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The greatest wealth that mankind has in his possession is the inspired Word of the true God, called the Scriptures. Within it, God conveys to man His promises, and then history proves that God keeps those promises with unerring accuracy. No other book on earth can make such a claim. And it is by knowing that God faithfully keeps His Word and fulfills His prophecies, that we know we can fully trust Him. Foretelling future events then, is an attribute belonging to God alone, and clearly distinguishes His Word, the Scriptures, far above any other book. 
The most remarkable of all promises ever given to man can be found in the first portion of the Scriptures, known as the Old Testament; that covers the first four thousand years of man's early history. Entwined throughout those pages is revealed the marvelous unceasing expectancy and pre-vision of the coming of One Majestic Person; who would rule and bless the whole world. This person, long before He arrived, came to be known as the Anointed One and Messiah, that would redeem and deliver mankind from his sins. 
This prewritten story of Jesus, promised and recorded centuries before Jesus came: how He was to be born, where He was to be born, the exact date He was to be born, how He was to die, is so astonishing in detail that it reads like an eye witness account of His life and work. These promises, as Christians know, were all fulfilled with pinpoint accuracy.
Another very astonishing promise that God revealed in the Scriptures, was that just four world empires would arise during earth's history, from the prophet Daniel's time, through till the end of time. That promise too has been precisely kept. However, the rulers of those world empires had set themselves up as usurpers; Pontifex Maximus god-kings, and vowed enemies of
the true God, that had rejected and were determined to oppose and suppress God's truth. Death decrees were issued, prohibiting their subjects to give worship to any other God but themselves. But to keep His people informed, describing the wickedness of these four haughty empires, God, in His wisdom, 'disguised' them in the Scriptures as being represented by certain 'symbols'. Otherwise, the rulers would have became aware of the truth that God had revealed exposing their evil empires, and would have destroyed the writings to keep the truth from the people.
Like secret codes, symbols of one thing, representing something else, were used by both the Occult in their 'secret mysteries' and God in the Scriptures to convey messages to their believers; without unbelievers comprehending. But of all the symbols used by God in Scripture, it is only one that is most prominent and so conspicuously woven throughout the whole book of Scriptures. And that is the number 'seven'. The frequency of its use is meant to draw our particular attention and give special emphasis to a critical divine truth; that actually represents the 'time' for the final destiny of planet earth and everyone who has ever lived on earth.
The enemies of God and intellectual man teach evolution; that the earth is millions or billions of years old. The Word of God stresses that it is only six thousand years old; less a few years. Through the symbol number seven and commandment for six days for man to work and "the" seventh to rest, God has promised an exact time when mankind's labor on earth will come to an end. Also the exact time and length that all mankind, along with the earth, will 'rest'. It becomes even more clearer what God is conveying when you understand that one thousand years is as one day with the Lord. (2 Peter 3:8) Skeptics may scoff at this, but God is not One to be guilty of breach of promises.
The Scriptures also teach that mankind's evil 'work' on earth, like a seed planted in the ground, will grow, and during its growth, produce evidence of its evil seed; but only at the end will it produce its ripened evil fruit in its fullness. The world empires of earth's history were only
the growing stages of the evil seed of man's obsession to usurp God's rulership and rule over the world himself. In obstinate opposition to God's truth, and at the cruel expense of the misery and bloodshed of those weaker, man not only established his world empires, but at the head of each sat their 'Pontifex Maximus' god-king rulers. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught, (Matthew 13:24-30 & 37-43, Mark ds 26-29, Revelation 14:15) that the evil seed would grow and bear fully ripened fruit at the time of the end; culminating in what Christ called the 'harvest' time of the world.
As mankind today is racing toward the end of his six thousand year reign that God has allotted to him, we find him also, as God promised, to be feverishly racing to put into place his most comprehensive, brutal, and all-time encompassing New World Order dictatorship. This will be the cumulative fulfillment that everything evil man has ever worked and strived for in his opposition to the true God during his six thousand year reign. The evil fruit of his labors will finally be consummated; "for her grapes are fully ripe". (Revelation 14:18) The chief 'clue' to identify the man who will rule over this global super-structure of the end times, that the whole world will praise, but Scripture calls the 'man of sin', (2 Thessalonians 2:3) is that he too will carry as his official credentials, the 'Pontifex Maximus' title of the occultic Babylonian Mystery Religion. And as Scripture has also revealed, to 'enforce' this occultic Pontifex Maximus authority upon the inhabitants of the entire end time world, was the long range purpose for which the United States of America was established.
The hidden occult forces that were directly responsible for the birth of the United States of America, began to visibly show themselves immediately after independence was won. Within the very governing center itself, the capitol site of Washington D.C., the site chosen in spite of many who fiercely opposed it, occultic symbolism was cleverly designed right into the overall layout of the streets and certain occultic architectural structures and monuments to form a gigantic occultic pattern or picture, all of which corresponded with the occultic symbolism and message designed into the nation's Great Seal. These became not only a memorial and testimony to the 'Great Work' of this nation's birth, but also for the secret work that is destined for its future.
The boldness with which the leaders of the new Republic so arrogantly displayed their occultic symbolism to be represented at the very heart and soul of what was American, speaks loudly for itself and their contempt. In their veiled communication intended only for the initiated few, it makes known that the "Grand Design" is progressing and is on schedule as planned, regardless of the great masses that oppose it. But what is most puzzling, is that Protestants who have always boasted that America was founded on Protestant principles and Bible Christianity, never challenge or speak a word against the prominent occultic symbolism that so glaringly decorate our nation's capitol and literally makes up the Great Seal. It brings home the saying, that if you want to hide a tree, plant it in a forest, when today these occultic monuments and symbolisms are there quite visible for all to see, yet curiously, no one seems to see them at all. Protestantism, that should be enlightening their fellow Americans of their impending peril, have instead, abandon them to grope in utter darkness. 
To those not familiar with the occultic adornments that have been so graciously bestowed upon the capitol city of the United States of America by the founding fathers, that have now become our occultic national heritage, all you need is a street map of Washington D.C. and a marking pen to highlight a number of streets to reveal the intended veiled occultic picture. Beginning at the White House, highlight the two streets going north to form a 'V'. The one, Connecticut Avenue, up to and terminate at Dupont Circle. The other, Vermont Avenue, up to and terminate at Logan Circle. From Dupont Circle, follow and highlight Massachusetts Avenue
south-east to and terminate at Mt. Vernon Square. From Logan Circle, follow and highlight Rhode Island Avenue south-west to and terminate at Washington Circle. Highlight a line connecting Washington Circle and Mt. Vernon Square along 'K' Street. What you have now revealed is the universally known satanic symbol of the inverted pentagram.
Pause for a moment, and ponder the full significance of what that most sacred satanic symbol laying there before you means. Aghast, it begins to penetrate, as you realize that the satanic image on the map is actually a supersize reality at the very heart-beat of the United States government. It is the U.S.A. signature of approval, dark and hidden, for every profligate movement in our society today, and is portentous for what is in store for this nation's future. It's not some child's play, who has drawn an imaginative star in the sky to wish upon. This mammoth inverted five pointed star is real, embedded right into the streets of the capitol city of a rising world superpower by mature men designed to convey a clear and precise message for a specific purpose to the Occult world. No other nation in the world has such a street layout or has been chosen for such a diabolical future work. Think about this too: the highest award this government can bestow upon a person is the Congressional Medal of Honor -which is also an inverted pentagram.
As all Satanists and those in the occult know, within the center of every pentagram, which they call the Blazing Star, there is formed the pentagon. It is inside the center of the pentagram or pentagon, where in Witchcraft, witches and warlocks go to cast their spells. And as a symbol of freedom and to more readily achieve their built up power and certain sexual tensions, the participants only perform naked. Witchcraft and astrology being nothing more than a form of Babylonian Mystery Religion Sun Worship, within it, is taught that the Sun-god and Moon-goddess 'created' the whole universe. To honor this belief, the High Priest in a coven is believed to be the incarnation of the Sun-god and the High-Priestess the incarnation of the Queen of Heaven or Moon-goddess. To mimic or simulate the 'creation act', the abominable ritual is performed called "The Great Rite", when these two engage in sexual activities. This sacred prostitution is justified by them on the grounds of fertility and Phallicism; the veneration and worship of the male and female sex organs, which all Sun-Worship philosophy is based on.
The pentagram and pentagon are associated with the number five; the pentagram being a five pointed star and the pentagon having five sides. Ancient Babylon was the birth place of Astrology, the Zodiac, the Horoscope, and Numerology that was substituted for divining the future instead of the Word of the true God. Originally, the letters of the various alphabets had a numerical value. Some still do today, like the Roman numerals. But Babylonian astrology taught that the chief gods of the zodiac, which were but emanations of the Sun-god as they serpentined their way through the zodiacal band, all had a Sacred Number. And the most 'sacred number' that was applied to the Sun-god incarnate or Pontifex Maximus and no other, is important to us because it is referred to in Scripture. But the number five was associated with the planet Mars, the god of War. Thus the symbol of the five sided Pentagon Building, which houses the largest office building in the world covering 34 acres, for the United States Of America Department of Defense, just outside of Washington D.C., that is so important and significant to the elite occultists. 
It is comforting to know that even though Freemasonry and the Jesuits, those front organizations for the Church of Rome, have shrouded their sinister intentions around mysterious occultic symbols, it is no dark secret for what they have planned for America and the world to those who want to understand the predictions of Scripture. For the Sovereign God of creation and the universe has wonderfully laid out for His people to see, two thousand years ago, precisely what they were going to do just before our Lord's return. This single fact alone is enough to prove which God is true from those that are false.
But people today without heaven's compass, are being swept away into believing that for the good and sake of all mankind and the preservation of 'Mother Earth', we must not think and act as individuals who believe ;here is but One who died on the Cross for the sin of the world; One alone who is the Son of God; One alone who is uniquely the Way, the Truth and the Life. To serve and obey this God of creation as the true God above all others is to be branded as an isolationist and separationist and denounced as dangerous to world peace. But rather, we must now act as a global community; not giving offense to other religions but must all conform to that one inter-dependent global structure of the 'wise one's' New world Order and its United Religion Organization that is leading the world into its blind alley of doom. And to usher in this corruptible fruit of six thousand years of man's labor, and to fully convince us all that it is heaven sent, they have concocted a special 'divine event'; a global delusion that will startle and jolt the inhabitants of the whole world into headlong obedience.
As already mentioned, occultic Sun Worship honors and dignifies fertility rites and promiscuous sexual activities in the belief and teaching that the Father Sun-god benevolently impregnates Mother Earth; for the purpose of supplying all nature with substance for sustaining life. Otherwise, all nature would die. All occultists, Satanists, witches, and warlocks believe this. In fact, they vigorously promote free sex of every description as a reenactment of Father Sun and Mother Earth's sex act. To anyone unfamiliar with these beliefs and teachings, raw sex is quite shocking to the senses. However, when the most powerful and wealthy people of the world are occultists, who are silently bulldozing this superstitious corruption upon the inhabitants of the world, and you see it enough, the senses then become dulled. But when you understand what is going on, it comes as no surprise that the President of the United States and Congress can enact laws to teach sex education to children, endorse, protect, and promote homosexuality under civil rights laws, and legally bring raw sex right into your living room through television and the internet. All of this blatant immorality is just another way to make mockery of the true God. 
Phallicism, the veneration and worship of the male and female sex organs, is just another perverted doctrine of Sun Worship. And even though the nation of Egypt must receive the glory for its development, the origin, actually took place in Babylon. But like all real life extraordinary events that make indelible impressions upon men's minds, the story will then live on through succeeding generations to finally become a legend. To understand Egyptian phallicism and their world renowned obelisks as its symbol, including the world's largest in Washington D.C., we must understand the Egyptian legend and the Babylonian reality that gave birth to that Egyptian
The story begins right after the Biblical flood, with Noah's son Ham, who had a son, named Cush. Now Cush became notorious as a great leader that opposed God. He too had a son, by the name of Nimrod, that not only carried on his father's work opposing God's truth a, but expanded it to such an alarming extent that those serving the true God rose up in indignation and
put Nimrod to death. They then dissected his body and distributed the parts throughout the realm as a warning to all others who would so brazenly rebel against God. Keep in mind that the true life characters were Ham, Cush, the son of Ham, Nimrod, and his wife, who was also his mother, Semiramis. They each became demigods ion their own generation. Semiramis became the first goddess; so famous were these names among people during their own times. All religion is a man-made perversion of the worship of the true God. As certain men, like Cush and Nimrod, began to exert themselves among the inhabitants east of the Mediterranean, which was the cradle of civilization after the flood, in direct opposition to the principles of God, they marveled the people with their deeds and conduct and their fame spread throughout the whole area. But the dramatic execution of the famed Nimrod, as the ringleader of the great apostasy from the true faith, only served to fix forever in the minds of his followers who loved him and his accomplishments, to venerate his works and deify his name. The seed of rebellion to supplant the sovereignty of God for their own, that Cush and Nimrod planted, was to grow and influence the whole world, till our own time. The seed was planted and the stage was set. Instead of worshipping the true God, men of war became idolized heroes that were worshiped as gods. What had happened in Babylon, became nourishment for the legends of Egypt.
In Egypt, the men that were their heroes and worshiped as gods, were also the very same men that had been idolized in Babylon, with only their names changed. Understanding this, takes away the confusion of the mythical gods, not only of Egypt, but most other cultures as well. But in Egypt, Nimrod became Osiris. Because Nimrod was both son and husband of his mother, he is represented as 'the seed' and in his mother's arms. Both Nimrod and his father, Cush, carried the title 'Bel', as in re-bel, Bel-tane day, tower of Ba-bel, and most important, o-bel-isk. After Nimrod's death, it was taught that he had gone to the Sun and was to return as the deified incarnated Sun-god's son, named Tammuz. 4Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz. 15Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these. 16And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east. 1 In whatever culture, he became the 'lamented one', where his worshipers diligently longed and wept for their messiah, looking toward the 'east'. In Egypt, Tammuz became Horus, the 'son' of the Sun. Semiramis became Isis. But it is from Horus that we get the words horoscope and horizon. It is Horus, as the son of the Sun, that his human incarnated representive carried the title 'Pontifex Maximus' and the symbol of the 'all seeing eye', that also has the execrable distinction of being called by the true God of Scripture, 'the man of sin' and "the" 'anti-Christ'.  What made the whole covert story so acceptable, is that in the Babylonian or Chaldee language, the names Ham and Her were synonymous with 'the hot' or 'the burnt one', that readily identified Ham with the "Sun". In other words, Ham and his descendants were black. Another point to clear up a confusion, is that the Egyptians were accustomed to place the suffix 'mes' behind a name that meant 'the son of'. For example, Ra-mes meant the son of Ra, or the Sun. Thoth-mes meant the son of Thoth. Her-mes, in like manner, meant the son of Her or Ham, who was Cush. Cush was renown for and carried the title of "interpreter of the gods". Therefore, even today, interpreting is known as Hermeneutics. And any encyclopedia will tell you that the Cushites were of the black race that had settled in Egypt and Ethiopia.
Osiris met with a violent death, and that violent death of Osiris was the central theme of the whole idolatry of Egypt. If Osiris was Nimrod, as we have seen, that violent death which the Egyptians so pathetically deplored in their annual festivals was just the death of Nimrod. The accounts in regard to the death of the god worshiped in the several mysteries of different countries are all to the same effect. As the women of Egypt wept for Osiris, so the Phoenician and Assyrian women wept for Tammuz, so in Greece and Rome the women wept for Bacchus, whose name means, 'the bewailed' or 'Lamented one'. But if there was one who was more deeply concerned in the tragic death of Nimrod than another, it was his wife Semiramis, who from an original humble position, had been raised to share with him the throne of Babylon. What, in this emergency shall she do? Shall she quietly forego the pomp and pride to which she had been raised? No. On the contrary, her ambition took her a still higher flight. In life her husband had been honored as a hero; in death she will have him translated to heaven and worshiped as a god. Better still, he will be proclaimed the woman's promised 'seed', who was destined and foretold by the true God, that would crush the serpent's head. 
As Nimrod became Osiris in Egyptian religion, so Semiramis became Isis. In the myth of the Egyptian god Osiris, which derived out of the legends of Nimrod, Osiris was said to have been killed by a rival god, Set (from where we get the word sun-set, as the sun is overpowered and killed by darkness) and cut into fourteen different pieces. After dismembering the body of Osiris, this rival god threw all the parts of Osiris along the Nile. Isis, his wife, weeping and distraught, went looking for her dead husband's parts and found all of them but one, his genital member. Isis put all of Osiris's pieces together and revived him. Osiris then, became identified with the Pharaoh in death, at which time he became the king of the underworld and judge of the dead. But in his resurrected form he became Horus, that was identified with the living Pontifex Maximus Pharaoh, who was not only ruler over all Egypt, but whose domain included the whole world.
You must remember, that Osiris was worshiped as the Creator, the Impregnating Force of the Universe. However, to Isis's great bewilderment and distress, she could not find Osiris's most important and sacred body part; his penis. So the mother goddess, Isis, molded with her own hands an image of the dead god's phallus, and set it up to be venerated as a monument to Osiris. And in the Temple services, a coffin with an image of Osiris's phallus in it became part of the worship of the Sun-god. That same phallic image became venerated as the shaft-of-Bel, or the obelisk, and is represented all over the world today. Hence, the origin of Phallicism.
So now with the sacred genital member of Osiris restored by Isis, even as man fertilizes woman, Osiris can now fertilize Isis; who was represented as 'Mother Earth'. And in the Osirian cycle, the death and resurrection of Osiris, was played out in the annual flooding of the Nile that fertilized the soil of Egypt. When the river dried up in the summer, it meant that Osiris was dead, killed by Set, the hot wind of the desert. But Isis, weeping a flood of tears, searches for the dead Osiris and finds him on the day of the Nile flood in the river's holy waters. The water, the semen of Osiris, flows over the withered earth, Isis, and fertilizes it. One must only wonder how the true God's heart must surely break, as He looks down in amazement and sees how ridiculously foolish men's worship becomes, once they turn their backs on His truth.
The question is, just what and how does all of this absurdity have to do with affecting us today. Everything! and in every way. It matters not whether you or the majority of the world believes the teachings are preposterous or not. What really matters, is that when you have the most powerful, wealthy, influential elite leaders of the world cramming these absurdities down our throats, even when they don't believe them themselves, how can we avoid not going along. We can't. And they certainly are not straight forward; but downright deceptive, as they lead us into believing a lie with a truth. Man made religion-Babylon Mystery Religion-has served the ruthless leaders of the world quite well as their instrument to control and bilk the masses. For millenniums they have perpetuated, molded, shaped, refined, smoothed and polished it to fit today's global agenda. And it is Catholic in scope-Roman Catholic. Think global! now, as we reminisce how all this gibberish has unconsciously affected each one of us.
Remember. no matter how pious you celebrated Christmas and pretended it was Christ's birthday; it wasn't. You only honored the birthday of the Sun. Each time you celebrated Easter and a Sunrise service and thought it was Christian; it wasn't. You honored the resurrection of Osiris, looking toward the east. When you celebrate World's Day, its purpose is for awareness; so that you will honor, respect, and protect Mother Earth. Each time you go to church on Sunday, the first day of the week, you honor the Day of the Sun; not God's seventh day Sabbath. Each time you look at a church steeple, remember it commemorates the phallus of Osiris. When someone asks what is your sign and your horoscope, they give recognition to a false way to divine, honoring Horus. Each time you see the all seeing eye on the back of a one dollar bill or a CBS television channel, it is honoring the eye of Horus. And no matter how pious the pope of Rome pretends to be the representive of Christ, he knows from the heart of his heart that he is not; but the Pontifex Maximus, the official representive of Horus. The world has been conditioned for many many centuries in preparation to get us in line for today's global corral of religious nonsense. And it has all been pushed from the Babylon Mystery Religion headquarters, sitting at the Vatican in Rome
Most people are horrified with disbelief  when they first learn what that strange structure and monument to the first President of the United States really represents. Its boldness and size shocks our modesty; and even more so as you connect the connotation of it standing erect before the Capitol Dome; which is just a symbol for a woman's abdomen and Mother Earth. It is this philosophy of pagan sexual promiscuousness, that is not only condoned but urged on by government leaders, that is stimulating and exciting the sexual imagination of the whole world. Hardly a movie can be viewed today without at least one sex scene in the nude being paraded before us. Anything goes; everyone is doing it; and it is made to appear that it is all okay. So give children condoms and teach them safe sex, is the mentality of educators today. But in addition to the Washington Monument, that conspicuous genital member of Bel, of having the distinct honor, like the Pentagon Building, of being the largest in the world, it has another fascinating feature built right into it.
But to fully grasp the significance of this extraordinary, but hidden, feature that the designers of the Washington Monument had to really stretch their imagination in order to achieve, we must explain briefly the background of what the Babylonians believed and taught about Astrology. Astronomy is a study of the stars, constellations, and planets; which is fine and not in contradiction to the worship of the true God. But the Babylonians taught that their heroes, when they died, took their place among the stars; the greater their accomplishments, the brighter the star-and they were worshipped as gods. But the Sun ruled over all, and that was Nimrod's place, and the Egyptian's Osiris and Horus. The Babylonians taught through Astrology, that the fate of mankind was ever decided by the position of the stars. So in order to track the stars and planets they created an imaginary narrow band, about 18 degrees wide, making a complete circuit of the sky around the earth, called the Zodiac. This Zodiacal circle or band, was divided into 12 houses, one for each month of the year, and each house was divided into three rooms, making a total of 36 rooms. Each room became 10 degrees of the Zodiacal circle, making 360 degrees in
The Zodiac became the Babylonian's Heavenly Clock for measuring time. From it, you can quickly see how the numbers and names associated with it have affected and influenced civilizations to our own time. Units and systems for measuring time and length that we use every day are based and derived from the Zodiac. The most perfect example is our clock of 12 divisions of hours; the very word 'hours' being derived from Horus. As the ancients divided the earth according to the divisions in the sky, so in subdividing public lands in the United States, the lands are laid out in townships, each composed of 36 sections or square miles. And as the 12
divisions to a foot was a symbol of the 12 house Zodiac, so is the 36-inch yardstick based upon the 36 rooms into which the heavenly houses were divided.
It was taught in the ancient world that the Supreme Sun-god drives a chariot drawn by the four steeds of Horus, which turned ceaselessly round in a fixed circle. The steeds of Horus are what we now call the 'horse' today. But to get a picture of just how this belief influenced and was
dramatically acted out in real life, festivals that were worldwide, were held with chariot races around a central obelisk. In Nineveh and other ancient cities, and dating back to the founding of Rome in the eighth century B.C., these races were dedicated to the seasonal revitalizing of nature by the Sun-symbolized by the central obelisk of Horus, pillar of life, and axis of the solar system. The race-course was likened to the path of the planets around the ecliptic, with altars to each planet along the spine. The Roman Caesars Augustus and Caligula, were the first to barge actual obelisks from Egypt to be set up in the Vatican Circus for these races. Both Nero and Caligula, enjoyed driving a 'quadriga', or four-horse chariot to the applause of their spectators.
It did not take long for mankind to realize after he had forsook his Creator, that there was a void in his life that he needed answers for. He began to ponder on what 'fate' had in store for him; if his 'luck' would be good in the future; what his 'chance' and 'destiny' would be and that of
the whole human race. Rejecting the true God, meant a means had to be devised to substitute what he had turned his back on. Divination then, became the art and 'science' for supernatural guidance to predict future events and the destiny of mankind. Divination, it was claimed, was a gift from the divine; a gift from the gods. Astrology, the consulting of the stars in their courses, with numbers and letters, and recording and predicting eclipses, became the supreme gift of Divination to awe and reveal the fate and chance of man.
So today, it is not by chance that the original Roulette Wheels have a 360-degree circle with 36 divisions of 10 degrees each, with a blank or zero division to represent the 5 days beyond the 360 days in a year. It is not by chance that there are 36 numbered cards in a 52-card deck. One card each represents the 52 weeks, with 12 face cards; four Kings, four Queens and four Jacks, and four suits, that represent the four seasons. Why do you suppose fortunetellers use a deck of cards to predict the future? Because the deck of cards is derived from Astrology! Beware!
Now in Astrology, the entire remainder of the sky outside of the Zodiacal band was also divided into 36 constellations; 15 on the south side and 21 on the north side. A god of each constellation was appointed to rule over one of the 36 rooms of the Zodiac. Every star in the sky was considered as a god and the abode of departed spirits and was included in a constellation; over whom was appointed a god who ruled over a Zodiacal room. Each Zodiacal house god rules over a month of the year, and the 7 planetary gods regulated, according to Astrology, the affairs of mankind by their relative positions in the various rooms of the Zodiac. But over them all, (and this is important for understanding what God has revealed in Scripture) ruled the Sun-god-the All seeing Eye of Nimrod, Osiris and Horus; all three being one and the same-who was considered the central fire from which each had sprung. The priests of Babylon taught that all the other gods were but emanations of the one god, the Sun-god, Horus.
Now the numbers 1, 6,12, 36, 111, and 666, were the most sacred in Astrology. The ancient Sumerians used the number 60 and multiplications/divisions of the number 60 as their numbering system. Priests of Sun Worship used the numbers mathematically by the way the stars travel across the sky to predict future events. They invented magic charts to perform this most popular form of divination. Like the Roulette Wheel, the charts were divided into 36 numbered divisions. There are 6 columns in both directions, vertically and horizontally, with six squares in each column. Numbers 1 to 36 are placed inside the entire chart so that any direction you add the columns, they add to 111; and 6 times 111 equals 666. More precisely, when you add all the numbers of the rooms of the Zodiac from 1 to 36 they add also to 666.
This number 666, which is identified with the 36 room gods of the Zodiac, becomes then a sum total and the most 'sacred' number of the Sun-god, Horus, and his Pontifex Maximus human representive; claimed for themselves alone. For as the Sun-god Horus is the Supreme Ruler over all the other gods in the heavenly Zodiac, so his earthly Pontifex Maximus representive rules over the whole earth. Truly then, there can be no excuse for mistaking that organization and the man that leads it, which even the God of Scripture (Revelation 13:18) has so wonderfully identified, centuries ago, with the number 666. Especially when God has also informed His people, through Scripture, that this same man and organization will, in the time of the end, compel the whole world to conform to its false religion or be put to death.
The clever and intelligent founding fathers of America were true occultists in every sense of the word and belief. And they thought big. The largest inverted Pentagram; the largest Pentagon; and the largest Shaft of Bel standing before the Capitol Dome; as they designed their Federal City. All of the most sacred occultic symbols for Babylon Mystery Religion had to be accounted for, and on a grand scale too; as a silent testimony to the entire occultic world for their grand work that was yet to come. And that included hiding Bel's most sacred Pontifex Maximus 666 number. But the question was, how? Actually, there was only one logical answer. Bel's sacred number had to be directly connected with the symbol that only represented him and his sacred function; his Impregnating Shaft. If the sum total of the cardinal dimensions of his Shaft could be worked out so to equal the sum total of the 36 gods of the Zodiac number, 666, then the problem would be solved. But that meant a Monument over 500 feet tall. No small task, indeed.  4The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it.   18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. 2
As the Shaft of Bel, or the Washington Monument, was in its planning stage, letters were sent to Rome to get expert counsel for the proper ratio of dimensions of Egyptian obelisks, so that the Washington Monument could be built exactly in accordance with them. The reply came back, that the base was to be one tenth of whatever was the height. With this information in hand, it only took simple mathematics to figure out that if you built the Shaft to a height of 555 feet, then the base would have to be 55.5 feet long and 55.5 feet wide, to give you the sum total of 666. Now there are those who claim to have done an extensive study on the dimensions of the Washington Monument to prove that the dimensions are not what is claimed, in order to discredit the occultic significance of the dimensions. You can be sure they did not scale to the top and drop a tape measure to the ground to verify the dimension. In reality, it makes no difference what the true dimensions really are, even if they are off several feet. What matters is, what the occultists promote and advertise the dimensions to be, that certifies it. And there are still enough books around, that have not been censored, that tell you it is 555 feet high-and one tenth of that is 55.5 feet square at the base. End of discussion.
So this number 666, has always been and still is today, a number that is extremely important to the position of the Pontifex Maximus; which the popes of Rome have occupied in their unbroken lineage, that began at Babylon, even unto today. Each world empire established was for the specific purpose to perpetuate the Pontifex Maximus rulership in unbroken succession over the entire world. But to their dismay, all the ingredients to accomplish and fulfill that goal always seemed to come up short. In the past two thousand years since man established his authentic world calendar for keeping time and records, the Pontifex Maximus sacred number 666 has only occurred three times during that time-span; years A.D. 666, 999, and 1666. But today, after all those years, man has finally brought it all together. Inventions and technologies that are praised for improving man's standard of living are also the same technologies used for solving man's most insurmountable problem and cherished dream-to dominate, rule, and control every human being on the face of the earth.
Elated man today is racing toward that special last date of this millennium's sacred three sixes, inverted, year l999; to launch and celebrate the ripened fruit and conclusion of his nearly six thousand years of hard earned labor to finally put in place a global New World Order dictatorship. Then will "begin" to come to past the promises and prophecies declared by God in Scripture, (Daniel 12:1) that "there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation". The Pontifex Maximus pope of Rome will give orders to the whole world, backed up by his occultic enforcing agent, the United States of America, to worship according to his Babylonian Mystery Religion. Those refusing, will be denied the privilege to buy or sell. (Revelation 13:15-18) If that is not effective enough, then the death decree will go out for those who continue to disobey.
The Pontifex Maximus year 1999, will usher in the beginning of graphic developments that will occur globally in the financial world that will instantly reduce every human being's life style to that of a pauper. Money gone and no food to eat, blood will flow in the streets. This created and pre-planned havoc, bringing the whole world to its knees, fulfills Rome's purpose to compel earth's inhabitants to worship according to her demands. It makes no difference what guise Rome uses to accomplish her purpose, whether it's a financial collapse or a concocted Virgin Mary apparition Sun Dance on the 13th of October, giving the world her so called 'divine' instructions, the end result will be the same. Mary will triumph; which is just another way of saying that the Pontifex Maximus pope is victorious and controls the world.
One immovable obstacle will block the Pontifex Maximus pope in his obsession of having complete victory and satisfaction of controlling each and every individual on planet earth; no matter what device or savagery he uses to remove it. And it will totally enrage and infuriate him. But God has promised that there will always be a people, regardless of the intense fury to exterminate them, that will be alive and loyal and never turn their backs on His love, till the very end. Not very many, but a few. What dedication; what devotion; what love. As God in His love gave His only Son to die for us, there will be those few who respond to that love who would rather face any trial, including death, than to betray their Lord and worship such absurdities as the Babylon Mystery Religion.