tell you the TRUTH! They weren't afraid to bring
Messiah to the World. The Rabbi's missed the New Beginning....don't you
miss it!
This Jewish Rabbi is so awesome, that everyone, even the Muslims and
Hindus, on this planet are geared to and run everything by his birth (our
computers and clocks)! Every event in history looks towards and from his
birth! He is our Rabbi, our Savior and Best Friend!
If Frosty the Snowman is the sign of the separation, then WE are the sign
of the reconciliation! The book can't close until Israel is in her rightful PRAY for Israel, the Jews and their salvation!